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The Abomination, or Abomination Beyond Words, is a boss encountered in the Corrupted Future. In terms of gameplay, it is very distinct in that it cannot be damaged. Instead, Ninja has to escape the creature in a chase sequence.



The Abomination is a large purple creature. Its body is so large that it covers half the screen, and its entire body is not visible to the player. It has sharp teeth and tiny arms with claws. The portion of its body that is visible to the player seems to be covered in holes, which could potentially be either mouths or eyeholes. Due to its immense size, its body is quite high-resolution in comparison to most of the other sprites found in the game.

Boss Fight[]

Ninja desperately running away from the Abomination.

After acquiring the Key of Courage, the Abomination rises out of the ocean to chase Ninja. The Abomination will gobble up Ninja if he gets too close, so it is strongly advised to continuously run without stopping, and to Rope Dart the metal rings, lanterns, and Magic Fireflies to cover extra ground. During the chase sequence, the Corrupted Future's layout is slightly altered in order to favoritize this escape. After escaping the Corrupted Future by going through the portal, the Abomination swallows the portal whole, making travel back to the Corrupted Future impossible.


  • The Abomination is referred to as "Tsunami_Monster" in the picture files. The internal name reflects the fact that the creature behaves like a huge wave, sweeping the screen like a tsunami.[1]
  • If the Abomination kills Ninja, Quarble's jingle uncharacteristically does not play when he revives Ninja. It should also be noted that the screen where Quarble mocks you for dying is removed in order to keep the flow of the chase sequence.
  • If Ninja's first death of the playthrough is during the Abomination chase sequence, Quarble will still do his normal introduction sequence, and the Abomination will wait patiently for the dialogue to end.[2]
  • Before the Version 1.0.4 update, the 8-bit version of the music track, "Abomination Beyond Words", did not exist in the game. This is why it is not in the official soundtrack.
  • If the player Rope Darts the metal ring just before the Key of Courage and immediately deploys the Wingsuit, they can collect the Music Note and fall into the ocean to die, which skips the Abomination chase sequence. This is a common speedrunning trick.[3]


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Well, That Was Unsightly
Survive the Corrupted Future chase



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