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"If you ever need to measure anything, you can use me!" Alektoro

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Alektoro[1] is a character in the Picnic Panic DLC of The Messenger. He is a pink Phobekin who is kidnapped by Barma'thazël, along with the other Phobekins. He wields a measuring tape as his tool of choice.

Main Story[]

For the main story, see Phobekins.


  • Alektoro is referred to as "PHOBEKIN_GALON" in the dialogue files. "Galon" means "measuring tape" in French.
  • Alektoro's name refers to "alektorophobia," a fear of chickens.
  • Alektoro's name was planned to have been addressed during one of several farewell vignettes, but this didn't make it into the final game.[2]
  • Alektoro explains he and his measuring tape together are 112 centimeters tall.

    During the ending of Picnic Panic, Alektoro reveals that from the bottom of his shoes to the tip of his measuring tape, he measures exactly 112 centimeters. Since he and his measuring tape together total 28 pixels tall, that means every pixel is 4 centimeters. This allows measurement of many other objects in the game. For example, 8-bit Ninja is 40 pixels tall in his neutral pose, making him 160 centimeters tall.



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