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Barlie Chown,[1] also known as Dancer Voodkin, is a Voodkin enemy in the Picnic Panic DLC of The Messenger.



Barlie Chown dancing.

Barlie Chown is a peach-colored Voodkin that wears a yellow tribal mask. The mask has thick red eyebrows, round blue eyes, and an opened mouth with two lower protruding teeth. Its top is decorated with colorful feathers.


Barlie Chown is a completely peaceful creature that likes to dance. It does not make any attempts to attack Ninja, and it can be walked through harmlessly. If attacked, it "dies" by flying a small distance away, where it falls to the ground. It can be attacked an additional time to send it flying downward and off the screen. Like other Voodkins, it does not drop health, Ki charges, or Time Shards upon "death."


  • Voodkins form an audience to watch the boxing fight.

    Many Voodkins, including Barlie Chowns, are seen in the background of the Barma'thething boss fight. A few Barlie Chowns dance, while a few others sit on the ground and rest. Many of the resting ones are obscured by the HUD at the top of the screen.
  • Barlie Chown's name is a reference to the dance movements of one of the children during an iconic scene in "A Charlie Brown Christmas."



  1. Name of its animated emote on the official Sabotage Studio Discord server.
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