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Bagoat is an enemy in The Messenger.



Bagoat is a small green monster that resembles a small goblin or a frog. It has a large mouth, no eyes, and 2 feet, like a walking mouth on legs. When its mouth is closed, 2 large pointed teeth can be seen protruding from the bottom of its mouth. When its mouth is open while jumping, a flattened tooth can also be seen at the top of its mouth.


Bagoat sits on the ground completely stationary, then hops very high into the air at set intervals. At full health, Bagoat's movement speed is slow. It will continue hopping in a specific direction until it hits a wall; when it hits a wall, it will bounce off the wall and hop in the opposite direction. At 1 HP, it will become aggressive, hopping at a much faster rate, pursuing Ninja's direction rather than its initial direction.


  • Bagoat is a portmanteau of "Bagu" and "goat." Its name and enemy behavior are a reference to the Megmats from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, hopping creatures that could be encountered in the forest directly next to Bagu's house.[1]



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