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November 3, 2019[]

Sabocup continued. The first match of the day involved speedrunners Kuningas and Ischbinder in an Any% category race, with Minous and Soleil as commentators. The Shopkeeper dropped by once again to offer some comments in the Twitch chat.

The commentators explained the lore relating to Soldier's death and how it would have been preventable if Ninja had sent Quarble within 10 seconds of the death. After hearing that explanation, Nufakas expressed regret for failing to meet The Shopkeeper's expectations. The Shopkeeper forgave her.

Nufakas oh... oh the shopkeeper must've hated me then
LeShopkeeper It's all in the past @Nufakas, don't worry about it
Nufakas monkaS @LeShopkeeper

Soleil pointed out that the real Shopkeeper had arrived in the Twitch chat.

LeShopkeeper Wait is there a fake shopkeeper?

As Kuningas explored the Sunken Shrine, Minous talked about how the location was one of his least favorite levels in the game. The Shopkeeper revealed her plans to add a Shopkeeper story to the Sunken Shrine after the conclusion of Sabocup.

TwoCplus Sunken is Cool, how dare you D:
LeShopkeeper Ah yes, the Sunken Shrine. Can't wait for Sabocup to end so I can finally add a story to that level...
TwoCplus Emote PogChamp.png
TwoCplus Shopkeeper with the promise Emote PogChamp.png
bwa0w Story?
Nufakas Emote PogChamp.png more stories
bwa0w yes please
Coltaho someone be ready to calm Soleil when she reads that
LeShopkeeper pre-press F for Soleil
Nufakas f
bwa0w F
Coltaho F
LeShopkeeper F
bwa0w lmao
VaeVictusBR F

As Kuningas backtracked through Bamboo Creek, Minous fulfilled his promise to sing the official lyrics of Bamboo Creek. He was welcomed by a standing ovation for his singing performance.

Cryfor_ I like chinese food, chinese food is good for you
Cryfor_ ShovelPls
VaeVictusBR ShovelPls
Coltaho YEAH
Nufakas WOOO
LeShopkeeper 10/10
TwoCplus nice FeelsGoodMan //
VaeVictusBR Clap for minous
Tohmane Emote PartyPopper.png
TheBigK1 I got here just in time for Chinese food Emote Kreygasm.png
Nufakas finally commentators WHO ACTUALLY SING IT

November 4, 2019[]

Sabocup continued, and Thierry's casual Linear runthrough was streamed, to serve as the benchmark time to beat for the casual prize pool. It was encouraged for the viewers to ask Thierry many questions about the game in order to distract him from his runthrough and to make the benchmark easier to clear for casual players. During his runthrough, Thierry addressed a few ambiguities related to the ARG.

Power to the Player
Thierry explained that the ARG is shaped by the players. He was concerned that perhaps that those participating in the ARG were not aware that their actions mattered and had real consequences to the ARG. So he reaffirmed that players' choices in the ARG do have an impact. He also explained that the community's interest in the ARG is what drives it to continue moving forward.

Books from The Archives
Thierry referred back to the voting event from February 4, 2019, in which players were given an opportunity by The Archivist to see an excerpt from one of three books (NINJA/THE ALCHEMIST/BARMA'THAZEL). There was also a secret fourth voting option, which if selected, would have allowed players to see the title of the next video game way ahead of time. During that vote, the majority of players voted for the "NINJA" book and so received an excerpt from it. Thierry gave more information about the information residing in the unselected books, and the big lore tidbit of the "NINJA" book that had gone unnoticed.

Thierry explained that choosing "THE ALCHEMIST" book would have revealed The Archivist's name.

During the ARG, small hints related to Barma'thazël's special power were given.

  • Barma'thazël had a special power before he lost an eye.
  • A person with 6 letters in their name disabled Barma'thazël's special power.
  • The last Messenger before The Bowman was petrified by Barma'thazël.

Thierry confirmed that The Bowman was the one to shoot an arrow to take out Barma'thazël's eye. If the "BARMA'THAZEL" book was chosen, that's when this lore tidbit would have been revealed.

"NINJA" Book
Thierry explained that although each choice relating to the book vote would have revealed something impactful, the "NINJA" book, in a way, was the "correct" choice, as it contributes to the "bigger picture" at hand. The presented excerpt from the "NINJA" book describes Ninja within Howling Grotto, with the final sentence stating "AS HE WOULD EVENTUALLY FIND OUT, RIGHT BELOW HIM LAY" before the excerpt cuts off. This was actually a hint related to how Ninja had no idea how important something right below him was, that being the Sunken Shrine. The reason why The Archivist wanted to introduce players to the world via The Messenger as the first game was because he visited the Sunken Shrine. The Sunken Shrine along with the Corrupted Future are the two main elements he wanted players to focus on.

Sunken Shrine
There is an empty room to the right of Sunken Shrine. Something was meant to be inside that room but was cut from the final version of the game. Thierry hinted that, if the ARG plays out properly, the community may end up seeing what this would have been.

A viewer asked about Aephorul's identity, but Thierry stated that The Archivist spoiled this one already. Thierry continued on to say that it involves some dark stuff so it wouldn't be appropriate to discuss it, opting to skip the question.

Book 2
Sabotage Studio received Book 1 from The Archivist, which was translated into Sabotage Studio's first video game, The Messenger. Thierry revealed that Sabotage has received Book 2 from The Archivist, and it's thicker than Book 1.

November 7, 2019 (Discord)[]

The Clockwork Concierge gave Kammesennin another scroll to deliver to the community, "Archivist_Scroll_3.png." This initial document contained a typo, so a new scroll named "Actual_Archivist-Scroll_3.png" was delivered shortly afterwards.

The Clockwork Concierge says hello to the community.

Clockwork Concierge Good day, Messengers!
chemosha Emote eyes.png hey Clocko
Ramu hello!
Clockwork Concierge My, it has been quite some time, has it not?
Clockwork Concierge Quite inadmissible, in fact.
Ramu so uh, how was your october?
Kammesennin Yeah it's been a solid chunk of time. I hope you've been well.
Clockwork Concierge Messenger Ramu, would you be so kind as to ping the ARG role for me? I was just visited by Manfred and I require the community's attention.
Ramu @ARG Conceirge wants our attention
Clockwork Concierge Ah, The Guardian, what impeccable timing!
[note: referencing Kammesennin's standard nickname, "Kammesennin (The Guardian)"]
Kammesennin You have need of me, Concierge?
Clockwork Concierge I have just received a scroll bearing the seal of The Archivist. If you could visit me in the castle I would like to hand it to you so that it may be translated.
Kammesennin Certainly
Clockwork Concierge The door to my clockwork castle is open, Kamme.
[3 minutes later]
Clockwork Concierge Thank you, Kamme, see you soon.
Kammesennin I have returned!
Mike Kamme!
VcMc how was it, Kamme?
Mike You ok?
Lich drop it. NOW
Mike What happened?
StrawB Are you OKAY?
TheCometKid Welcome back kamme!
PhΩmega translation positions everyone
Kammesennin I mean it was alright. Just a casual visit to the office to grab some mail and deliver it here.
Kammesennin You might think I was a courier, or a postman or something to that effect.
Kammesennin But cooler
Kammesennin Anyway, I was handed this thing and told you guys would know what to do with it.
Kammesennin [deleted message: Archivist Scroll 3.png]
[5 minutes later]
Clockwork Concierge Ahem. Apologies.
Kammesennin I'll uhh
Kammesennin I'll be right back guys.
Clockwork Concierge In an unfortunate turn of events, The Archivist made a typo.
Kammesennin Here we go!
Clockwork Concierge Kamme, please come and see me again while people laugh and grab screenshots.
Kammesennin Thanks Clocko for the quick new print! Emote ninjayeah.png

Actual Archivist-Scroll 3.png

- First paragraph (hope this one is without typo)
HDanke @Kammesennin where's the old print
Clockwork Concierge Swift and decisive as always! Thank you, Kamme.
Kammesennin My pleasure!
Alexoxo wheres the typo
HDanke i see you deleted it
HDanke can someone send me over the typo scroll
Clockwork Concierge For those who must know, there is no such thing as a 'Fleshmancher'.
Clockwork Concierge Which, thank god!
Ramu something like






Ramu probably a few typos
Malik i can confirm paragraph three
The Malmedian 100 0time shards?

TheCometKid @ramu third to last part last word is know
TheCometKid @Ramu
Storme the Cat We're gonna need more time shands Emote timeshard.png
TheCometKid “And on the spring equinox there are those who will know” is the third to last part
Clockwork Concierge A thousand Time Shards?
Spiderbenb Sounds like we gotta save up some Timeshards. Emote stuck out tongue.png
Clockwork Concierge I would not want to act hastily. Once I see a perfect translation I will do The Archivist's bidding.
VcMc do we not have the whole thing perfect yet?
VcMc I know we fixed the typo from the first print in paragraph 5 but I haven't tried to translate anything else
Clockwork Concierge I have not seen a perfect translation yet, no.
Clockwork Concierge Do people really go on with their rain?






Clockwork Concierge There is one mistake left.






Clockwork Concierge That is CORRECT!
Clockwork Concierge A thousand Time Shards then, shall we?
Clockwork Concierge That should do it for now.

Soon you will be tasked with developing a deeper understanding of my world. In the meantime, please reflect on The Archivist's words.
VcMc ahhh
VcMc thank you for stopping by, clocky!
Clockwork Concierge Always a pleasure, VcMc. I wish we were not so busy sometimes...
Ramu oh, clocko, before you go, what's our final calcium count?
Clockwork Concierge Hmmmm?
Ramu from spooky messenger memes and fanarts
Clockwork Concierge Wasn't the Spooktober event cancelled?
Clockwork Concierge I remember we had Ruxxtin ready to visit here for an AMA, but we ended up not having enough time to plan.
Clockwork Concierge And I'm sorry to say, nowhere near enough calcium to force it into happening anyway.
Clockwork Concierge Please press F for Ruxxtin AMA
  • Emote regional indicator f.png: 11
Ramu F
VcMc f
The Malmedian F
StrawB F
KreuzKoenigin F
Clockwork Concierge F
PhΩmega F
Vitto F
TheCometKid Technically he’s always been dead
The Malmedian F-Mega
TheCometKid F
Ninetales Emote regional indicator f.png
Hayden Emote regional indicator f.png
Ninetales Ha, I was first with the omega F
Hayden ninetales beat me to it
starryeyedninja F
TheCometKid Emote regional indicator f.png
The Malmedian Emote regional indicator f.png _-Mega
Ramu well, tell the mighty Ruxxtin we said hi!
Hayden Emote regional indicator e.png Emote regional indicator f.png Emote regional indicator f.png

November 7, 2019 (Twitch)[]

Sabocup continued. The Linear NG+ semi-finals between Breadpan and Kammesennin commenced, with Kasayev as the commentator.

As the two racers simultaneously approached the Leaf Monster boss fight, Kammesennin entered the shop in order to grab the Windmill Shuriken, but Breadpan surprisingly did not. Because Breadpan had the normal Energy Shuriken instead of the Windmill Shuriken, he was unable to 1-cycle the boss fight, and Kammesennin took the lead in the race.

LeShopkeeper wow....
Dagem @LeShopkeeper NG+ and they've already forgotten about that super OP weapon you helped them get.
LeShopkeeper And people said it was an underwhelming upgrade
Minous27 @leshopkeeper im sure he meant to visit you...
LeShopkeeper To be honest I don't mind the alone time

Dagem asked The Shopkeeper about the "ultimate pen," in reference to the second-to-last line of Archivist Scroll 3 in which it stated "THE SHOPKEEPER'S PENULTIMATE APPEARANCE DRAWS NEAR."

Dagem Oh by the way LeShopkeeper, Clocko stopped by today and said something about you having an ultimate pen for us. Do you know anything about that?
Dagem At least I'm pretty sure it was an ultimate pen Emote jitaenThink.png
LeShopkeeper An ultimate pen? I can't even write!
LeShopkeeper But my contract does expire soon, yes
LeShopkeeper So let's make the best of it, shall we?

As the two racers made their way through Bamboo Creek, Kyleberry asked The Shopkeeper on her opinion about Chinese food (in reference to Bamboo Creek's official lyrics). The Shopkeeper revealed that she secretly likes Chinese food.

kyleberry_sr LeShopkeeper! Do you like Chinese food?
LeShopkeeper I act like I don't to spite Rainbowdreagoneyes, but I in fact do like Chinese Food

Kyleberry assumed that The Shopkeeper would be retiring, and Soleil bade her farewell. The Shopkeeper replied that she did not plan on permanently leaving.

kyleberry_sr Hopefully your contract expiring means a sweet retirement! Emote BlessRNG.png
HylianAngel I'll miss you Shopkeeper
LeShopkeeper Hey I'm not saying I won't be back

Kyleberry apologized for his lack of shopping. The Shopkeeper told him not to worry about it.

kyleberry_sr @LeShopkeeper I have to apologize for spending more time in chat than in your shop, I really do look forward to your insights but hope I'm leaving enough space to optimize your life Emote kuningGood.png
LeShopkeeper As long as you do you kyle

Kammesennin defeated the Arcane Golem, yielding an exclamation from The Shopkeeper.

LeShopkeeper oof

Kammesennin completed his Linear runthrough, winning the first race of the set. In standard fashion, members in the Twitch chat commented "GG" (good game) to congratulate the completion of the runthrough.

HylianAngel GG
TheBigK1 GG
kyleberry_sr Emote popoanGG.png
Coltaho GG kamme though
LeShopkeeper GG

November 15, 2019[]

The community gathered a total of 7,500 Time Shards, which was enough to afford the final shop upgrade (Beach Oracle). However, despite November 15 being a Friday, The Shopkeeper did not make an appearance.

November 16, 2019[]

Spiderbenb asked when the community should expect the next arrival of The Shopkeeper.

The Clockwork Concierge comments that The Shopkeeper should visit.

Spiderbenb Do we have any word on when Shopkeeper is gonna stop by to open the shop for us?
Soleil Ping this man that we have enough money to buy the last upgrade.
Spiderbenb Hey @The Shopkeeper we got your money. When are we seeing you next?
Chaotix knock knock We'd like to make a purchase.
Soleil The imagery of having to bring a physical wooden door to knock on because there isn't a real door in the first place.
Spiderbenb Like that Wile E Coyote skit. Lol
Chaotix I'm just knocking on the counter.
Chaotix I'd say knock on the cabinet, but there's only the jukebox in its place now
Ashes chuck a letter into the shop
VcMc slide it under the metaphysical door
Clockwork Concierge My, it seems The Shopkeeper owes you a visit!
Clockwork Concierge I will get in touch and let you all know of any ETA.

November 21, 2019[]

The Clockwork Concierge announced that the 6th opening of the shop would occur November 22.

The Clockwork Concierge gets his microphone working.

Clockwork Concierge Hello?
Clockwork Concierge Oh no, the microphone is acting up again!
Clockwork Concierge Well, there we go.
Clockwork Concierge Perhaps I should do this in the Ninja Village channel...
Clockwork Concierge Attention all Messengers!
Clockwork Concierge The Shop will open tomorrow at 3PM EST!
Miss Sugar Pink hello!
Miss Sugar Pink it's nice to meet you sir
Clockwork Concierge Why hello there, Miss Sugar Pink!
Cerio Oh, hi sir, It's a pleasure to see you on this channel!
Miss Sugar Pink I hope you're doing well today sir
StarHawk Oh howdy
Clockwork Concierge I am always here, Cerio, even though my other tasks have been keeping me quite busy of late.
StarHawk I was just rereading the arg page with you in it clocko
Clockwork Concierge I don't know what an arg page is, but I am pleased to hear you enjoyed it enough to give it another read.
StarHawk Ask @Soleil I think she knows Emote wink.png
Clockwork Concierge When the time comes, I hope she will be ready. Same for you, StarHawk.
Clockwork Concierge I trust you to inform your comrades ❤
Ninetales thinking sounds
Ninetales Ah, so Noon again.
Ninetales That works perfectly with my schedule.
Ninetales This shop opening will be very interesting as we'll be purchasing the last item and unlocking what is hopefully the hidden thing in the shop.
Clockwork Concierge Good for you Ninetales, I look forward to it too.
Ninetales Glad you're satisfied CC.
Ninetales I'm betting that the secret shop item will cost 10k shards as that's the most logical price after 7.5k shards.

November 22, 2019[]

The only available upgrade is purchased by Vitto.

The 6th opening of #the-shop text channel arrived. Vitto won The Shopkeeper's challenge and was selected to be "The Messenger." He participated in the third and final chapter of the text adventure and purchased the only available upgrade in the talent tree, "Beach Oracle" (second live Sabotage Q&A). After Vitto left, Rainbowdragoneyes entered the shop and showed off a preview of a unique music track for Queen of Quills.

The Clockwork Concierge announces that the shop opens in 5 hours and recommends catching up on the text adventure game.

Clockwork Concierge The Shop opens in 5 hours!

In the meantime I would suggest getting up to speed on the text adventure game.
Clockwork Concierge The Shop opens in less than 2 hours.
Adam Nice
Babushka Emote eyes.png
Cerio Clocko knows how to boost our hype!
Clockwork Concierge If only I also knew how to bring it...
Kammesennin Don't be down, Concierge. You might not know how to bring it, but you certainly do it anyway.
Clockwork Concierge *blushes in clockwork*
Clockwork Concierge The Shop opens in 40 minutes.
JustDenys1 Cool
Ninetales Ok
Miss Sugar Pink hype hype hype
Proudmoore Yeet
Ninetales equips watch on wrist
Miss Sugar Pink I have a timer set to remind me 10 minutes before the shop opens
Ninetales I wonder if these shop countdown messages are automatic or manually being posted?
Clockwork Concierge The Shop opens in 36 minutes.
Babushka here is your answer
Miss Sugar Pink lskajdflksajdf that one implies manually
Babushka Clocko
Babushka Emote manfredH.png
Ninetales Thank you Phil. -_-
Clockwork Concierge Emote manfredH.png
Ninetales hahaha
Ninetales K, that made me chuckle.
Ninetales lol
Ninetales Since we still have 26 minutes left, I though I'd bring this up. Last time the shop was gonna open, we considered the idea of picking a ninja ourselves who would be the only one to message shoppy, but we dropped the idea. Is anyone interested in considering it again?
Kammesennin I don't care either way so long as whoever is chosen asks if Shopkeeper has any stories to share.
Ninetales Deal. lol
StrawB nah i dont think we should do that
Ninetales Why?
Proudmoore Let the power of rngesus decide the messenger chosen
Spiderbenb We need to ask about stories, ask about the letter P, and ask about The Orb that Suses punted into the outer limits of the known universe.
StrawB as nice of a community as we are, we shouldnt start voting eachoter for messenger since it might bring some bad stuff to this
StrawB besides shoppy is pretty random so it feels more fair
Ninetales We technically have no proof that shoppy is random. They might pick the first person who messages them. Or they pick someone they favor.
Ninetales ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
StrawB well yeah but we dont know so we cant confirm
StrawB also here that would be a lot more favouring others that we like and such and it would just- idk
Kammesennin Shopkeeper does what he wants. That's what we know.
Storme the Cat I think we should not do the "elect a messenger ourselves" thing because Shoppy @s everyone so there's going to be a ton of people DMing him anyway
Clockwork Concierge If the Ninjas have a recommendation I will gladly forward it.
Gooberbarbarian Ok
Dagem Having the community select a messenger is definitely risky.
Spiderbenb I am allowed to volunteer as tribute?
Clockwork Concierge I can not speak to the outcome, however.
JustDenys1 Only I think that random is more fair?
Storme the Cat We're also indecisive ourselves, I think. It would take a lot of cooperation.
Proudmoore Random is fair
Dagem @Clockwork Concierge My recommendation is whoever Shoppy picks. Emote leaflul.png
Kammesennin We have 13ish minutes to decide. Who would step up if we put it to a vote?
Storme the Cat Me!
Spiderbenb I would like to be Messenger.
JustDenys1 Emote voteO.png Random
Emote voteX.png We pick a Messenger
  • Emote voteO.png: 8
  • Emote voteX.png: 1
Gooberbarbarian I would love to but I'm on mobile again:(
Storme the Cat You've already been a messenger anyway
Dagem It's probably a shorter list of who wouldn't want to be a messenger TBH
Gooberbarbarian Me?
Kammesennin That's two. Any others?
Storme the Cat oops I meant Spiderbenb
Gooberbarbarian Oh ok
Gooberbarbarian Honestly elect Phil
Storme the Cat lol
Dagem I'll be putting my name in the hat by messaging Shoppy, but I'm against a community vote Kamme. So I won't be participating in a community vote.
Kammesennin Oh, Spider was Messenger already?
Kammesennin That's fine, nobody has to. Not to mention the outcome of it may be literally nothing anyway.
Proudmoore Ill just throw my vote in for the funzies directly to shoppy
Storme the Cat Yeah I had a list of previous messengers earlier
Kammesennin But people keep bringing it up, so I'm down to have the vote.
Gooberbarbarian If only the site was available on mobile Emote emeraldYearn.png
Clockwork Concierge I am certain The Shopkeeper will have a fair and totally expected way to choose the right person.
Proudmoore Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure
Clockwork Concierge The Shop opens in 7 minutes.
Miss Sugar Pink we're so close.....
JustDenys1 *6 minutes
VcMc That was sent when it's 6 mins by my computer but still!! The hype!!!
Clockwork Concierge Are we HYPED?

1 Pitou = 1 Hype
  • Pitou.png: 18
The Shopkeeper @everyone Well, this Shop won’t open itself.
The Shopkeeper If anyone doesn’t feel like being The Messenger today, just DM me before today’s rule is explained.
The Shopkeeper Alright, we’ve got a lot on our plate today, so let's pick a Messenger.
The Shopkeeper The first person to DM me all 26 letters of the Latin alphabet in order, all caps, with no commas or space between each characters will get the scroll. Let’s go.
The Shopkeeper We have a winner.
The Shopkeeper Step forward, @Vitto
Vitto Greetings
The Shopkeeper Welcome to my Shop!
The Shopkeeper I only have time for one Messenger today. You will get to purchase the only available option which is probably going to be quite anti-climactic, but first we could play the final chapter of the text adventure game.
The Shopkeeper But it's your call, really.
The Shopkeeper What will it be?
Vitto I'll play the text adventure
The Shopkeeper Unprecedented.
The Shopkeeper Alright, here we go..
The Shopkeeper -FINAL CHAPTER-
-Solstice Amulet
The Shopkeeper After being unconscious for a stretch of time that will remain unknown, you wake up to the reassuring sensation of Pitou licking your face.

You take a moment to gather your courage. Even though the plan was indeed to venture below the pirate graveyard, you weren’t expecting to lose your bearings at the gate.

The pain is your knee can be sustained, but your eyes won’t adjust to this darkness. The Solstice Amulet shimmers lightly.

What do you do?
Vitto Try to get adjusted to my surroundings
Vitto find an entrance or path
The Shopkeeper The darkness is too overwhelming for you to dare making a move.
The Solstice Amulet shimmers lightly.

What do you do?
Vitto can I Use the Amulet as a kind of light to guide myself in the darkness?
The Shopkeeper Read through Chapters 1 and 2, I see...
The Shopkeeper Striking the best ‘Do the thing’ pose you can afford on a busted knee (which by the way, what a nerd), you raise the Solstice Amulet high in the air. To your relief, it has enough power left to surround you with a small circle of light. You can see a small opening you could jump in right away, but it may be worth looking around first.

It isn’t clear how much energy the Solstice Amulet has left, so it falls to you whether or not to leave some stones unturned.

What do you do?
Vitto Truthfully, I didn't have the time to, It was a wild guess, and i guess it paid off
Vitto I'll look around
The Shopkeeper To your left is a tombstone statue, which by some miracle didn’t crush you during the landfall you never read about. As you behold the statue of a shirtless pirate, you don’t even have to glance at the inscription to know it is the legendary Valtraid, member of the famous pirate crew who once fought alongside Solstice Warriors.

You notice a small opening the tombstone, revealing a small pouch containing Blue Grass.
+Blue Grass

There doesn’t seem to be any more points of interest here.

What do you do?
Vitto I'll go through the opening
The Shopkeeper The fall is short one, but still proves enough to bring the pain in your knee to a ten. On the literal bright side, you finally find yourself in a room which has proper lighting.

In front of you is a giant cube of water standing still as if the laws of physics did not apply to it. There is a door at the far end, but there is no way you could hold your breath long enough to make it there.

Resh’an’s final test will have to wait, as you won’t be going anywhere until you do something about your knee.

What do you do?
Vitto Can I use the blue grass to tend to my knee?
Vitto or make some kind of medicine with it?
The Shopkeeper You munch on the Blue Grass and grimace at the taste. You know your alchemy enough to be aware that its magical properties would need processing to have any effect.
The Solstice Amulet shimmers lightly.

What do you do?
Vitto Look around the room
The Shopkeeper You wince in pain as you stand up and get a good look at the room. You will have to deal with the knee later, hopefully nothing will warrant you to start running.

Looking around you notice a deactivated clockwork construct and an alchemy table.

What do you do?
Vitto I'll check the alchemy table
The Shopkeeper The alchemy table features all the expected apparel. The only peculiar thing about it is the Flask sitting on a small metal square at the center of the table. If you had blue grass and purple sea moss, you could make a water-breathing potion.

A deactivated clockwork construct is lying on the ground at the other end of the room.

What do you do?
Vitto take a look at the construct
The Shopkeeper The construct looks like it has been sitting there for an eternity. It would have been a terrible foe to contend with, but luckily it has long been deactivated.

You notice impossibly conveniently placed purple sea moss on its helmet.

What do you do?
Vitto take the moss to the table
The Shopkeeper Finding solace in your craft, you create a simple water-breathing potion. As you lift the flask and drink it, the metal plate recedes within the table and activates the hidden mechanisms of the room.

The flask shatters in your hands, the cube of water turns to ice, and the construct activates, slowly making its way towards you, absent minded, but with clear intent to kill.

You wish you had a good enough knee to run away, or a replacement flask to use on the metal plate.
Pitou cowers in fear.

What do you do?
Vitto what Items do I have in my inventory?
The Shopkeeper Inventory:
+Depleted Solstice Amulet
The Shopkeeper The construct is closing in with every second. It seems if you do not act fast you will not see your quest through.

What do you do? (hint 800 Time Shards)
Vitto am I able to outspeed the construct?
The Shopkeeper Your knee won't allow you to run.

(Hint 800 Time Shards)

What do you do?
Vitto I'll put the amulet on the plate
The Shopkeeper Surmising that the legendary artefact would be useless if you couldn't survive , you use it as counterweight to revert the effects of the mechanism. The construct goes back to sleep, and the cube of ice is turned to water again.

Belly full of water-breathing potion, you get to the door, where some letters read PORALEHU. It looks like you can move them around.

What do you do?
Vitto I'll rearrange them into aephorul
The Shopkeeper As a shiver runs down your spine, you spell the name of The Fleshmancer. The door opens and you find yourself in front of The Archivist. Indeed, it seems the Immortal Alchemist Resh’an had been expecting you.
The Shopkeeper “Congratulations, adventurer, you arrived just as I was about to leave. I trust you know why you are here.”
Resh’an reaches for his desk and hands you Book 2.
+Book 2
The Shopkeeper Resh’an continues: “This will now be your final action in this three-part vision I conjured. You can either look at Book 2, or ask me the question of your choice.

You have 1 minute to make your choice.

What do you do?
Vitto I'll look at the book
The Shopkeeper Resh'an nods respectfully : "I shall be on my way then."

Even though the cover is all worn out, you can tell Book 2 is very thick indeed. Time was almost up indeed, and as the vision starts to dissipate, you get but a glimpse of the first chapter's title : "Children of the Solstice."

The Shopkeeper Well, I hope that wasn't too stressful
The Shopkeeper For what it's worth, you did great @Vitto.
Vitto thank you
The Shopkeeper And now for the predictable part
Discord Shop Preview 2.png
The Shopkeeper Of all the available choices, is there anything you would like to purchase today?
The Shopkeeper Please take your time.
Vitto QnA is that right?
The Shopkeeper You tell me!
Vitto I'd like to purchase the Beach Oracle
The Shopkeeper Ordered with true confidence. Thank you for visiting The Shop today!
The Shopkeeper Oh and, before you leave...
The Shopkeeper Would you mind passing the scroll to Rainbowdragoneyes? I need a word with him right now.
Vitto Okay.
The Shopkeeper Thank you, and godspeed, Vitto!
Rainbowdragoneyes ugh so hungover
Rainbowdragoneyes I attended the function last night
The Shopkeeper Well, if it isn't the music man himself!
Rainbowdragoneyes and had several glasses of whisky with my friends
The Shopkeeper Ever the role model
Rainbowdragoneyes oh hey
Rainbowdragoneyes how did i get here
The Shopkeeper Vitto snapped the scroll on your back
Rainbowdragoneyes oh
Rainbowdragoneyes thanks?\
Rainbowdragoneyes i mean of course
Rainbowdragoneyes Thanks!
The Shopkeeper keyword "?"
The Shopkeeper Hey so, there's something I've been meaning to ask and
Rainbowdragoneyes hmm
The Shopkeeper You know how we're seldom our best on Twitter
The Shopkeeper You know, all the beeps and all the boops you made
Rainbowdragoneyes its because you always pick a fight
Rainbowdragoneyes its all your fault and not mine at all
Rainbowdragoneyes oh right
The Shopkeeper I'm sorry what?
Rainbowdragoneyes Boops n such
The Shopkeeper Oh right right
The Shopkeeper And all the tunes, always chipped, you know
Rainbowdragoneyes Hmm I think I know the one you mean
The Shopkeeper Well they're not half bad
Rainbowdragoneyes Ah thanks
Rainbowdragoneyes Its good to be the king
The Shopkeeper And you know since a definitive edition of The Messenger is happening...
The Shopkeeper We're chipping in, no pun intended
Rainbowdragoneyes I think I heard something about that
Rainbowdragoneyes I downloaded it from a torrent
Rainbowdragoneyes its great but i play with the sound off
The Shopkeeper I'll be adding a special story to one of Sabocup's winners
The Shopkeeper And I thought you know
The Shopkeeper There just one boss in the game that never got her own music track
Rainbowdragoneyes Let me stop you right there
Rainbowdragoneyes What is a boss
Rainbowdragoneyes Wait lets back up
Rainbowdragoneyes Define "Video Gaem"
The Shopkeeper It's when you jump over a pitfall but still fall and then blame the controller
Rainbowdragoneyes Ah yes, those danged darn controllers
Rainbowdragoneyes Dont neec em
Rainbowdragoneyes need
Rainbowdragoneyes I needa new keyboard
The Shopkeeper It's as they say: if you can kill a king
The Shopkeeper You can quill a queen
The Shopkeeper Can she get her own track or what
Rainbowdragoneyes Ah yes, the infamous "They"
Rainbowdragoneyes always saying things
Rainbowdragoneyes Umm
Rainbowdragoneyes Sure
The Shopkeeper Always getting quoted
Rainbowdragoneyes I think I know what youre saying
Rainbowdragoneyes Youre saying
Rainbowdragoneyes Can she get her own track or what
The Shopkeeper Not exactly
Rainbowdragoneyes Is that what you are saying?
The Shopkeeper I meant more like
The Shopkeeper Queen of Quills music track when
The Shopkeeper Also please
Rainbowdragoneyes Music... track?\
Rainbowdragoneyes Oh, MUSIC track
The Shopkeeper And since you're here, outside of time, couldn't you just compose it instantly right now?
Rainbowdragoneyes I thought you said music track
Rainbowdragoneyes Sure hang on
The Shopkeeper And since everyone's here, maybe share a teaser?
Rainbowdragoneyes Ok done
The Shopkeeper Nice
The Shopkeeper Can we hear a sample?
Rainbowdragoneyes Nice
The Shopkeeper Nice
Rainbowdragoneyes Hang on I have to visit the machine
Rainbowdragoneyes ok just in here then?
The Shopkeeper Right here, yes
Rainbowdragoneyes Nice\
Rainbowdragoneyes Here we go:
Rainbowdragoneyes Wish I could share more
The Shopkeeper Wow, can't wait for the whole thing!
Rainbowdragoneyes Thanks stay tuned
Rainbowdragoneyes Cya
The Shopkeeper Oh wait!
Rainbowdragoneyes Im still here I tricked you
The Shopkeeper It's Friday, so you in fact can share more.
Rainbowdragoneyes it was a goof
Rainbowdragoneyes Good ol Friday
The Shopkeeper Yes
Rainbowdragoneyes Ok here's a bit more:
Cursed Queen ov Quills Teaser.png
Rainbowdragoneyes Nice
The Shopkeeper Very nice
The Shopkeeper Well, thanks for dropping by RDE, I'll see you around!
Rainbowdragoneyes Thanks for having me
Rainbowdragoneyes I must now return to my timeline
The Shopkeeper On a final note, congrats to Levicros on ending their Sabocup run just now!
The Shopkeeper Kasayev and TwoCPlus are up next
SabotageQC's Twitch Stream 2.png
The Shopkeeper Have a great week-end everyone!

November 24, 2019[]

Note: The original text chat log for the Twitch stream was erased, so there is some paraphrasing in replacement of actual chat messages.

The final match of Sabocup commenced, an Any% category + Picnic Panic speedrun between TwoCPlus and kasayev. The Shopkeeper dropped by to watch the event. She arrived somewhat late, around the time that the speedrunners were in Glacial Peak.

LeShopkeeper Wow, you know how you always finish your Popcorn of Time before the movie even begins?
LeShopkeeper It's the opposite with these guys, I went away to make a batch and ended up missing half the run

Someone asked The Shopkeeper what flavor popcorn she was eating.

LeShopkeeper Emote PopCorn.png
LeShopkeeper Time flavor

Five minutes passed, and The Shopkeeper continued to enjoy eating her popcorn.

LeShopkeeper Emote PopCorn.png

As the speedrunners watched the Soldier cutscene, a few chat members blamed The Shopkeeper for Soldier's death.

LeShopkeeper I mean
LeShopkeeper My NDA contract is very strict, but rest assured Soldier played his part

Someone asked how The Shopkeeper was doing.

LeShopkeeper I ate too much Popcorn of Time, but otherwise I'm great
LeShopkeeper I always underestimate the effects of it travelling back in time to hit your palate a second time

pupatree asked The Shopkeeper a personal question related to The Iron Hood.

PUPA555 does iron hood ever make weird noises
LeShopkeeper @PUPA555 not really, just an annoying "HAHA"

Justin asked The Shopkeeper about a game-related glitch involving the "6" key with the PC version of The Messenger. The Shopkeeper directed him to talk to game programmer, Sabout.

Justin1407 LeShopkeeper Why are you asking me if I want to go back to my own timeline when I press 6 in the shop?
LeShopkeeper @Justin1407 ask Sabout

Someone asked The Shopkeeper if she had any stories to share.

LeShopkeeper Of course I have a story, but it's all about the runners today, I'm just here to watch

Gooberbarbarian asked The Shopkeeper about speedrunning.

gooberbarbarian @LeShopkeeper have you ever tried speedrunning?
LeShopkeeper @gooberbarbarian you have no idea who I really am, do you?

Someone mentioned something along the lines of, "everybody asks who is Shopkeeper but nobody asks how is Shopkeeper." Someone else followed with something along the lines of, "when is Shopkeeper." Shopkeeper agreed to the "when" statement with a caret.

LeShopkeeper ^

Gooberbarbarian asked The Shopkeeper about magical kitchen appliances.

gooberbarbarian @LeShopkeeper if you have popcorn of time do you have a microwave of time?
LeShopkeeper @gooberbarbarian no, Colos & Suses brought their kettle

Stéphanie worried that The Shopkeeper was lonely since the speedrunners were doing such brief shop visits, but The Shopkeeper assured her that she preferred doing less work.

Mrs_Stephanie Shoppy must feel lonely, Ninja barely visits him and when he does, it doesn't last more than 2 seconds
LeShopkeeper @Mrs_Stephanie I'm paid a flat fee per run, so less work is all good with me

TwoCPlus and kasayev finished the Picnic Panic portion of the speedrun, marking the conclusion of Sabocup. Heartwarming words were spoken by the commentators, the speedrunners, and members in the Twitch chat, thanking Sabotage Studio for hosting Sabocup. The Shopkeeper responded in turn.

LeShopkeeper Emote Twitch Heart.png

November 28, 2019[]

SaboSav finished forging a special trophy called the Sabocup for the winner of the Sabocup tournament, TwoCPlus.

The Clockwork Concierge informs that SaboSav has forged the Sabocup.

Clockwork Concierge SaboSav is officially done forging the Sabocup!
Logical Emote dothething.png
Stache Aw yeah
Papy heck yeah!
Clockwork Concierge I have seen quite a few hand-made trophies from pixel artists in my time, and I must say this one takes the cake.
Clockwork Concierge Tune in tomorrow for a wholesome reveal video!
Papy hype!
Lojical Wholesome is good.
Cerio @Clockwork Concierge see? you actually know how to bring the hype! Emote ccmad.png
Clockwork Concierge It appears I do, though I tend to announce things a tad early, which sometimes has its opportunity cost.
Papy pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Papy nawwwwwwwwwwwww
Clockwork Concierge For instance, it really should have been called Sabobowl.
Lojical Nah, gives more time for more hype to build!
Papy sounds like sabobo
Clockwork Concierge The entire point indeed.
Papy ah
KiAliens Why am i laughing so hard at Sabobowl
Clockwork Concierge See? Missed opportunity right there.
Lojical Cup makes more sense for a race though
Lojical ...but it is a most humorous pun.
Cerio ahahah well, we have a name for the next event
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) I wanted it to be named the Cloudstep Cup
Clockwork Concierge I'm still here, Passion. Are you tense?
Passion Only because I want to do this. :3
Passion places his right arm at a perpendicular angle to his body, while his left arm remains perfectly at his hip and straight down. Bends forward and gives Clocky a proper Butler bow.
Passion Thank you for your service, Clockwork Concierge.
Clockwork Concierge How quite becoming of you, Passion. It seems you are not in fact tense.

I salute you.

November 29, 2019[]

The "Sabocup Runner" Discord role was pinged for the trophy reveal video.

The Clockwork Concierge announces the trophy reveal video.

Clockwork Concierge The Sabocup reveal video has been shot.
Clockwork Concierge In a single take, might I add.
[19 minutes later]
Clockwork Concierge Ah 2 minute vlogs, where encoding takes longer than the actual shoot...
[14 minutes later]
Clockwork Concierge Uploading, please stand by...
Thierry @Sabocup Runner TROPHY REVEAL
Sabocup Reveal Video Download.png
Thierry Youtube link :
Sabocup Reveal Video.png
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) The Official Sabocup Picture!
The Sabocup.jpg

December 4, 2019[]

Clocko joined in congratualting Ninetales on getting accepted to his top college.

The Clockwork Concierge sends ❤ ❤ ❤

Ninetales Everyone! I got accepted into my top college!
Ninetailes And they were so impressed with my work that I got a special scholarship from them that covers almost 60% of the costs for going there!
Kammesennin Yo, that's awesome, Ninetales! Congratulations! Emote ninjayeah.png
Miss Sugar Pink Nice!!!!
Proudmoore Oh mah gawd! That is an amazing feat you have accomplished! Absolutely well done messenger, you deserve it!
Vitto Congrats!
Stache :0 wow good job!
Ninetales I'm just all like "Yes! I actually have a future now!".
Kammesennin I'm quite happy for you! I must contend that you have a future regardless, and when things don't pan out there is always another opportunity in some other way if you can identify it. But seriously, I hope everything goes as well as it can and you manage to get more enjoyment from your life as a result of this.
Ninetales I love how positive this community is. You guys are excellent to be around and I don't regret joining this server.
Clockwork Concierge ❤ ❤ ❤
Ninetales Thank you CC!
Ninetales Emote manfredH.png
Clockwork Concierge Emote manfredH.png

December 6, 2019[]

The first raffle for winners of the Sabocup casual prize pool was held.

The Clockwork Concierge asks for the Sabocup Runners' attention.

Clockwork Concierge Attention Sabocup Runners!
Clockwork Concierge The official prizes list will be announced shortly, along with the first draw winner.
Clockwork Concierge There are 11 prizes total.
Clockwork Concierge To be honest, we were ready to go but Phil went to get lunch.
Soleil I noticed that a scroll was stated in the initial prize pool but wasn't on that chair thing with the cardboard cutouts and stuff.
Clockwork Concierge Merci Philip.
Clockwork Concierge A good observation, Soleil. Seems like we might just have 12 prizes after all.
Clockwork Concierge Scroll confirmed.
Stache good sir, may we see its contents?
Clockwork Concierge Very soon, yes! Phil went out to get something to eat and Thierry is putting names in the Devolver Hat.
Clockwork Concierge As we wait for the first round of the draw, feel free to watch Kamme's recap of Sabocup 2019!
Clockwork Concierge
YouTube Preview.png

Soon ™️
Prize Draw.jpg

Clockwork Concierge Here we go!
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) Hey @Sabocup Runner ! Emote ninjayeah.png

We're glad to announce that a total of 55 runners participated in the Sabocup!

For the experienced runners, we'll do the money transfers over Paypal. Please send your Paypal informations to @Thierry in a direct message, he will do them asap!

1st - TwoCplus - 2000 USD (And the trophy!)
2nd - Kasayev - 1000 USD
3rd - Levicros - 500 USD
4th - PiranhaPig - 400 USD
5th - KuningasEST - 250 USD
5th (tie) - Justin - 250 USD
7th - Ischbinder - 200 USD
7th (tie) - Kyleberry - 200 USD

1st - LeRemiii - 300 USD
2nd - Dagem - 200 USD
3rd - VaeVictus - 100 USD

Linear NG+
1st - BigK1 - 300 USD
2nd - Breadpan - 200 USD
3rd - Kammesennin - 100 USD
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) For the participants, considering the international nature of the tournament, it will be hard to have everyone on at the same time. What we'll do is randomly draw a runner name from the hat, ping them on Discord, and give them [24 hours] to pick their prize from the list, before we move on with the next draw. If they don't answer within 24 hours, we'll just move to the next draw.

Here's the final list of prizes :

1 - An official painting of Pitou by Sabout himself
2 - Picnic Panic cutouts!
3 - The Messenger Ninja Stars t-shirt (XL)
4 -The Messenger Ninja Stars t-shirt (2XL)
5 - A Colos & Suses Desktop art
6 - A physical copy of the game (Signed by the team)
7 - One of Barma'Thazël's swords
8 - The last The Messenger 8bit/16bit t-shirt (XL)
9 -The last Sabotage team baseball shirt (XL)
10 -The Messenger 2xLP Vinyls (Signed by Rainbowdragoneyes)
11 - The Scroll Emote scroll.png (Signed by the team)
12 - The Shopkeeper riffing on the fairy tale of your choice
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) Sabocup-prizes.png
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) Thierry will handle the draws!
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) First draw in a couple minutes!
Clockwork Concierge The first draw winner has been selected! Please ping them profusely.
Clockwork Concierge
YouTube Preview Draw 1.png
[Folz is pinged]
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) Just sent him a DM!
Kammesennin Probably the best way since they're on Do Not Disturb.
Clockwork Concierge Apologies for the interruption. The Shop has received it's final update.
Clockwork Concierge
Discord Shop Preview 2.png
[an hour and 50 minutes later]
Clockwork Concierge Seems like the second draw may happen very soon!
Folz Hi everybody! I was very happy to participate in Sabocup, even though The Messenger is the first game I made speedrun, the community is amazing, and I was even happier to be the first to be drawn to choose one of the prizes, which after thinking hard I finally chose (although I really want everything there Emote emeraldCL.png ) but .... I think I'll pick the sword!
Clockwork Concierge A very good pick indeed!

Did you know that the actor who played Ninja was once the Red Power Ranger?
Clockwork Concierge You can look it up, it is a fact.
Clockwork Concierge Well, congratulations, Folz! Second draw video coming right up.
Clockwork Concierge Uploading, please stand by...
Clockwork Concierge Upload sequence finishing up...
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) Get ready to tag that runner!
Clockwork Concierge We have a winner.
Clockwork Concierge
YouTube Preview.png
[Yanglestorm is pinged]
Yanglestorm YO I'M HERE Pog
Clockwork Concierge Is that so?
Yanglestorm Also aah decisions
Clockwork Concierge Oh please take your time. You have 4 seconds.
Clockwork Concierge Did you want to look at the list again? I'm sure Phil will be happy to assist.
Yanglestorm I'll take the vinyl!
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) hahah you were faster than me!
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) alright!
Clockwork Concierge The vinyl?
Clockwork Concierge Well, congratulations Yanglestorm, RDE will get that signed and shipped for you presently!
Clockwork Concierge One last draw until we resume on Monday. Coming right up!
Yanglestorm Yo thanks everybody! Happy with the prize! Emote manfredH.png
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) Sabocup-prizes 2.png
Clockwork Concierge Thank you, SaboSav!
Clockwork Concierge Third draw video uploading, please wait...
Clockwork Concierge We have a winner!
Clockwork Concierge
YouTube Preview Draw 3.png
[Ramu is pinged]
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) Updated list!
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) 1 - An official painting of Pitou by Sabout himself
2 - Picnic Panic cutouts!
3 - The Messenger Ninja Stars t-shirt (XL)
4 -The Messenger Ninja Stars t-shirt (2XL)
5 - A Colos & Suses Desktop art
6 - A physical copy of the game (Signed by the team)
7 - One of Barma'Thazël's swords (Folz)
8 - The last The Messenger 8bit/16bit t-shirt (XL)
9 -The last Sabotage team baseball shirt (XL)
10 - The Messenger 2xLP Vinyls (Signed by Rainbowdragoneyes) (Yanglestorm)
11 - The Scroll Emote scroll.png
Ramu I shall claim the last 8bit/16bit t-shirt
Clockwork Concierge The last t-shirt! Congratulations Ramu.

Drawing will resume on Monday. Have a great week-end everyone ❤
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) See you on monday guys! Emote heart.png
Thierry Thanks everyone Emote ninjayeah.png

December 9-11, 2019[]

The second raffle for winners of the Sabocup casual prize pool was held.

The Clockwork Concierge gives a "good morning" to the community.

Clockwork Concierge Good morning Messengers!
Clockwork Concierge The Sabocup prize draw will resume...
Clockwork Concierge It has in fact resumed already.

New video coming shortly.
Clockwork Concierge In the meantime, Phil, would you be so kind as to refresh our minds on which prizes are left?
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) Of course!
Clockwork Concierge Ever diligent.
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) 1 - An official painting of Pitou by Sabout himself
2 - Picnic Panic cutouts!
3 - The Messenger Ninja Stars t-shirt (XL)
4 -The Messenger Ninja Stars t-shirt (2XL)
5 - A Colos & Suses Desktop art
6 - A physical copy of the game (Signed by the team)
7 - One of Barma'Thazël's swords (Folz)
8 - The last The Messenger 8bit/16bit t-shirt (XL)(Ramu!)
9 -The last Sabotage team baseball shirt (XL)
10 - The Messenger 2xLP Vinyls (Signed by Rainbowdragoneyes) (Yanglestorm)
11 - The Scroll Emote scroll.png
Clockwork Concierge The fourth winner has been picked! Please stand by for upload...
Clockwork Concierge UPLOAD COMPLETE
Clockwork Concierge
YouTube Preview.png
[Papy is pinged]
Papy Hhhhhhh
Papy Number 3
Clockwork Concierge Papy is here!
Clockwork Concierge Apologies, I was in a meeting.
Clockwork Concierge [deleted message: Prize Number 3, The Messenger Ninja Stars t-shirt XL it is.]
Clockwork Concierge Standby for Draw Number 5...
Clockwork Concierge Uploading, please stand by...
Clockwork Concierge The fifth winner has been drawn!
Clockwork Concierge
YouTube Preview Draw 5.png
[Soleil is pinged]
Soleil rigged
Soleil but wow I
Soleil Idk what to choose
Soleil I want to carry the scroll Emote importantmessage.png
Clockwork Concierge Ah yes, the Scroll. Who knows what Saboteam will write on there...
Soleil It's blank right now?
Clockwork Concierge Well, congratulations Soleil. Draw number 6 coming right up!
Clockwork Concierge It is not blank, in fact it was picked at random amongst the bokken physical copies.
Clockwork Concierge At this point, however, all bets are absolutely off.
Clockwork Concierge Please stand by for Draw number 6.
Clockwork Concierge Featuring HAT MARTIN
Clockwork Concierge Winner Number 6 has been drawn!
Clockwork Concierge
YouTube Preview Draw 6.png
[Vitalya is pinged]
Vitalya All many thanks guysEmote manfredH.png , my English bad unfortunately, if can be prize 6
[an hour later]
chemosha Mornin'! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY @JustDenys1
chemosha Emote tada.png
JustDenys1 Emote tada.png
Soleil Yooooooooooooooooooooooo happy birthday, Denys!
Papy happy birthday!
VaeVictus happy birthday Denys! Emote tada.png
Storme the Cat Emote birthday.png
Thero1st Emote wave.png Happy birthday ! Emote cake.png
Clockwork Concierge My, happy birthday JustDenys1!!
Clockwork Concierge And congratulations on prize number 6 Vitalya
Clockwork Concierge Draw Number 7 in progress...
Clockwork Concierge Upload error, all prizes cancelled
Clockwork Concierge Apologies! It appears the emergency error message triggered by mistake.
Clockwork Concierge Golly, now the mic is broken!
Clockwork Concierge Excuse me while I reboot...
Clockwork Concierge Testing, testing
Clockwork Concierge TESTING TESTING
Clockwork Concierge Finally!
Clockwork Concierge I will now reinitiate the upload sequence.
Clockwork Concierge Winner 7 has been drawn!
Clockwork Concierge
YouTube Preview Draw 7.png
[Travii is pinged]
Travii Travii Reaction.gif
Clockwork Concierge Greetings Travii!
Clockwork Concierge Which prize will you be choosing then? Feel free to ping Phil if you want a refresher on the list of remaining prizes.
Travii Thank you!
Travii @Phil (The Clockwork Operator) can I get a list of the remaining?
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) of course! sorry
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) 1 - An official painting of Pitou by Sabout himself
2 - Picnic Panic cutouts!
3 - The Messenger Ninja Stars t-shirt (XL) (Papi)
4 -The Messenger Ninja Stars t-shirt (2XL)
5 - A Colos & Suses Desktop art
6 - A physical copy of the game (Signed by the team)(Vitalya)
7 - One of Barma'Thazël's swords (Folz)
8 - The last The Messenger 8bit/16bit t-shirt (XL)(Ramu!)
9 -The last Sabotage team baseball shirt (XL)
10 -The Messenger 2xLP Vinyls (Signed by Rainbowdragoneyes) (Yanglestorm)
11 - The Scroll Emote scroll.png (Signed by the team) (Soleil)
12 - The Shopkeeper riffing on the fairy tale of your choice
Sabocup-prizes 3.png
Travii Thank you! I'll pick the scroll please!
Travii Or was that supposed to be marked out?
Clockwork Concierge Sadly the scroll has been picked already, yes.
Clockwork Concierge 1 - An official painting of Pitou by Sabout himself
2 - Picnic Panic cutouts!
4 -The Messenger Ninja Stars t-shirt (2XL)
5 - A Colos & Suses Desktop art
9 -The last Sabotage team baseball shirt (XL)
12 - The Shopkeeper riffing on the fairy tale of your choice
Travii I'll do the baseball shirt please
Clockwork Concierge The baseball shirt it is, then!

Congratulations Travii.
Clockwork Concierge Winner Number 8 has been drawn!
Clockwork Concierge
YouTube Preview Draw 8.png
[camand is pinged]
camand Woohoo! I have to pick prize number 12 - the fairy tale! Emote monkyeah.png
Clockwork Concierge A story for Camand, what a special prize!
Clockwork Concierge The Shopkeeper will be in touch, do check your DMs, and let us not spoil everyone just yet!
Clockwork Concierge Draw Number 9 coming up.
camand Since I'm Norwegian I will look into the old Norwegian folk tales. The one with the salt grind is one of those, I think.
  • Shopkeeper react: Emote ninjaponder.png
Clockwork Concierge We have the 9th winner!

Did Phil not get the joke, or is Thierry simply not funny? You decide!
Clockwork Concierge
YouTube Preview Draw 9.png
[TinramSaw is pinged]
Thero1st 1 - An official painting of Pitou by Sabout himself
2 - Picnic Panic cutouts!
4 -The Messenger Ninja Stars t-shirt (2XL)
5 - A Colos & Suses Desktop art
TinramSaw Hell yeah! Emote emeraldYearn.png Emote manfredH.png
Clockwork Concierge Greetings TinramSaw!
Clockwork Concierge Which prize will you be choosing today?
Thero1st "Today" Does it mean new prizes will come soon ?
Clockwork Concierge It means TinramSaw does not have until tomorrow.
Tinramsaw @Clockwork Concierge I take the T-shirts pls. Nr. 4 if I am not mistaken.Emote manfredH.png
Clockwork Concierge A t-shirt it is! Congratulations TinramSaw.
Clockwork Concierge Draw Number 10, up next ❤
Babushka Emote eyes.png
Babushka I like that little heart emoji
Clockwork Concierge Good day Babushka, how have you been?
Babushka Good day Clocko, I've been good Emote smile.png I hope you are well too Emote heart.png
Clockwork Concierge Sometimes I wish it was little less busy so I could spend more time here, but things are good in general.
Clockwork Concierge All these talks around Book2 bring back memories of my mentor.
Babushka A mentor? Emote eyes.png
Clockwork Concierge Have you never heard of the legendary Wentworth?
Miss Sugar Pink I searched the name and yeah, storme said wentworth was manfred's ancestor
Miss Sugar Pink like ancestor like descendant
Miss Sugar Pink a family of butlers
Thero1st But we know CC wasn't build to be a butler, or at least, not like he is now. We know he used to do dark things. Was Wentworth his mentor during or after that time ?
Clockwork Concierge If I could only be half the butler Wentworth was, but it appears I will remain clumsy.
Clockwork Concierge Theor1st if you don't mind, in this time of celebration, I would prefer it if we didn't discuss my past...
Thero1st Oh I see. My apologies
Clockwork Concierge No apologies needed. I appreciate your consideration ❤
Clockwork Concierge 'A good butler has a proper name', Wentworth always said.
Miss Sugar Pink I agree with him, though the name need not be one you were born with
Clockwork Concierge If I could choose my own name, I think I would want to be known as Sinclair. A proper name for the flesh and blood butler I will never be.
Thierry Hey clocko, how about draw #10?
Soleil Yo what you're so good at butlering tho
Thero1st Clockwork, you are already an amazing and dedicated butler. You even are a mentor now
Clockwork Concierge My, time sure flies when I daydream! Back to business, then.

Adam made a joke in the #ninja-village text channel.

Adam What day is @Adam - MoonMoon 's favorite day?
Adam ...
Adam Munday
Proudmoore Bet your favourite breed of cat is Munchkin too

The drawing continued.

The Clockwork Concierge continues the drawing

Clockwork Concierge Draw 10 now uploading...
Clockwork Concierge Video is up, featuring bad hair day Thierry!
Clockwork Concierge
YouTube Preview Draw 10.png
[KiAliens is pinged]
KiAliens Pog
KiAliens Emote happykin.png
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) Sabocup-prizes 4.png
KiAliens I'll gladly take number... 2 Emote happykin.png
Clockwork Concierge Cutouts for KiAliens! At this rate we will run out of prizes this very day!
Clockwork Concierge Let us do at least one more.
StrawB This is worrying me
StrawB I might have to change my title if I don't win a thing
[note: referencing StrawB's standard nickname, "StrawB (The Lucky One)"]
StrawB And I don't think that "The Not So Lucky One" really fits
Clockwork Concierge Might I suggest changing your nickname to 'The Once Lucky'? I believe it has a better ring to it.

The Clockwork Concierge stopped the jokes in the #ninja-village text channel.

The Clockwork Concierge stops the dad jokes

Martami are we back to dad jokes
StarHawk 0: did someone say “dad jokes”
Clockwork Concierge No.
Martami HAHAHA
Martami clocky does not like dad jokes
[many more dad jokes are made]
Clockwork Concierge Technically, I can stop you, I simply choose not to.
Miss Sugar Pink Clocko is being merciful
Clockwork Concierge I want you to live your best life, and if 'butchering jokes about meat' or 'using the brie-bar to break into your cheese factory' make you happy, I hope you indulge to your heart's content.
Papy Wow
Papy Respectful clocko
Spiderbenb What do you call cheese that doesn't belong to you? Nacho cheese.
Clockwork Concierge Emote person facepalming.png
Clockwork Concierge 'Just because you can doesn't mean you should' is the best tldr where dad jokes are concerend
Spiderbenb Why did the man quit his job at the can crushing factory? It was Soda Pressing.
Clockwork Concierge Can we call it Googleable Humour at this point?

Soleil sent a wholesome message thanking Sabotage Studios for having a casual prize pool and then the drawing continued.

The Clockwork Concierge shares in a wholesome moment

Soleil Honestly it was really cool of Sabotage to provide a casual pool so that even noobs (like me) could participate in the speedrunning tournament. They could have easily just made it exclusively an experienced runners tournament, which would have made casual players feel really isolated and excluded, but they really wanted to try to make as many people as happy as possible and even gathered really cool prizes that they were never obligated to give away. I feel bad that me winning means someone else doesn't win but I'm sure if they had the resources for infinite prizes like they'd do what they could to make everyone feel loved.
Clockwork Concierge ^
Clockwork Concierge ❤ ❤ ❤
Clockwork Concierge Such wholesome.
Clockwork Concierge We have winner 11!
Clockwork Concierge
YouTube Preview Draw 11.png
[Daiyosei is pinged]
Daiyosei Emote smiley.png
Daiyosei Very thanks!
Clockwork Concierge Daiyosei, congratulations!
Soleil @Daiyosei I think the 2 remaining choices are a lovely Pitou painting and that Colos & Suses desktop art thing.
Clockwork Concierge Precisely!
Daiyosei Ah, I choose Colos & Suses
Clockwork Concierge Duly noted, Daiyosei, and congratulations once again!
Clockwork Concierge Saboteam has left for their yearly cabin getaway, but we have the final winner!
Clockwork Concierge
YouTube Preview Draw 12.png
[Samurai is pinged]
Samurai WHAT
Samurai I guess calling dibs on Pitou yesterday worked after all

January 1, 2020[]

The Clockwork Concierge wished the community a happy new year's.

The Clockwork Concierge celebrates the start of a new year.

Clockwork Concierge Happy New Year Messengers!!!
Clockwork Concierge <3 ❤ <3

January 2, 2020[]

The Clockwork Concierge held a quiz, which revealed The Iron Hood's true name and resulted in the community obtaining "The Letter O."

The Clockwork Concierge sets expectations for the year 2020.

Clockwork Concierge The 2020 schedule has been reviewed and approved. Please ensure your seatbelt is fastened.
Kammesennin Care to elaborate, Concierge?
Clockwork Concierge Apologies, I needed some time to review the Tidal Wave of Lore cookbook to ensure it is properly prepared.
Ashes that is ominous
Clockwork Concierge A very challenging recipe indeed.
Babushka Tidal Wave of Lore cookbook Emote eyes.png
Babushka hey, what's cooking then?
Clockwork Concierge A Tidal Wave of Lore, of course!
Sol this is my first time seeing anything ARG related. period.
Clockwork Concierge Shall we make it count then, Sol?
Sol O.O
Sol Oh no.
Clockwork Concierge No? Alright then, I am not one to impose.
Kammesennin Emote quarbleO.png
Sol Let's make it count!
Clockwork Concierge Apologies Sol, was that a yes?
Sol It was.
Clockwork Concierge Were I one to impose, your nickname would be The Indecisive.
Clockwork Concierge But let us find out whether you are in fact shrewd.
[note: referencing Sol's standard nickname, "Sol (The Shrewd)"]
Clockwork Concierge A single trivia question. 30 seconds for Sol to provide an official answer after discussing with everyone.
Clockwork Concierge The right answer will get you The Letter O.
Clockwork Concierge BUT
Clockwork Concierge If your answer is wrong, The Letter O will be lost forever.
Sol I'll try my best!
Sol We have to teamwork this!
Clockwork Concierge One question. Thirty seconds for an official answer from Sol.
Clockwork Concierge Do you want to play?
Sol I'll play your game.
Clockwork Concierge Alright!
Sol Keep the chat clear except for work towards the answer!
Sol We all have to do this!
Sol I have too little game knowledge to do this without you guys.
Clockwork Concierge Here we go, with 30 seconds to reply.
Clockwork Concierge What is the complete name, that is both first and last name, of the blue robe know as The Craftsman, aka Iron Hood?
Sol Okay guys what do we know?
StrawB we lost bois
Alexoxo i dont even know this one lmao
Samurai Oh no
Kammesennin Emote phobekinF.png
Null Potato what if it's just "Iron Hood"
Miss Sugar Pink soleil?
Alexoxo iron hood.
Samurai Iron hood is all i know
Sol Well this isn't good.
Kammesennin IF there's an answer it's Iron Hood lol.
Sol Well clocky. My final answer is Iron Hood.
Clockwork Concierge The answer is Autumn Hills. You have 30 more seconds.
[confused reactions from various community members]
Matehiqu John gaiden
Clockwork Concierge In Autumn Hills excuse the typoe. 30 seconds!
[the community agrees that the answer is John Gaiden]
Sol Okay it's john gaiden!
Clockwork Concierge Sol?
Sol I answer john gaiden!
Clockwork Concierge CONGRATULATIONS you win The Letter O!!!
[celebration and cheer]
Clockwork Concierge How crazy is it that this was hidden in plain sight all along?
Sol It's SO crazy clocky!
Miss Sugar Pink care to stay a while longer clocko? we love talking to you!
Sol Clocky do you have anything else you wanna say before you go?
Clockwork Concierge I would love to stay but I need to get back to my kitchen. This Tidal Wave of Lore is quite a challenge to cook.
Clockwork Concierge It definitely is cooking, however.
Clockwork Concierge In the meantime remember to wear a helmet while you hype.
Thierry Yo @Phil (The Clockwork Operator) I'm not sold on that new safety module
Samurai Safety module?
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) Hello, yeah, still v0.1 - a typical Concierge module.
Thierry I don't know he always closes with things like seatbelts and helmets
Thierry You want to leave this on and see for a while?
[various community members say to leave the module on]

January 6, 2020[]

The Shopkeeper returned to help write Camand's story and the Clockwork Concierge kept others from interrupting. He doubted that he was worthy of the name "Sinclair" but the community reassured him that he's an excellent butler.

The Clockwork Concierge requesting people not to disturb The Shopkeeper

The Shopkeeper Friendly reminder
Shopkeeper i do what i want.png
JustDenys1 Oh, hello Shoppy!
Soleil @ARG
Clockwork Concierge Public Service Announcement - please do not disturb The Shopkeeper during the writing process for Camand's story.
Burgs Can we talk to you in the meantime, CC?
Clockwork Concierge Why of course, I am here to serve.
Deadest Whats 1+1
Lojical How are the Skylands holding up?
Clockwork Concierge It depends in which language, Deadest. It would be 2 in numbers, and 11 in characters.
StrawB Hey clocko I always wondered how you keep your mustache so tamed
Clockwork Concierge Up it precisely how the Skylands are holding, Lojical. Thank you for asking.
Clockwork Concierge A butler is always well groomed, of course.
Alexoxo what am i walking into
Alexoxo just sinclair qna?
Clockwork Concierge Sinclair?
JustDenys1 Yeah, name you wanted to be called with
Clockwork Concierge Oh, to be worthy of the name...
Miss Sugar Pink If anyone's worthy of the name, it's you
Stéphanie What, who's Sinclair ?
JustDenys1 You're worthy!
Soleil @Stéphanie Clockwork Concierge wants a cool butler-y name like "Sinclair" but doesn't think he's a good enough butler to be worthy of it.
Stéphanie Nonsense! He's already a perfect butler

Soleil asked the Clockwork Concierge about Manfred who he praised as being the best guardian for the Skylands. Wentworth was briefly mentioned as well before the Clockwork Concierge had to go to a meeting.

The Clockwork Concierge praises Manfred

Soleil @Clockwork Concierge How's Manfred doing?
Clockwork Concierge Manfred? There has never been a better guardian for the Skylands. He isn't very good at teaching guests how to eat with chopsticks, however.
StarHawk Yeah he seems to have a lack of hands...
Soleil Sinclair didn't have hands either but he's a master butler right?
Soleil er wait I got confused with Wentworth
Clockwork Concierge Wentworth! Now there's a real butler!
Miss Sugar Pink wentworth?
Soleil @Miss Sugar Pink The first sky serpent, Manfred's ancestor
Clockwork Concierge Apologies, I must go to a meeting it seems. Sure is a busy day over at the castle.
StarHawk Aw man bye clocko
Soleil See ya Clocko
Felix le Chat oh have a good day! @Clockwork Concierge
Clockwork Concierge Papate.
[the community sends several messages of "papate"]
Resident Ace <3Ɛ> Clocky
Clockwork Concierge <3Ɛ>

January 8, 2020[]

The Clockwork Concierge shared a free Steam code for The Messenger, and he dropped a spoiler related to the name of an unknown character.

The Clockwork Concierge requests for the community to not to repost the free Steam code.

Clockwork Concierge IBQKB-TW57Z-IKNHW
Ashes whao wait what
JustDenys1 Again? It's a steam key
JustDenys1 Also, why did my message of a key got deleted?
Clockwork Concierge I would demand you refrain from reposting any keys in text format. First, because a free copy should demand a little effort, and second to prevent it from being grabbed automatically by some bot.
Clockwork Concierge Your collaboration is much appreciated, as always ❤
Ashes Good point. I forget that we've likely got a lot of bots in this server (no offense meant to you, Mr. Concierge)
Clockwork Concierge None taken, Ashes. I try my best to be a good bot.
Sol You're a pretty top tier bot.
chemosha you're not good bot Clocko
chemosha you're the best bot in the world Emote manfredH.png

The Clockwork Concierge sent a message that was quickly deleted.

Clockwork Concierge My, it seems we are on track to reach 10000 Time Shards by the 17th!
Clockwork Concierge [deleted message]
Sol o.o
Sol He said something very quickly.
Thierry @Clockwork Concierge Emote ninjastop.png
Bubamrav I got the bame
Bubamrav name
Sol Yeah I caught Headmaster M-----
Matehiqu oof did we miss a spoiler?
Clockwork Concierge Apologies, I find it hard to contain my excitement about Project Solstice.
Matehiqu oof we did miss a spoiler
Thierry Same here, but please Emote ninjastop.png
Matehiqu i wanted the spoiler
Bubamrav I got the name i just dont know who is that
Matehiqu say it in the spoilers chatroom
Bubamrav He said he needed to check something with headmaster Morian for the 10000 shard mark when we buy the new thing from the shop
Bubamrav I didnt get the end
Thierry you also didn't get the name
Bubmarav Did anyone get the full message
Soleil I think you were the only one who saw it.

January 10, 2020[]

The Archivist and #the-void text channel came back briefly. He chatted with the Clockwork Concierge and revealed that he was recruiting three Voidwalkers instead of just one. He mentioned a person named "Headmaster Moraine," a character previously unknown up to this point in time.

The Clockwork Concierge senses a disturbance.

Clockwork Concierge What is happening?
Kammesennin I have no idea. I just opened my eyes.
JustDenys1 Uh... Nothing?
Clockwork Concierge This disturbance...
TheSkyknight Oh dear
Sol oh lawd
Clockwork Concierge Oh, I hope the ARG people are here...
Clockwork Concierge Master Resh'an, it that you?
The Archivist A moment of your time, Concierge.
Clockwork Concierge Sir! It is so good yo see you! How are your travels?
The Archivist Ever challenging.
The Archivist I hope the adventurers we recruited will be able to help in the end.
The Archivist How goes the onboarding process?
Clockwork Concierge We have the components required to open a portal and summon Headmaster Moraine, so everything is on track for Project Solstice, sir!
Clockwork Concierge Have you planned your next coming, then?
The Archivist Naturally.
The Archivist I have recruited three Voidwalkers already, and entrusted them with keeping the matter private until the big day.
The Archivist I believe adding a fourth would be ideal.
Clockwork Concierge And did you have any candidates in mind, sir?
The Archivist Of course.
The Archivist A particular Ninja shows great potential, but I fear they might have a hard time keeping a cool head if given a special role.
Clockwork Concierge I see...
Clockwork Concierge With your permission sir, I would discuss the matter with Kamme The Guardian.
The Archivist A sound plan. Ever calm and decisive, that one.
The Archivist Perhaps in time I shall have an offer for him.
Clockwork Concierge Consider it done, then.
The Archivist Thank you, Concierge. I will be off for now, then. Tell everyone to expect my return after the shop's grand finale.
Clockwork Concierge Do take care, Master.
Clockwork Concierge Kamme, I require a moment of your time. Please come meet me in my office at your earliest convenience.
Kammesennin Certainly, Concierge
Etimo Hi ! I'm totally not aware of the news, should it be a new dlc or a new game?
Clockwork Concierge The official statement says you should expect your socks to be rocked off, Etimo.
Clockwork Concierge But please remember to wear safety goggles while hyping.
Julul Imagine joining the server
Julul And being directly answered by the Concierge lol
Etimo Wow those answers are stylish Emote smile.png
Langosta Sinclair please notice the existence of lobsters
GaidenGravity Sinclair please notice the existence of lobsters
Clockwork Concierge Have I ever denied the existence of lobsters?
Boo Concierge, wat
Clockwork Concierge Apologies if I seem out of touch. My meme module has been replaced with a safety module.
Sol O.O
Sol That's not good.
Clockwork Concierge It is quite unnerving. I bought all these airbags but have no car in which to install them.
Proudmoore Time to start a gofundme for clocky so he can get a car
Thero1st You live in the sky. Put them under the castle in the case you run out of fuel ?
Sol can clocko run out of fuel?
Clockwork Concierge What is fuel?
Sol Food.
Sol Sustenance
StrawB Gamer fuel?
StrawB Epic gamer fuel?
Langosta I'm totally sure Sinclair is an Epic Fortnite Master
Sol And clocky, being a pro gamer, consumes Gfuel.
Felixiiisms fuel is an energy source that which can be converted into movement, you see
TheSkyknight Fuel for a fire would be logs, kerosene. A combustion engine would use petrol, steam engines burn coal.
TheSkyknight Don't we want a serious answer? He's likely blanking on a lot of this, not having a meme module.
Sol I think the meme module is a 100% improvement over the last clocky.
Langosta Who needs safety anyway?
Sol Exactly.
Clockwork Concierge The importance of safety is not up for deate. Cease immediately!
Sol Oops.
StrawB Uh oh
Thierry Dude are you tense?
Thero1st We better stop discussing that now
Sol We should consider his feelings in this matter.
Thierry yo @Phil (The Clockwork Operator) still not sold on that safety module
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) v0.1
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) "it's an iterative process"
Clockwork Concierge You bring a clockwork tear to my eye, Langosta.
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) I do not have a reputation for stability on my first versions.

January 13, 2020[]

The Clockwork Concierge announced the upcoming Sabotage Q&A.

The Clockwork Concierge announces the next Q&A's arrival.

Clockwork Concierge Good day, Messenger!

It appears the next QnA is upon us.
Clockwork Concierge Tune in to Sabotage's Twitch Channel tomorrow at 6PM EST.

Thierry will be playing Zelda II with Phil.
Clockwork Concierge I even heard it rumored that Soleil and Kamme may join through the power of voice chat!

January 14, 2020[]

The Clockwork Concierge informed the community that obtaining the "Ninja" Discord role would no longer be possible after obtaining 10,000 Time Shards. He also mentioned that the Q&A would begin in 30 minutes.

The Clockwork Concierge announces that the community will no longer be able to receive the "Ninja" Discord role.

Clockwork Concierge PSA - The 10 000 mark is upon us. Once it has been attained, it will no longer be possible to earn Time Shards or nominate Ninjas.
Sol o.O
Sol No more ninja nominations?
Thero1st What ? No more Ninjas ? So, new people won't be able to join ARG ?
Clockwork Concierge Good day, Sol.
Clockwork Concierge This was an automated message, give me a moment to read it.
Thero1st Shall we try to nominate as many nice people as we can, because all of these nice people won't be able to be nominated later ?
Sol If we see anyone who fits the criteria.
Sol I think giving ninja as frantically as we can will just lead to the title ninja being cheap.
Langosta This means we have to options
Langosta Try to nominate as many people as we can from those we have now
Langosta Try to go slower on time shard income to give a chance to more people
JustDenys1 So, we'll become unique and the only people, who can be in ARG?
Langosta Maybe they open the ARG role to non ninjas?
Langosta And we are only limited at voting?
Sol Well as far as I have seen normal people get to participate as much as us if not more.
Sol So I don't think this impacts much ultimately
Sol We'll just be like less exclusive voidmenders if I had to guess
Langosta Why does everything we love have to die?
Clockwork Concierge I am forbidden to discuss Project Solstice at this time, but I am told you should let your heart know for sure that there is a lot of engaging entertainment ahead.
JustDenys1 I don't quite know what Project Solstice is. It's a new game or new phase of ARG?
Matehiqu maybe both
Langosta It could be a mountain for all we know
Sol Whatever project solstice is, it looks like we'll be finding out more soon.
Clockwork Concierge The QnA begins in 30 minutes!
Clockwork Concierge [deleted message:]
Soleil Also @Clockwork Concierge the Twitch URL was changed!
Soleil You guys are SabotageStudio now or something like that
Clockwork Concierge Apologies!
Clockwork Concierge

The Clockwork Concierge provided a clarification about the Q&A and that the Tidal Wave of Lore is a dish.

The Clockwork Concierge explains that the Tidal Wave of Lore is a dish

Clockwork Concierge To be precise, today is the last pre-Tidal Wave of Lore QnA. Do make the best of it, for your curiosity may well be directed towards other mysteries soon.
Malik tidal wave of lore is an event and i am excited because it is a literal tidal wave of lore
Clockwork Concierge Pardon me Malik, it is actually a dish.
Clockwork Concierge I have been busy preparing it for quite some time, actually.

January 16, 2020[]

The Shopkeeper tested out the Clockwork Concierge's microphone (dialogue boxes) for the first time, rather than speaking in plain text.

The Shopkeeper tests out the Clockwork Concierge's dialogue boxes.

Clockwork Concierge -My mic? I am not certain this is appropriate, but I don't see why not.
The Shopkeeper How about THIS?
Clockwork Concierge Fine, though the 10 000 mark sets us back to next week.
The Shopkeeper ...

January 17, 2020[]

As the community inched closer to reaching the 10,000-Time Shard threshold, the Clockwork Concierge removed the ability to nominate other users for the "Ninja" Discord role, and the ability to earn Time Shards through daily interactions. A few hours later, through the gradual joining of new members, the Time Shard goal was reached.

The Clockwork Concierge finishes rebooting.

Clockwork Concierge Reboot sequence complete.
Clockwork Concierge Ninja nomination module removed.
Clockwork Concierge Daily interactions reward module removed.
Clockwork Concierge New members reward module still operational until the 10 000 cap.
Clockwork Concierge Update complete.
Kammesennin Can we get a diagnostics report on the safety module, Concierge?
StarHawk uh.... what now
Sol we wait
Clockwork Concierge Safety module?
Sol Oh no
Kammesennin Perfect response, Concierge.
Sol Isn't the safety module supposed to be pretty important or something though?
Sol What happened?
Thierry Sorry I kind of pulled that plug while Phil was away.

January 20, 2020[]

The Clockwork Concierge announced when The Shop would reopen.

The Clockwork Concierge says when The Shop will open

BillCipher44 It's kinda nerve wracking that this grandiose event can just happen any time in this week
Kammesennin These things are consistently on Fridays so far, so might be able to assume that much about it at least.
Clockwork Concierge Indeed, The Shop is scheduled to open this very Friday, around 2PM EST.

January 21, 2020[]

The Clockwork Concierge's advertising module ran amok.

The Clockwork Concierge advertises The Messenger.

Clockwork Concierge The Messenger!

Out now in PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch!
Clockwork Concierge Get it today at absolutely no discount!
Clockwork Concierge
Thierry @Phil (The Clockwork Operator)
Thierry did you really plug an Ad Module?
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) Was experimenting. Still v0.1.
Clockwork Concierge Apologies, I did not control this.
Sol Happens to everyone!
Thierry Let's work on that messaging a bit
Clockwork Concierge -I understand, but I would still avoid calling him 'orb punter'. He is still working through that event.
Babushka Clocko, your mic is on
Clockwork Concierge Apologies Babushka, I am still not used to my new Therapist Module.
Babushka No need to apologise, it's nice to hear you sometimes Emote happykin.png
Babushka Well, anytime Emote smile.png
Clockwork Concierge Awww ❤

January 22, 2020[]

The Clockwork Concierge posted a free Steam code for The Messenger, which was eventually claimed.

The Clockwork Concierge posts a random Steam code.

Clockwork Concierge A9ADQ-BRBZ7-F0JCF

January 23, 2020[]

The Clockwork Concierge informed the community that the final shop opening would occur the next day.

The Clockwork Concierge announces the approach of the final opening of the shop.

Clockwork Concierge The Shop opens in 24 hours.

For the last time.
Clockwork Concierge The Shopkeeper has finished preparing the story for tomorrow.
Clockwork Concierge Unfortunately, it appears that it is not a good one, so it might be skipped.
Clockwork Concierge Please hype with moderation.

January 24, 2020[]

Since the community gathered 10,000 Time Shards, The Shopkeeper came by for their final visit. Camand was selected to be "The Messenger," and she asked about "The Letter L" and "The Letter P." She touched the cabinet after being encouraged to by the community, getting swiftly booted. After a Discord-exclusive cabinet rant, The Shopkeeper invited all users with the "Ninja" Discord role into #the-shop and told the final story. After finishing, everyone was removed, and The Shopkeeper gave a sad farewell before #the-shop disappeared forever.

The Clockwork Concierge announces that The Shop opens in 40 minutes.

Clockwork Concierge The Shop opens in 40 minutes.
The Shopkeeper @everyone Alright, let’s try to end this with a bang, shall we?
The Shopkeeper I must say I’m pretty happy my cabinet will have remained untouched through all these shop openings.
The Shopkeeper Oh, and make sure you turn the music on
Discord Shop Preview 2.png
The Shopkeeper Today’s an easy day for choosing The Messenger, as we acknowledge the one who chose to have a bit of my time as a reward.
The Shopkeeper Which, good call, by the way.
The Shopkeeper So welcome to The Shop, Camand, how are you today?
camand I'm doing great!
The Shopkeeper Well, ain't that great.
The Shopkeeper I think we all know this ends with you getting the story of your choice torn apart, but in the meantime, what shall we do?
The Shopkeeper I would advise consulting with your fellow Ninjas in case they have any unfinished business with me.
The Shopkeeper But you’re The Messenger! Take your time, and let me know what your pleasure will be today.
camand Alright, fellow ninjas, what shall we do?
Lich First messenger without the Ninja role
Soleil Unresolved business includes:
- P on tiki shop shelf.
- Getting back lost L orb.
- Jukebox when?
Dagem P and L are huge actually
[note: by this time, numerous people have recommended touching the cabinet in both #general and #ninja-village]
Dagem Unresolved business includes:
- P on tiki shop shelf.
- Getting back lost L orb.
- Jukebox when?
camand Yeah, you gotta help me on this one, guys. What should we do?
Lojical Checking actions is most important so we can figure out what to prioritize
The Shopkeeper Keyword "today".
camand What are my options?
The Shopkeeper Your options are : you do you
The Shopkeeper Again, any unfinished business, now's the time.
The Shopkeeper We can also move on if you prefer.
Matehiqu he's complaining about us taking too long
Matehiqu i think we should ask about the letter L
TheCometKid Wait, shouldn't we make camand a ninja so they see us talking?
Lojical Camand can see us talking, he just can't talk in here
camand Help me do me Emote monkyeah.png
Hayden @camand ask how his day was and learn about who he is
[note: at this moment, camand was given the "Ninja" Discord role, allowing her to chat in the #ninja-village channel]
camand Should I ask about his day?
NatyCupcake YES
Soleil That's polite small talk.
Kammesennin Idk, he seems to wish to handle business rather than smalltalk.
Burgs This has to be overwhelming so lemme just say @camand, whatever you pick will be right
camand Can you be more specific about the letter?
camand What do you want to know?
Mrs_Stephanie Ask "is there any way we could get the letter L back?"
Sol The P on the shelf in PP
camand This is all so new to me Emote stuck out tongue.png
The Shopkeeper ...
camand Sorry for keeping you waiting! How was your day?
The Shopkeeper It's a good day, now let's not ruin it by stalling my grand finale.
camand Is there any way to retrieve the letter L, and why is the letter P on the shelf?
TheCometKid If someone can, refresh me about the letter? Why do we need them?
camand Refresh me as well!
Soleil We're missing 2 letters that will help form the word "AEPHORUL" which will summon The All Mysterious Archivist
The Shopkeeper The letter L is lost forever.
The Shopkeeper Which, name checks out, doesn't it.
The Shopkeeper The letter P, I don't really have a use for it.
The Shopkeeper It's all yours!
camand Thanks!
The Shopkeeper Anything else I can do for you?
Chaotix Any stories to share?
Dagem We need to buy the thing
camand Buy what?
Sol The FINAL UPGRADE remains to be bought.
Dagem Actually I think @Soleil is right
Dagem we should open the cabinet
[various community members agree]
camand Do you have any stories to share?
The Shopkeeper Yes, that's the whole point.
The Shopkeeper But it's also the final act.
The Shopkeeper Are we done then?
The Shopkeeper Last call while the iron's hot...
camand What happens if I touch your cabinet?
The Shopkeeper I'm sorry what?
The Shopkeeper I’ll pretend I didn’t see that. Now, what can I do for you?
camand You're trying to avoid the subject. What's in it?
The Shopkeeper I don't think you want to go there. Now, what can I do for you?
camand I want to look in your cabinet. touches it
The Shopkeeper !!!
The Shopkeeper Look, I tend to ramble, and we have absolutely no data on the crowd’s attention span today.
The Shopkeeper Now, what can I do for you?
camand Open the cabinet
The Shopkeeper Kicks Camand out
The Shopkeeper Well, guess I’m all by myself.
The Shopkeeper Perhaps I should go back to reading.
The Shopkeeper Oh, did you know that narcissism is the only issue without a single self-help book about it?
The Shopkeeper Nope, everything you’ll find is about how to deal with one in your life, because their condition makes them blind to their core issue.
The Shopkeeper It may seem sad at first, but in truth, they don’t consciously suffer from it, only indirectly. It all comes down to our own perception of value compared to others.
The Shopkeeper It’s actually quite alarming once you take a look at the data, to notice that barely anyone has a proper sense of value.
The Shopkeeper That is, that they neither have more nor less value than anyone else, period.
The Shopkeeper Those who believe they have less value will tend to be people pleasers, apologize a lot, constantly feel inadequate, and live in constant fear that the people around them will suddenly have a click moment where they realize they want to disassociate. Sadly, they represent the majority. They tend to suffer a lot, but on the bright side they are likely to seek help, as the issue creates constant discomfort.
The Shopkeeper Those who believe they have more value will tend to speak in the imperative, act entitled, and genuinely believe that everything should apply differently for them. This is all subconscious, of course, and their drama is that they will see their loved ones give up on them once they have exhausted every single attempt at connecting with them. Failing to see the connection with an issue that is invisible to them, they seldom seek help, instinctively seeing the rejection as the other person having suddenly changed for no reason. It protects their ego.
The Shopkeeper Let’s try a simple example. You are playing a video game on your computer, and your SO brings you a snack. If you were gifted with decent parents, you simply say thanks, enjoy your snack, and your game.
The Shopkeeper And good for you, by the way.
The Shopkeeper Now say you subconsciously perceive yourself as having low value. You can’t deal with that sandwich, what is it trying to tell you? Is my SO saying that they exist and it’s about time I left the game alone for a while and helped in the apartment? No way you can just have the snack and move on. You get up, and check-in with your SO to bring that anxiety back under-control.
The Shopkeeper Let’s try that with a narcissist. Being so entitled all the time, it may very well be that the snack was brought in to say “Hey, I exist, can’t you even look at me for one second?”. But that will never happen, as the narcissist immediately frames the encounter as “There is nothing more meaningful in my SO’s life than to serve me, in fact they should thank me."
The Shopkeeper If that sounds like a stretch, I congratulate you on a life devoid of narcissists, please carry on.
The Shopkeeper So, why is this interesting? Well, I always thought narcissists were simply jerks, talking in the imperative and commanding everything and everyone, taking credit for a group’s effort in the first person pronoun, etc.
The Shopkeeper But the more I read about it, the more I feel for them.
The Shopkeeper You see, they genuinely believe everything is owed to them, it is the world view they were granted growing up. So in giving an order, they are, in the most ironic way, being selfless. They are allowing you the pleasure of serving them. They sincerely mean to be kind to you by doing that.
The Shopkeeper It’s ok to disagree by the way, I’m just rambling, and not entirely sold on this myself yet.
The Shopkeeper But it brings us back to love, so let’s define love.
The Shopkeeper Who does that you ask?
The Shopkeeper I do.
The Shopkeeper Love is the act of setting yourself aside in order to let someone else occupy the space.
The Shopkeeper To encourage them to occupy the space, and provide them the tools to do so.
The Shopkeeper It is then to acknowledge and celebrate how they choose to occupy that space.
The Shopkeeper That's love.
The Shopkeeper If your parents did that for you properly, odds are that you have a healthy sense of your own value, which is that it ain’t higher, or lower, than anyone else’s.
The Shopkeeper You can demand, and give, respect.
The Shopkeeper Now you can do the math on the rest, and I’m still not done reading up on the subject, but since you had to go out of way to touch my cabinet, there was your piece of mind.
The Shopkeeper It’s getting kind of boring in here...
The Shopkeeper Alright
The Shopkeeper I’m am now inviting ALL NINJAS TO THE SHOP!
[messages from users with the "Ninja" Discord role are removed from the following excerpt for readability as they never stopped talking between The Shopkeeper's messages]
The Shopkeeper lol

The Shopkeeper spoke in dialogue boxes for the remainder of her time.

The Shopkeeper requests the community to calm down.

The Shopkeeper Alright, simmer down!
The Shopkeeper So, if were gonna do this last story, I need you to listen.
Clockwork Concierge [deleted message: shopkeeper I can kick you all out, remember.]
The Shopkeeper Ahem. Tech issues aside, please behave.
The Shopkeeper So, you all will have a moment to spam my channel, but when the story begins, I expect you to play along.
The Shopkeeper Do we have a deal?
[the community agrees]
The Shopkeeper Alright, now for your time to shine. I can't tell a story if you don't ask...
[the community asks for a story]
The Shopkeeper Of course, here's one for you.
The Shopkeeper Today we enter the realm of Norwegian folklore. A classic sent to me by Messenger Camand.
The Shopkeeper Now, I ain't no Concierge, but when someone asks me to tear apart their favorite fairytale, I can be quite obliging.
The Shopkeeper Though honestly I'd find something else to do of I were you, because boy does this story ever follow a boring and predictable format.
The Shopkeeper In fact, for those who'd rather go soon, I'll summarize it right now.
The Shopkeeper There once was something that happened three times in a row because patterns are engaging.
The Shopkeeper This led to something else happening three times in a row since we're apparently supposed to be 5 years old for this one.
The Shopkeeper Then, everything resolved itself on a whim, and there was no moral.
The Shopkeeper The end.
[the community commends the story and thanks The Shopkeeper]
The Shopkeeper Now, unless you really want to hear an absolutely terrible story, I'll just call it a day and close The Shop forever. Are we all happy with that?
[the community asks to hear the "absolutely terrible" story]
The Shopkeeper ...
The Shopkeeper You're animals.
The Shopkeeper Fine, but don't you go saying I didn't warn you.
The Shopkeeper Now listen.
The Shopkeeper There once was a little boy named Askeladden who lived alone with his sick mother.
The Shopkeeper On a regular day, like so many others before it, he was taking care of chores like a responsible little boy.
The Shopkeeper As fate would have it, his mom became hungry, and asked him to go fetch some flour from the stabbur so that they could make dinner.
The Shopkeeper Go ahead and google stabbur, I'll wait...
The Shopkeeper So.
The Shopkeeper Askeladden went into the stabbur and filled his bowl with flour.
The Shopkeeper But as he stepped out, the North Wind blew and swept up all of his flour, leaving the bowl empty.
The Shopkeeper Not thinking too much of it, Askeladden went back into the stabbur and filled his bowl with flour, again.
The Shopkeeper But as he stepped out, the North Wind blew and swept up all of his flour, again.
The Shopkeeper Still not thinking too much of it, Askeladden went back into the stabbur and filled his bowl a third time.
The Shopkeeper Now, at this point in the story, I need you all to take a moment and make sure you are sitting down, because what happens next will shock you.
The Shopkeeper In fact, I'm not even sure I believe it myself.
The Shopkeeper You're holding your breath, aren't you?
The Shopkeeper Is it the intrigue, the unpredictability, the sheer display of courage, the high stakes?
The Shopkeeper Because let's be honest, it doesn't get more epic than fetching flour for your mom on a windy day, now does it?
The Shopkeeper So what could happen next? A meta plot twist?
The Shopkeeper Was the story itself ACTUALLY YOUR DAD ALL ALONG???
The Shopkeeper Let's find out.
The Shopkeeper Out the boy stepped and up the North Wind swept his flour again, only this time, there would be no going back into the stabbur, for it was now completely out of stock.
The Shopkeeper Indeed, the poor sods had been three bowls of flour away from starving to death all this time.
The Shopkeeper ...Which explains why the intro would simply have the mother sitting in a rocking chair while her son peacefully sweeps floor???
The Shopkeeper Anyway, moving on.
The Shopkeeper Out of food but certainly determined, Askeladden decided to pay the troublesome breeze a little visit.
The Shopkeeper With purpose in his eyes and a song in his heart, our hero travelled through the mountains for half a day, eventually reaching the North Wind's home.
The Shopkeeper 'North Wind!', he said, confident and true. 'You took all the flour we had left, and my mother is sick! You are responsible and need to fix this right now.'
The Shopkeeper The North Wind, in a display of kindness that will leave us all wondering why he would ever have stolen flour from a child in the first place, simply agreed.
The Shopkeeper He gave Askeladden a magic tablecloth, which only had to be put on a table to unfold itself and create a feast of costly foods.
The Shopkeeper Surprisingly not even surprised, the Askeladden grabbed the item and went on his way home.
The Shopkeeper But the night was setting, so he decided to stop at an inn on the way.
The Shopkeeper The innkeeper welcomed Askeladden, but told him that unfortunately the kitched was closed.
The Shopkeeper …who would have thought, right?
The Shopkeeper So he set the magic cloth on the table and stuffed his face, bearing not a single thought for his starving mom, then went to sleep.
The Shopkeeper During the night, the innkeeper, who has seen everything, went into Askeladden's room and swapped his magic tablecloth for a regular one!
The Shopkeeper The Askeladden went back home to his mom, excited to show the magic tablecloth, which was actually not magic anymore.
The Shopkeeper A bit confused, Askeladden went back to the North Wind to complain.
The Shopkeeper The second event in a row of three is always useless so let's just say that this time around he got a goat that pukes gold instead of a magic tablecloth.
The Shopkeeper The inn had food this time, but Askeladden had to pay for his room, forcing him to show the innkeeper how the new magic thing worked.
The Shopkeeper By the way, if you find it oddly convenient that he is only asked to pay when the story has a gold puking goat to feature, I'll have to agree there.
The Shopkeeper So the innkeeper replaced the magic goat with a regular one.
The Shopkeeper Let's take a moment to let that sink in.
The Shopkeeper I mean who hot-swaps a goat?
The Shopkeeper So anyway, Askeladden went back home to his mom, excited to show the magic goat, which was actually not magic anymore.
The Shopkeeper Going up to see the North Wind a third, and thus predictably last time, Askeladden was given a magic stick that would beat up the target of his choice until he asked it to stop.
The Shopkeeper Visiting the inn again on his way back, he went straight to sleep.
The Shopkeeper OR DID HE ???
The Shopkeeper As it turns out, Askeladden had, for reasons that will remain unexplained forever, realized that the innkeeper had been stealing his magic items.
The Shopkeeper You see, he was only pretending to be asleep, waiting for the innkeeper to creep into his room so he could send his magic stick to beat him up until he returned his magic tablecloth and gold puking goat.
The Shopkeeper It worked exactly as planned, and Askeladden returned to his mom, who by the way hadn't eaten for three days at that point.
The Shopkeeper The moral of the story is that you should talk to the manager three times then resolve your problems with violence.
The Shopkeeper The end.
[the community praises the story and thanks The Shopkeeper]
The Shopkeeper Any questions?
The Shopkeeper Thanks for behaving, everyone.
The Shopkeeper Well, I guess this is it then.
[the community says goodbye]
The Shopkeeper Off you go now.
The Shopkeeper Please don't cry.
The Shopkeeper In closing, I want to offer my thanks to those who saw more in me than a tormented writer's outlet for cynicism.
The Shopkeeper There was a time when a Shopkeeper was needed, but I guess in the end this, too, has passed.
The Shopkeeper Farewell.
Clockwork Concierge Well, that was certainly something, no?
Clockwork Concierge The Archivist sends his regard.
Clockwork Concierge regards?
Soleil regards is correct
Clockwork Concierge Well. he sends them.
Clockwork Concierge It appears you have much to learn in order to prepare for Project Solstice.
JustDenys1 OH YEAH!
Kammesennin How's that cooking going, Concierge?
Clockwork Concierge The Archivist will return next week.
Babushka Wow
chemosha !!!
Clockwork Concierge Oh, the Tidal Wave of Lore? Let me look at the timer.
Clockwork Concierge 'Thinking' reacts only.
NatyCupcake Clock... Can I at least hug you?... I want a hug.....
Soleil Everyone hug the giant robot
[the community sends messages of hugs and Emote hugging.png]
Clockwork Concierge Oh, a group hug!?!
Clockwork Concierge ❤ ❤ ❤
Clockwork Concierge Emote hugging.png
Clockwork Concierge Now if you'll excuse me I need to head out for maintenance. My wholesomness meter just exploded.
Langosta Oh no
Burgs Get well soon.
Kammesennin We'll be here when you're done, Concierge.
Clockwork Concierge You all have a great week-end ❤
Kammesennin You too, Concierge! Emote manfredH.png

January 27, 2020[]

The Clockwork Concierge announced that The Void could not be opened, and that he feared The Archivist might not be able to return. He said that he would need an ingredient from The Void and the community suggested the "Voidmender" Discord role which the Clockwork Concierge said just might work. He gave them 24 hours to decide whether to give up the roles.

The Clockwork Concierge

Clockwork Concierge Ahem, good day, Messengers.
Clockwork Concierge It appears The Void can sadly not be opened after all.
Clockwork Concierge I fear The Archivist may never return...
Clockwork Concierge It is all my fault, I fear. I thought I could perform simple alchemy, but alas, I lack a potent enough ingredient.
Ramuterasu what ingredient is that?
Clockwork Concierge It would require consuming something related to The Void, but try as I may, I found no such thing.
Kammesennin Anybody have any ideas?
Ramuterasu would the scroll be related for the void?
TheSkyknight Time shards aren't inherently related are they?
Lojical Do we need to sacrifice a Voidmender or the Voidmender role?
GaidenGravity I'll sacrifice my Voidmember status if it'll help you, Concierge
Clockwork Concierge The Voidmender role? I would never ask for such a sacrifice!
Mike I am willing to make this sacrifice if it's needed
Clockwork Concierge It just might work, however...
Soleil Do you need all voidmender roles or just 1?
Clockwork Concierge This has to be a team effort. Voidmenders should discuss amongst themselves.

Please inform Kamme of your collective decision.
Mike I'll be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice
Clockwork Concierge You have 24 hours.

The community talked about giving up their roles, a number of Voidmenders agreeing to do so.

Kammesennin So... it appears that this sacrifice could work.
Kammesennin Are we willing to make it though? Why or why not?
Soleil Man I love green so much I'm so sad
Soleil But I'm in.
GaidenGravity Basically same opinion as Soleil
PhΩmega A Summary for the Voidmenders: the void is currently closed for good, something related from the Void is needed to open it: i.e the sacrifice of the Voidmender Role, you have less than 24 hours.
dosboxfalco sacrifice me, you're cool
Alexoxo pirahnapig is in
Soleil @Kammesennin you down for giving up your role too?
Kammesennin I see no harm in it if it comes down to that
Sol we have a majority now I believe
HD i think it's impossible to get an unanimous response
HD considering the amount of inactives
Kammesennin There are 25 Voidmenders currently
Passion I'm letting my vote be known.
Passion If we have only this option
Passion Give up the role. :U Archivist is more important.
GaidenGravity so we need 16 or more
Soleil If you are in let us know
FrankyDess Sure
FrankyDess Ill contact boud
PhΩmega clocko's back in general FYI

The Clockwork Concierge clarified that the "Voidmender" Discord role was only a vanity role and that a single role would not be enough. When asked if the letters were a suitable replacement, he said that they would work but then they could not be used for their intended purpose.

The Clockwork Concierge returns from the kitchen

Clockwork Concierge Apologies, I was in the kitchen.
Clockwork Concierge Did you want to discuss already?
DreamHazard what if we were to sacrifice a voidmender. a single voidmender's existence on this plane?
Kammesennin We were wondering what you thought of the possibility of using the letters from The Shop or scrolls we received from The Archivist instead.
Clockwork Concierge A single Voidmender would not do , I'm afraid. A team effort demands a team.
Clockwork Concierge As for the scrolls, I would advise against insulting The Archivist.
Clockwork Concierge The Letters would surely do, but could then no longer serve their intended purpose.
Clockwork Concierge A sacrifice you are certainly free to make.
NatyCupcake L
Clockwork Concierge The L is lost forever, that much was supposed to be clear.
Kammesennin I wonder what we can still do with the letters if L is unobtainable Emote ninjaponder.png
Clockwork Concierge The Letters will play their role just fine, but one will be missing.

If The Void does open, that is.
DreamHazard Concierge, do you know of any possible purposes the Voidmender role can serve, aside from sharing the honour of our hard work?
Clockwork Concierge Voidmender is simply a vanity role, DreamHazard.
Clockwork Concierge Thought it appears quite fitting that they should be the ones to open The Void again.
Clockwork Concierge *though
Clockwork Concierge Project Solstice will go on regardless, though the best case scenario very much is for you all be fully onboarded by The Archivist himself.

More Voidmenders agreed to give up their roles.

DreamHazard happy to sac role as it's confirmed cosmetic only.
Sage ohhh, yeah Archivist is the true MVP, sign me up/cross me out
SvEm @Kammesennin strizer said yes
Coltaho I'll sac it
Soleil "[2:56 PM] Gooberbarbarian: Honestly, at least just speaking for me, I'd much rather lose the role if it meant we get to see the archivist again, and I bet at least most of the other voidmenders would agree"
Boud Just passing by. @FrankyDess told me about what was happening. I am willing to sacrifice my voidmender role. Godspeed, messengers!

January 28, 2020[]

The majority of the Voidmenders agreed to sacrifice their roles and inform the Clockwork Concierge.

The Clockwork Concierge asking whether a decision has been made

OHSHIET I can sacrifice my Voidmender role if it's needed Emote phobekin.png
Doom Man I am just lost on the situation cause I've gotten inactive Emote phobekinF.png
Soleil Yesterday, CC explained he needs something related to The Void in order to use alchemy to summon The Archivist.
Soleil The only thing that seems to fit the bill is all Voidmenders agreeing to give up their role.
Doom Man if that's what it takes then I guess we should
Soleil So you're cool with your name getting crossed off the list, Doom Man?
Doom Man sure
Samurai I think its definitely the majority now
Kammesennin It certainly is.
Vascos im fine with it its just vanity after all
Clappj Frankly I'm neutral, if people are for it then that's perfectly fine
Clockwork Concierge Has the community come to a decision, then?
Vitto I'm sure yes, Concierge, at least the ones that did respond to the call
Vitto and no one was against it
Kammesennin The majority of current Voidmenders have decided to relinquish the role to attempt to reach The Archivist.
Clockwork Concierge The matter is settled, then.

The Voidmenders sacrificed their roles and established a portal to The Void that was then stabilized by the community chanting words of power.

The Clockwork Concierge announces the decision

Clockwork Concierge Attention, everyone!
Proudmoore Should we ring up ARG?
Clockwork Concierge It appears our Voidmenders opted to sacrifice their role so that The Void may be opened once more.
Clockwork Concierge Oh please go ahead, Proudmoore.
Vitto @ARG
Clockwork Concierge Fantastic!
Clockwork Concierge As I was saying, our Voidmenders opted to sacrifice their role.
Clockwork Concierge Please appreciate them at your earliest convenience.
[the community thanks the Voidmenders]
Clockwork Concierge I will harvest the role now and place it with the other ingredients.
Clockwork Concierge Opening void, please wait...
Clockwork Concierge Unknown issue, analyzing...
Clockwork Concierge Portal unstable...
Clockwork Concierge Out of Time Shards, portal closure imminent...
Clockwork Concierge WORDS OF POWER!
[community members say "AEPHORUL"]
Clockwork Concierge Portal stabilizing...
Clockwork Concierge ...
Clockwork Concierge Portal...
Clockwork Concierge Portal closing...
KreuzKoenigin DO THE THING
[community members post Emote ninjayeah.png
Clockwork Concierge WORDS OF POWER!
Clockwork Concierge WORDS OF POWER!
[community members say "AEPHORUL"]
[community members say "RESH'AN"]
Clockwork Concierge PORTAL SECURE
[community members cheer and #the-void channel reappears]
Clockwork Concierge The Archivist is... not there...
Clockwork Concierge I see only The Void. What do you see?
JustDenys1 Also only Void, nothing in there
Clockwork Concierge I hear footsteps...

The Archivist appeared and three community members (Babushka, Stéphanie, and Soleil) were given the "Voidwalker" Discord role. He gave the Voidwalkers three questions that they had to answer by the time they left The Void and informed them that they were not allowed to talk in any other text channels though they could read messages in them. The Voidwalkers wandered The Void and posed many theories.

The Archivist Good day, adventurers.
The Archivist It seems the time for Project Solstice is almost upon us.
The Archivist Before Book 2 can be unveiled, however, there is still much you need to learn.
The Archivist I have selected three Voidwalkers, who will help you all understand what is truly at stake.
The Archivist It is a sacrifice they are taking on willfully, for once they enter The Void, they shall be trapped here until class is dismissed.
The Archivist Messenger Babushka, step forward, and join me into The Void.
Babushka Greetings, Archivist
The Archivist Nice to meet you. How fare your travels?
Babushka My travels? Well, not too bad to be honest
Thierry [deleted message]
The Archivist ahem
The Archivist Ah, time travel, what else did not happen, one can only wonder!
Babushka I thought it would be more scary, glad I got here safely though!
The Archivist I thank you for your sacrifice, Babushka, and hope your time in The Void won't prove too taxing.
Babushka I'll do what I can Emote monkyeah.png
The Archivist It appears a second Voidwalker is ready to join us.
Babushka Excellent
The Archivist Step forward, Stéphanie!
Stéphanie Hello!
The Archivist Welcome to The Void, how are you today?
Stéphanie I'm doing great! I'm really happy to be here, though I'm a bit nervous
The Archivist Your sacrifice is truly appreciated.
The Archivist I shall let you get comfortable in The Void for the time being.
The Archivist Before I go however, I should make your objective clear.
The Archivist Being trapped into The Void, you won't able to communicate outside of it.
The Archivist Your fellow Messenger may still read your thoughts however, and you, theirs, through the other channels.
The Archivist Everyone must be fully caught up on what is really going on in the big picture.
The Archivist As such, you will have to find the answers to three important questions.
The Archivist What are World Eaters?
The Archivist Why is there Time Travel and Alternate Timelines?
The Archivist And, most importantly, what is Eclipse Magic?
The Archivist Once these questions are answered with certainty, you shall leave The Void.
The Archivist We will then launch Project Solstice, terraforming this place, and giving everyone the opportunity to rise again as the heroes needed for Book 2.
The Archivist The Void is yours, Voidwalkers, I will return for guidance once you are settled in. Feel free to look around.
Stéphanie Understood!
Stéphanie One thing surprises me tho, we still have the ability to talk in every channel. Dunno if that's intentional or not
The Archivist ahem
Stéphanie I won't do it
The Archivist Technical limitations assume Voidwalkers will (role)play along.
Babushka Well, we will have some learning to do. And we are still waiting for the 3rd Voidwalker to join us. It might be a bit of a waiting game right now, everyone
Stéphanie Okay so about the question about Time Travel
Stéphanie My first thought would be "Well it's easy, Phantom the first and only human to discover time magic made the scroll and that's how it all started"
Babushka But we need an exact answer and more than likely - more materials to study
The Archivist Did you have any specific questions?
Babushka At the beginning you mentioned that we will be trapped in The Void until the class is dismissed
Babushka I'm curious about the class itself
The Archivist Oh, it was just a figure of speech.
The Archivist Class is very much in session.
The Archivist As you roam The Void, you will stumble upon bits of information to piece together.
The Archivist As you gather knowledge, letters will be added to the Tidal Wave of Lore, which in reality is a scroll that explains everything you need to know to be ready for Book 2.
Babushka Got it now. Thanks for the explanation, I can blame my language barrier issues for my misunderstanding
The Archivist It seems we are on the same boat. Cheers, Babushka.
The Archivist As a starting point, you could have had all the letters making up The Fleshmancer's name already visible in the Tidal Wave of Lore. I am quite impressed by the community's near perfect score.
The Archivist I received news from the third Voidwalker, they will be joining us in about three hours.
The Archivist Keep in mind that this is an ongoing journey into The Void. It's ok to have a sporadic presence, and to catch up on things later.
Babushka Apologies in advance, I will be getting some rest by then.
The Archivist I will be doing the same, factoring in your discussions to best inform how I can best guide you towards a more complete understanding.
The Archivist You do you Babushka, we don't judge in The Void.
Babushka We got a help with a starting point, which we greatly appreciate. Once the 3rd Voidwalker joins, we can fully focus on solving some mysteries and finding answers
Babushka Also, I'm trying to figure out the World Eater thing
Babushka We saw a destroyed Moon in corrupted future
Stéphanie Yes it's Aephorul's doing
Babushka Abomination definitely ate everything on its way as well during the chase sequence. Doesn't need to be an answer, but maybe a clue
The Archivist Keep going
Babushka The scroll mentions"another shattered moon, another world eater" could Abomination was a World Eater for corrupted future? I think there might be more
Babushka World eaters were possibly sent by Fleshmancer
Babushka Possibly to help destroying universes or time lines (?)
Stéphanie Another dead end
Babushka I'm going to catch up with all the hints and ideas from Ninja Village
Babushka Hey, you really had a heated discussion there too! I see you've got plenty of details that will definitely help as I don't have much resources with me right now
Stéphanie Lojical said:
"I'd postulate that the Fleshmancer is some kind of entity with a corrupted god complex, learning the power necessary to twist living flesh into his own abominations"
"World Eaters are likely his agents of corruption, they consume worlds and turn it into manipulatable flesh matter for the Fleshmancer"
"We do see the entire Corrupted Future is made of flesh, after all"
Babushka This is great
Babushka Let's discuss what is the goal, or orders of World Eaters
Babushka Like, what's the point of it. What's the point of destroying a moon too
Stéphanie The Moon has some kinda power
Stéphanie Perhaps it's the last thing protecting Earth from big bad guy
Babushka My mind keeps going back to Moon being destroyed
Babushka And Moon being definitely related to Guardian Gods
Babushka Does destroying a moon mean destroying or weakening a Guardian God?
Stéphanie So yeah um I think destroying the moon could basically make moon girl powerless
Babushka The Guardian Gods doesn't seem to have a much power within Ninja's timeline
Stéphanie Yeah it lost its power due to people not worshipping them anymore
Stéphanie Also there has to be a sun in Corrupted future because there is still light
Babushka Moon can reflect the light too
Stéphanie Another dead end
Babushka I think we got plenty of information overall and now we can start using them to find answers for The Archivist's questions
Stéphanie What was the last one ?
Stéphanie Oh yeah Ecclipse Magic
Babushka I think I need to refresh my mind before I can carry on. I'll be off to get my rest and come back prepared!
Stéphanie Yeah I need to sleep too
The Archivist @ARG It appear the third Voidwalker is rendy to join. Perhaps I should apologize for the lack of surprise on this one.
The Archivist Step forward, Soleil.
Soleil Hello, it's a big honor.
The Archivist And a well deserved one.
The Archivist As we were discussing earlier, and so everyone knows.
The Archivist The process we will do here is a long haul, meant to be taken in increments asynchronously whenever people have a bit of time to spare, myself included.
The Archivist This is a space for Voidwalkers to discuss, and a window for all others to look on.
The Archivist While you may see what is said in other channels, you will be confined here with your fellow Voidwalkers until everyone in fully onboarded for Project Solstice.
The Archivist Any questions?
Soleil Makes sense to me!
The Archivist Woah.
The Archivist Light theme user, huh?
[note: referencing the fact that Soleil was using the light theme on Discord]
Soleil Is it that obvious?
The Archivist I am not expecting any vampires, but it is good you came prepared.
Soleil Yes, it'll keep the void safe for now. Emote leaflul.png
The Archivist Good.
The Archivist I will return from time to time so you can share your musings, as enough is understood, letters will be added to the Tidal Wave of Lore, eventually forming the document that fully explains the context of the bigger picture, and more importantly, where we are headed next.
The Archivist To start off, I would suggest the following question to mull over : what is the boldest thing one could perform alchemy on?
Soleil Emote ninjaponder.png
Soleil Human beings?
The Archivist Though The Fleshmancer certainly went there, I meant way bolder.
Soleil Some ninjas are suggesting that testing alchemy on yourself would be way bolder.
Soleil Okay there's a lot of suggestions, demons, alchemy itself, time itself,
The Archivist Good.
Soleil Are we getting warmer?
The Archivist There is no rush.
The Archivist Thinking out loud as you walk The Void will influence the bits of informations that you will stumble upon.
The Archivist By sharing with The Void, you allow the process to run its course, so that all things can be learned within the alloted time.
The Archivist As mentioned before...
The Archivist Stars align at the turn of Spring.
The Archivist All of you must be ready to ascend into the new heroes we need before then.
Soleil I remember that from the 3 scrolls you sent
The Archivist I tend to send scrolls, yes.
Soleil Fleshmancher huh
[note: referencing the fact that the Archivist's third scroll originally had a typo]
The Archivist Ah yes, while I do love my magic ink, it is quite the hassle to fix typos.
The Archivist So.
The Archivist Thank you again for joining The Void, Soleil.
Soleil Thank you for all this, I'll try my best. Emote happykin.png
The Archivist I will return from time to time to read the musings of our Ninjas and Voidwalkers, and to ensure The Void runs its course.
Soleil Okay I finally read everything in this channel, though there's lots of missing context because it seemed like there were discussions occurring in other channels simultaneously.
Soleil I'm pretty sure it's confirmed Sky Giants are totally different from Guardian Gods, Matehiqu
The Archivist reacted with Emote arcanefingerupleft.png
Soleil Here's a handy guide since names are confusing.
Soleil Aephorul = Fleshmancer
Resh'an = Alchemist = Archivist
Soleil I can spitball ideas about bold alchemy things again.
Soleil For an alchemy experiment to take effect, do you just need to chuck a potion into said thing? I genuinely don't know so any clarification on those specifics would be helpful.
Soleil And okay, I will ask The Archivist more about alchemy if I get an opportunity, Vitto.
Soleil StarHawk wants me to make a list of questions. I'll do that, though I don't know how many Archivist will willingly answer.
Soleil - More specifics on alchemy. (Is it just digesting liquids? Does non-living apply?)
- Is the easter egg in Corrupted Future important?

Wow 2, very big list.
Soleil Main Goals
What are World Eaters?
Why is there Time Travel and Alternate Timelines?
And, most importantly, what is Eclipse Magic?

Food for thought
what is the boldest thing one could perform alchemy on?
Soleil There's some spitballing on the boldest thing one could perform alchemy on being related to Time Shards.
Soleil If you could literally perform alchemy on the concept of time, maybe that brought forth the existence of alternate timelines and Time Shards.
Soleil Like time got shattered into many crystals.
Soleil I can read everything, but I can't comment or add emote reacts to any channel besides this one.
Soleil I was given advance notice by The Archivist about how not being able to post in other channels would be a thing. Babushka and Stephanie were also contacted by him. We were all aware about this and were willing to make this sacrifice.
Soleil I think this is okay to say because it's been stated before that The Archivist contacted us ahead of time.
Soleil I don't think The Archivist would do something evil like shoving us into The Void against our free will.
Soleil Archivist talked about it earlier, but literally my goal for right now is to spitball ideas into The Void, and The Void might shoot something back out at us in order to lead us in the right direction or affirm our lines of thinking, I think.

January 29, 2020[]

The Voidwalkers pondered more question before The Archivist returned to answer some questions about alchemy and explained that the Corrupted Future was a glimpse at what must be prevented from happening. He left saying they were ready to learn about Dwellers. The Void showed each Voidwalker a piece of the Archivist's "Seeds of Evil" document which contained information on Dwellers. The third of these pieces was added the next day. The Archivist gave the community an undeciphered version of his "Tidal Wave of Lore" document.

Stéphanie Heyy Soleil!
Soleil "[10:46 PM] Gooberbarbarian: Have we solved any of the questions yet?"
We still have time, we don't have anything substantial to work off yet, I don't think.
Stéphanie Anyway,
Should we focus on a question first ?
Soleil The initial question to mull over was something bolder to perform alchemy on than human beings.
Soleil People have speculated concepts like time and life, but those are intangible.
Soleil Okay I'm gonna be honest, I've been talking nonstop for hours and I'm a broken woman.
Soleil I'm gonna take a backseat for the remainder of tonight.
Babushka I managed to gather some thoughts about Eclipse Magic
Babushka I will post them later
Stéphanie Was the Shrine always underground?
Soleil I feel that it was above ground, there are many clear elegant windows.
Stéphanie Yeah I believe it happened naturally too
Soleil This is kinda off tangent, but i's kinda curious that even if the Sunken Shrine (initially) had nothing to do with water, it created a connection with a Magic Seashell, which is normally associated with the ocean, even though the shrine was probably originally associated with celestial bodies.
Stéphanie My question is how did the water get in the shrine
The Archivist Good day, Voidwalkers.
The Archivist I see you had questions about alchemy, is there anything in particular I can help with?
Stéphanie Um.. first I suppose I could ask what is Alchemy and how does it work ?
Stéphanie I'm not asking full details, I would just like to have a better idea of what it is
The Archivist Transmutation, the act of breaking something down into its core components, so that they might altered and used in part or in whole to create something else.
Babushka I have a wild guess, was alchemy used to create demons and monsters?
The Archivist While Aephorul certainly earned his title by creating monsters, I'm afraid I was involuntarily the one to cause the most suffering while looking for a solution.
The Archivist If I may, where are your thoughts on the Corrupted Future Ninja visited?
Stéphanie Um for now we don't have much information. We believe the Moon has been destroyed by The Fleshmancer and that the Abomination that chases Ninja could potentially be a World Eater, but we're not sure about that last one
The Archivist That is entirely correct Stéphanie.
The Archivist Ninja saw a world where Aephorul has won. With the moon destroyed, Eclipse Magic may not be performed.
Babushka This is... A lot of information actually
The Archivist Indeed.
The Archivist It is also why I needed you to witness Ninja's story, so that you may have some sense of what we must prevent.
The Archivist That, and the single ray of hope we have. Ninja saw both.
Stéphanie Is Breaking the Curse the single ray of hope we have ?
Babushka Guardian Gods got weaker because people stop believing in them. They contacted Ninja, which makes me think they are not gone forever. Could we believe in Guardian Gods to give them power?
The Archivist It seems you are ready to learn about Dwellers. Stay alert, The Void will surely provide.
Stéphanie I'm proud of us
Soleil "[10:43 AM] Lich: @Soleil can you ask Archi about who was the best of alchemists?"
Okay, I'll add that to the list of questions.
Stéphanie Okay guys I have an idea
[Stéphanie posts a link to a Google document to list everyone's questions]
Soleil 3 Big Questions
- What are World Eaters?
- Why is there Time Travel and Alternate Timelines?
- And, most importantly, what is Eclipse Magic?

Food for Thought
- What is the boldest thing one could perform alchemy on?
- Where are your thoughts on the Corrupted Future Ninja visited?

Things Archivist Divulged
- Though The Fleshmancer certainly went there [performing alchemy on human beings], I meant way bolder.
- [Alchemy is] transmutation, the act of breaking something down into its core components, so that they might altered and used in part or in whole to create something else.
- Was alchemy used to create demons and monsters? While Aephorul certainly earned his title by creating monsters, I'm afraid I was involuntarily the one to cause the most suffering while looking for a solution.

[9:52 AM] Stéphanie: Um for now we don't have much information. We believe the Moon has been destroyed by The Fleshmancer and that the Abomination that chases Ninja could potentially be a World Eater, but we're not sure about that last one
[9:53 AM] The Archivist: That is entirely correct Stéphanie.
[9:53 AM] The Archivist: Ninja saw a world where Aephorul has won. With the moon destroyed, Eclipse Magic may not be performed.
Stéphanie Does it work ?
Soleil Yep! And that would actually be a way better way of keeping track of questions.
Soleil If you have any questions you want to add, you can ask Stephanie The Questionner or add it yourself!
Soleil I found something in The Void just now, if you could get your alphabets ready
Soleil Of.png
Soleil @Matehiqu (The Plumber) Lojical made a translator!
Soleil Also this document is of.png and is the middle of the document.
Soleil I think it will eventually turn into "blank of blank."
Babushka Seeds.png
Soleil "What do you think @Soleil ? StarHawk believes that the book you have there is "The Alchemist.""
I think it's the "Tidal Wave of Lore"?
The Archivist This excerpt is from a book entitled "Seeds of Evil".
The Archivist The Void saw fit to send you my writing on Dwellers, as you were asking the right questions.
The Archivist As for the Tidal Wave of Lore, I doubt you will be able to read much of it, given how few Letters you have so far.
The Archivist I am happy to let you take a look at it, however.
Soleil Yes please
The Archivist You are free to look at it all you want. In the end, all will be revealed.
The Archivist Save for the Letter L, it seems.
The Archivist Let me fetch the scroll for you.
Babushka I'm translating the seeds of evil page
Babushka Please, everyone feel free to join in case I make any mistake
The Archivist TWOL.png
Babushka Alright, if you don't mind, I'll post translated Seeds of Evil here too


Babushka Alright, where do I even start with this? This is so much, so exciting
Babushka Also wow, Ninja Village, you're doing a great job there. I'm afraid I will be not active now as much
Babushka So, anyway, let's move to the other bit of the Seeds of Evil pages. HD, I will use what you managed to translate for us, thank you :emeraldYearn:
Babushka We should soon have the whole picture:

"Seeing my faith in th
solstice and acknowl
potential to fight
devised a most wic
evil his notes re
would hide in re
them time to fe
they were ready i
eaters, spelling th
i call them dwellers

As if the challenge
wasn't enough, dwell
killed during a to
eater were to eme
lost. I place gre
of the solstic
i am now co
on ########"
Babushka I'm... Definitely having some troubles understanding what we managed to translate but I'm sure we will get many information from these texts.

And you outside the void, your amazing teamwork is very appreciated Emote monkyeah.png
Soleil "[5:21 PM] Lojical: @Soleil not sure how much you've read, but it's probably worth knowing that our tentative translation says Resh'an boldly performed alchemy on the space-time continuum itself."
Holy smokes
Soleil I'm still trying to catch up on messages, but I'm still in shock from speedreading that first paragraph there of the Tidal Wave of Lore.
Soleil Also everyone's so smart and dedicated at this scroll deciphering thing, like seriously amazing collaborative work.

January 30, 2020[]

The community deciphered the Tidal Wave of Lore in only 5 hours, surprising even The Archivist. It contained information on the backstory of The Alchemists, Aephorul and Resh'an (The Fleshmancer and The Archivist respectively).

Soleil So the community has done something super-duper amazing and has translated the whole scroll of the "Tidal Wave of Lore" using the power of cooperation. (Let me know if I copy-pasted it incorrectly and I'll fix it).








Soleil like I can't overstate how amazing that was, everyone worked so hard and did so great
The Archivist It appears the time for Voidwalkers will be short indeed.
The Archivist Congratulations. While there are still a few details for you to iron out, I am grenuinely impressed at how fast the community could piece all of this together.
Soleil Are you doing okay? Hearing all of that between you and Aephorul, like I don't even know what to say
The Archivist It...
The Archivist It has been a very long time.
The Archivist I have not completely given up on Aephorul, and even sometimes wonder if part of his actions were not simply to give me purpose, so that my own soul would not be lost.
The Archivist But to the matter at hand, I would rather my personal story remained private.
The Archivist What truly matters is that you all understand what is truly at stake, and that you accept to become Solstice Warriors so that I may show you important parts of the past.
Soleil Thank you for sharing what you have so far, it means a lot to us especially since it's so personal for you
The Archivist To be honest, I am as much caught off guard as I am pleasantly surprised.
The Archivist I shall ponder this turn of events. It seems the time to launch Project Solstice may be upon us sooner than anticipated.

Voidwalker Stéphanie returned and the entirety of the Seeds of Evil was put together and translated.

Stéphanie I just woke up
Stéphanie Guess what
Stéphanie Hold on a sec I'll show you
Stéphanie Evil.png
Stéphanie [File name: evil.png]


Soleil Seeds of evil.png
Soleil Thank you for everyone's help on translating SEEDS OF EVIL! Here it is reposted for posterity's sake. Let me know if there are any typos (I kept the one that Archivist made).

Page 1




Page 2

ON ########

Stéphanie Dwellers are Pre-World Eaters, right ?
Stéphanie Does the seed contain the Dwellers ?
Stéphanie Or does feeding the seed to something turn it into a dweller
Soleil Okay let's think time
Soleil The 3 questions we need answered to escape are actually
Soleil On the Tidal Wave of Lore document, which was fully deciphered
Stéphanie I don't wanna escape lol
Soleil same?
Stéphanie I wanna answer the questions sure but this is so cool
Stéphanie Also why is it called the Tidal Wave of Lore?I thought it was just a little pun but The Archivist seems to really push this name for some reason
Soleil I think it's a triple entendre.
Soleil a. Abomination behaves like a tidal wave, which is why it's called "Tsunami_Monster" in the files. We learned they are world eaters too, which was one of the important questions.
b. Like you said, tides are often linked with the moon.
c. Tidal Wave of Lore = a lot of lore, and that was the biggest document we've ever received so far from The Archivist.
Soleil "[10:26 PM] Dagem: Really hoping tidal wave of lore is a flood reference"
This is also likely, especially since it's been heavily emphasized that this is a story before the flood happens.
Babushka Hi friends, I don't want to leave The Void too soon!
Babushka I can't even express how much I appreciate your hard work. But enough of this now Emote monkyeah.png
Babushka We have many things to discuss!
Soleil What should we talk about?
Soleil Also I'm going to sleep.

The Clockwork Concierge informed everyone that The Void would be closing in 20 hours.

Clockwork Concierge Attention everyone!
Clockwork Concierge Due to unexpected levels of engagement and efforts from the community, the energy fueling the portal to The Void is almost depleted already.
Clockwork Concierge The Void will close in 20 hours!
Thero1st Sinclair, what happens if the voidwalkers are in the void while it closes ?
Clockwork Concierge If the Voidwalkers do not exit before then, they will be consumed by the mists of time, and forever lost.
Clockwork Concierge Please, oh please, help them prepare for the three questions so that they may leave.
Lich They are already prepared
Soleil We typed all 3 answers out
PhΩmega well, that was fast
Felix so much for time not mattering lol
Clockwork Concierge Oh, time definitely matters on out side of the portal!
Clockwork Concierge And as some of you know, spending too long in The Void can have its side-effects, so the sooner they exit the better!
TheEgghead27 @Clockwork Concierge what should we try to get from the void so we will be able to reopen the portal in the future
Clockwork Concierge At the moment it appears the portal will never open again.
Clockwork Concierge Though as there has been some connection, some of its echoes may manifest in the future.
Passion Meaning the portal to the void could randomly open and close again.
Clockwork Concierge I did not intend to mince my words, Passion. While some may receive visions in the future, the portal will not open again.
NatyCupcake Clock can we bring archi with us?
Clockwork Concierge That is not up to me.

The Archivist returned and answered a question from Voidwalker Babushka stating that he believed our world to be capable of helping him with his plans.

Babushka We will see how much opportunity we will have to ask The Archivists some questions. I apologise in advance if we won't be able to get many answers, but let's hope we will manage to obtain more knowledge Emote monkyeah.png
The Archivist I am here if you want to ask one right now.
Babushka I think I want to give an opportunity for the community to ask a question. They contributed and helped us a lot
The Archivist Feel free to ask one of theirs.
Babushka As a part of the consultations, personally I really like this question:

"Is The Magic Seed Barma'Thazël planted at the end of Picnic Panic one of the Seeds of Evil?"

What do you guys think?
Babushka Looks like you guys like this one too
The Archivist Is this the question, then?
Babushka Let's give them few more moments
Babushka I made the decision about the question
Babushka How and when did you enter the Void for the first time? Can you leave, or can we help you leave The Void too?
The Archivist So, three questions?
Babushka Oh wow, sort of actually
The Archivist Fair enough.
Babushka Shall we reduce it to one, or are you fine answering it as it is?
Babushka I don't want other Voidwalkers to miss their opportunity
The Archivist This one is on the house, you will still get your question when the time comes.
The Archivist In fact I am quite happy to have a conversation for once.
Babushka Hey, glad to hear you enjoy our company Emote emeraldYearn.png
The Archivist ...
The Archivist Even though I fear in the end it will only serve as a reminder to the pain of loneliness, I do enjoy your company.
The Archivist Now, to your question(s).
The Archivist The Void materialized around me when I was foolish enough to shatter reality.
The Archivist It also transformed my flask into the Vial of Time, giving me unlimited potential as a potions master.
The Archivist I am free to enter and exit The Void as I please, something I do quite often in my role as Archivist.
The Archivist In my travels, I found your world to show enough potential for worthy adventurers, and opted to share with you the story of The Spirit Who Carried The Night, to see who would gather around it and be curious as to its deeper implications.
The Archivist I have returned because I have deemed your world potentially capable of helping me in the end. In due time, your training will continue with the reveal of a second book.
The Archivist I believe I have shared enough for now.
Babushka Thank you so much, we appreciate it a lot

The Archivist responded to a comment by StarHawk and began his quiz. If a Voidwalker answered their question correctly they were allowed to ask one question of their own. Soleil answered their question correctly and asked about when The Archivist was lost travelling parallel universes learning that he was running from Dwellers and World Eaters.

StarHawk Alright guys the archivist is the best character and you can’t change my mind
StarHawk Also just look at this lol
Members list with the archivist.jpg
[note: this image shows that The Archivist was displayed in the middle of the other community members and was not put near the top of the list like The Clockwork Concierge and others]
The Archivist I prefer humility, @StarHawk
Stéphanie What questions could I ask The Archivist next time I see him ?

Emote powerseal.png Lich
Who was the best of the alchemists?

Emote blue book.png JustDenys1 and StrawB :
When and why did Archivist start learning alchemy?

Emote importantmessage.png Solteris :
Any relation between time magic and eclipse magic?

Emote shopkeeper.png JustDenys1 :
Is Shopkeeper one of the alchemists?

Emote sunny.png Ashes :
Why is Solstice are Lunar and Solar magic the only answer to the Fleshmancer’s alchemy? To clarify, is alchemy resistant to itself?

Emote bushbarm.png Malik and Hayden :
Is The Magic Seed Barma'Thazël planted at the end of Picnic Panic one of the Seeds of Evil? If not, what is the purpose of this seed?

Emote new moon with face.png Thero1st :
What is your relationship with Solen and Luana? You lived before the flood, when they still were praised.

Emote ccwut.png imscreming and BillCipher44 :
What is the story of the kids mentioned by the Clockwork Concierge?

Emote datbumbum.png StrawB :
How did the Primal Fear come to be and what are its true capabilities?

Emote quarbleO.png Ramu :
In what ways can Aephorul interact with the void? Does he have knowledge of it?

(Sorry if I didn't include your question, I really only picked those I could personnally want to ask.
Also I'd like to thank everyone who participated to the doc, and those who added other people's questions)
  • Emote powerseal.png: 2
  • Emote blue book.png: 1
  • Emote importantmessage.png: 3
  • Emote shopkeeper.png: 2
  • Emote sunny.png: 3
  • Emote bushbarm.png: 4
  • Emote new moon with face.png: 2
  • Emote ccwut.png: 3
  • Emote datbumbum.png: 7
  • Emote quarbleO.png: 10
The Archivist @ARG It appears Voidwalker Soleil is ready to leave.
The Archivist I shall then ask you one of the three important questions.
The Archivist Given a satisfactory answer, I will provide a bit more details to ensure everything is properly understood.
Soleil Suddenly I'm nervous like it's a test at school.
The Archivist You will then be allowed to ask the question of your choice.
Soleil Great
The Archivist So tell me, Soleil, what is Eclipse Magic? More importantly, to whom is such power bestowed upon, and what is it protecting us from?
The Archivist (You can blame Babushka for the three in one)
Soleil Eclipse magic is a combination of lunar and solar magic. It's bestowed upon children born on the solstice, who are trained to become Solstice Warriors, tasked with hunting Aephorul's creations. For example, Dwellers can only be killed during a total eclipse. We know at the minimum the moon is needed to be able to perform eclipse magic, which is why Aephorul destroyed the moon, like the one seen in the Corrupted Future.
The Archivist A perfect answer. And it must be noted that not even a fully trained Solstice Warrior should engage The Fleshmancer directly.
The Archivist Those who choose to come along for the next adventure will be touched with the potential of a true Child of the Solstice, a mark anyone with the Ninja role will receive when the next phase is launched.
The Archivist In time, Headmaster Moraine will join you to oversee training.
The Archivist As up and coming Solstice Warriors, you will be expected to reflect on their order's six core values, and to select the one which represents your vision of a true protector.
The Archivist Now for the question of your choice. Ask away.
Soleil Wow, that's a lot.
Soleil Some time ago, you placed a hidden message in The Messenger's dialogue files. In it you mentioned you were lost wandering parallel universes and couldn't return back to The Void, being chased by "them." Could you explain how you got locked out? If a follow-up question is okay, could you explain who "them" are? (if follow-up questions are bad, then please ignore)
The Archivist It may be early still for me to fully convey the power of intention, and of force of will.
The Archivist Suffice it to say that there needed to be a strong enough will to open a tear so that I may enter The Void.
The Archivist As far as getting locked out goes, it... was not my brightest moment.
The Archivist I simply forgot the Vial of Time, my alchemy flask, in the archives.
The Archivist As far as "them" goes...
The Archivist I sometimes have to venture into worlds which have been destroyed long ago, often in search of alchemical components which only ripen under very specific circumstances.
The Archivist I often come across Dwellers and World Eaters, which pose little threat as long as I teleport out when danger overwhelms me.
Soleil You couldn't teleport that time?
Soleil wait that was a third question my bad
The Archivist Again, not my proudest moment, I simply did not have the Vial of Time, and thus needed someone to open The Void for me.
The Archivist Which, you have my thanks, by the way.
Soleil That was so long ago, we've come a long way.
The Archivist In this specific case, "them" were apparitions made by the Dweller of Nightmare, a creation which has long since turned into a World Eater, in yet another timeline forever lost.
Soleil Wow, thank you for answering my question(s) so thoughtfully and thoroughly
The Archivist The pleasure is mine, I thank you for the company.
Soleil I'll really miss you
The Archivist Emote manfredH.png
Soleil papate
The Archivist Looking ahead, do take some time to mull over whether you want to be of the Winter or Summer Solstice, choosing to bear the mark of the Moon or the Sun respectively. Your comrades should do the same.
The Archivist Farewell, Soleil.

The community welcomed Soleil back in the #ninja-village channel and talked about whether they might choose Sun or Moon.

Resident Ace Moonsquad
Malik #EdgyMoonSquad
Hayden moon gang
Soleil Hey guys I'm back
Kammesennin Welcome back, Soleil! Great work out there! Emote ninjayeah.png
StarHawk Lol no ones gonna be sun
Soleil Thanks for all the welcome backs, Franky, starry, Vitto, StarHawk, Malik, Resident Ace, TK, Passion, Kamme, and anyone else I missed because I'm blind

January 31, 2020[]

Voidwalker Babushka answered their question correctly and asked about the Guardian Gods, learning that "just as a timeline is forever lost once a Dweller turns into a World Eater, it is forever saved if two Solstice Warriors ascend into Solen and Luana."

Babushka See you, Soleil. We will join you soon
Stéphanie Goodbai Soleill
Babushka Hi Steph. Are you ready? I am, I'm just waiting for The Archivist
Stéphanie I just need to ask one final question to our fellow Ninjas
Stéphanie So I've been thinking of questions to ask the Archivist on top of the question you guys voted for (Does Aephorul know about the void ? In what ways can he interact with it ?)

Feel free to propose more interesting questions or to improve some of mine

Emote shopkeeper.png Could you tell us more about the Shopkeeper's identity ?

Emote importantmessage.png Did Phantom have some predisposition to discover Time Magic? And is he the first person, -after you- to use it ?

Emote keyofadventure.png In what ways did The Sky Giants used to protect humanity ? Is it the fact that the Guardian Gods weakened that caused them to not be able to handle Demons that last time ?

Emote phobekinS.png Could you tell us more about the event that caused the Order of Blue Robes to wear the Blue Robes they are famous for ?

Emote datbumbum.png Where is the part of Corrupted Future Ninja sees ? In the future it looks like it's on Earth (With a Moon, a World Eater and humans eternally suffering in the background), but in the past, it looks empty, the only platforms and lanterns we see look like they are from the Tower of Time and the background -if I'm not mistaken- is the same as The Shop's or The ToT, places located in The Void.

Emote nobushbarm.png Could it be that Barma'Thazël is a Fallen Messenger ?

  • Emote shopkeeper.png: 12
  • Emote importantmessage.png: 1
  • Emote keyofadventure.png: 5
  • Emote phobekinS.png: 2
  • Emote datbumbum.png: 2
  • Emote nobushbarm.png: 3
Stéphanie The question that gets most votes won't necessarily be the one I pick but your input will definitely help me choose
Stéphanie I think that's fair, a question you voted for, a question I personally prefer
Stéphanie I'm gonna listen to you guys and ask him about The Shopkeeper
The Archivist @ARG It seems our two other Voidwalkers are ready to exit.
The Archivist Let us go with Babushka first, so that the order of entry will be perfectly reversed.
The Archivist So, Babushka, are you ready to take a question?
Babushka Yes!
Babushka I have the answers for 2 remaining questions prepared.
The Archivist So tell me, Babushka : Why is there Time Travel and Alternate Timelines? What is the end goal of causing such a situation, and why is it unfortunately causing so much more suffering in the meantime?
Babushka In an attempt to get ahead of the game and prevent Aephorul’s evil plans, Resh’an boldly performed transmutation alchemy on the very space-time continuum, breaking reality down into countless timelines and parallel universes.
The Archivist May I hear your thoughts as to what my end goal is in doing that?
Babushka Apologies if that answer is not going to be clear enough, but I think is to be able to catch Aephorul in one of the timelines and parallel universes, to stop him for good
Babushka My understanding is, it gives you more chances instead having just one.
The Archivist A satisfactory answer. Allow me to clarify.
The Archivist As it became clear that playing hide and seek with Dwellers and Solstice Warriors would eventually inevitably lead to the rise of a World Eater, I was faced with two options.
The Archivist The first, to face Aephorul, not indirectly as we had been doing for thousands of years, but in a direct and decisive conflict. A fight I was uncertain I could win, doubled by my unwilligness to give up on him.
The Archivist The second option was to borrow time. I thought, by becoming an Archivist, I could gather enough knowledge through alternate versions of events to look for a resolution.
The Archivist Aephorul rejoiced at this newfound and seemlingly endless playground...
The Archivist It is a vast multiverse indeed, hence my need for aid. I believe that all of us, together, have some chance of tipping the scales in the end.
The Archivist Do you understand?
Babushka I do understand
Babushka Thank you for claryfing!
The Archivist Naturally.
The Archivist Now, before you go, did you have a(single ,one ,1) question for me?
Babushka Could you describe your relationship with Guardian Gods?
The Archivist Gods do not exist, the term is used to expand a mortal's mind, so they may accept and reconcile actions or events which would otherwise blow their minds.
The Archivist I believe you are asking about Solen and Luana?
Stéphanie (I am sorry but I will have to get offline for about 40 minutes)
Babushka That's correct
The Archivist They are an idea, the names given to Solstice Warriors of unlimited potential who develop the ability to turn into pure light.
Babushka Solen and Luana, it is
The Archivist In this way, just as a timeline is forever lost once a Dweller turns into a World Eater, it is forever saved if two Solstice Warriors ascend into Solen and Luana.
The Archivist Do you understand?
Babushka Wow! I understand it now. Again,this is so much information
Babushka Thank you so much!!
The Archivist It has been a pleasure, thank you for your company.
The Archivist Just like Soleil did before leaving, I invite you to take one last look at the Archives. Once all three Voidwalkers have left, the Echoes of The Void will send you a final vision.
Babushka Thank you. I appreciate it lots Emote manfredH.png
The Archivist So Godspeed on your travels, Babushka, and I hope you and all other community members will join the fight when the time for Book 2 comes.

The community welcomed back Babushka in the #ninja-village channel.

Babushka Thank you for everything, Archivist. I will miss you lots, be safe!!!
Stache hi!!
Ashes Babushka!!
Resident Ace Ayy Babushka's back!
Soleil Welcome back, Babushka Emote manfredH.png

Voidwalker Stéphanie answered their question correctly and asked to know more about The Shopkeeper's identity, learning that "Her ancestor built the Clockwork Castle", which provided concrete confirmation on The Shopkeeper's gender. The Archivist said he would give Voidwalker Stéphanie a copy of the entire Tidal Wave of Lore and announced that Headmaster Moraine would be taking over the ARG. He then left, potentially forever.

Stéphanie Okay, I am back sooner than I expected!
The Archivist Welcome back, Stéphanie.
The Archivist Are you ready to exit The Void, then?
Stéphanie I think I am ready
The Archivist I shall ask you the last question, then.
The Archivist Tell me, Stéphanie, what are World Eaters? What does it mean for a timline when one emerges, what do they begin as, and how can they be stopped before it is too late?
Stéphanie World Eaters are giant monsters that begin as Dwellers, Aephorul planted "Seeds of Evil" in remote places, Dwellers feed on local life until they evolve into World Eaters.

Once a fully grown World Eater emerges, all hope of salvation is lost, and the timeline ends up looking like The Corrupted Future Ninja encounters.

A Dweller can only be killed during a total Ecclipse with Lunar and Solar magic.

One such World Eater is the “abomination beyond words” that Ninja encounters in the Corrupted Future.
The Archivist Out of ten, that is a ten.
Stéphanie Oh wow!
The Archivist It should be noted that in the case of the "Corrupted Future", Aephorul first destroyed the moon, rendering Solstice Warriors incapable of attacking Dwellers.
The Archivist That answer was so complete, I have nothing more to add.
The Archivist Congratulations, Stéphanie.
The Archivist Now, did you have a question for me?
Stéphanie Thank you, and thank to Soleil for helping out with the Answers
Stéphanie I changed my mind and came up with a question I think is more relevant
Stéphanie So, let's say we finally manage to stop The Fleshmancer. Is there anything we can do about the timelines already lost to World Eaters ?
Stéphanie Can we somehow rewind or cure these Corrupted Futures ?
The Archivist ...
The Archivist I must admit I am still working on these ramifications, and am uncertain at this time.
The Archivist Allow me to entertain the thought for the moment, then I will allow a second question.
The Archivist In alchemy, the subject is broken down into its core components, so that they may be altered or mixed in woth other, then recomposed into something else.
The Archivist I intend to perform such an act on reality itself.
The Archivist The fractured timelines are the core components. My hope is that once I have gathered the proper parts of what could have been, everything can be made whole again, in single, peaceful timeline.
The Archivist I remain commited to this plan, but the implications, consequences, and feasibility remain a challenge I take on everyday.
The Archivist That is all I have for now, but I have much faith in brave souls such as yourselves to help me the end.
Stéphanie We'll do our best Emote ninjayeah.png
The Archivist I have no doubt.
The Archivist Did you want to ask something else before The Void closes?
Stéphanie Alright, it seems like the community really wants me to ask this so here goes
Stéphanie Could you tell us about The Shopkeeper's identity ? I know we aren't going to have a lot of details on this, but I'm curious to know what information we can get
The Archivist The Shopkeeper?
Stéphanie Doesn't matter if we get close to nothing, I'm already satisfied with the previous answers you provided us with
The Archivist I respect anyone's wish to remain anonymous.
The Archivist While this may raise more questions than provide a real answer, I will say this.
The Archivist Her ancestor built the Clockwork Castle.
Stéphanie (I knew it)
Stéphanie Thank you, that is already much more than I expected
The Archivist And one last thing, Stéphanie. As you put so much effort in translating the Tidal Wave of Lore, I will give the fully deciphered version to you directly.
The Archivist Please share it with your friends for me.
Stéphanie Oh wow! Thank you! Emote manfredH.png
The Archivist Thank you for your time, it has been quite special.
The Archivist Well, it is time for me to leave as well.
The Archivist As the portal closes, its ripple effect will send a final vision to those who walked The Void. It should provide much to ponder on.
The Archivist @Clockwork Concierge when you are ready, please open a portal for Headmaster Moraine.
The Archivist And as things are bound to become busier soon here, I trust you with the hiring a new member to join Saboteam.
The Archivist We may never meet again.
The Archivist Farewell, and Godspeed, adventurers.

The community welcomed back Stéphanie in the #ninja-village channel and said farewell to The Archivist and the #the-void channel.

Stéphanie Aaaah feels good to be backEmote two hearts.png
Adam Welcome bcak!!!
Y.C Yay
Resident Ace Woooooo safe return three times over!!!
Stéphanie I am going to read this by myself without writing the translation because it takes time and will then send you the image
Stéphanie And tell you first if anything is different
Chemosha Moraine!
Resident Ace Moraine for all of us soon friends
Resident Ace Love you, Archivist
JustDenys1 Bye, Archivist
Thero1st Farewell
StrawB godspeed archivist
BillCipher44 Bye, Mystery Man
Thero1st The void is gone
Resident Ace It's gone
Chemosha rip void

Each Voidwalker received a piece of the "Echoes of The Void" which together formed a bookshelf. Books on the left were about Book 1 (The Messenger) and books on the right were about Book 2 (Sea of Stars).

Soleil Oh I almost forgot
Soleil I just got a vision from The Void
Soleil It has some alphabet letters, if you want to bring a decipher thing out.
JustDenys1 Another thing to translate?
Soleil yes
Soleil It's a bit blurry though
Soleil Echoes.png
Thero1st "a bit"
JustDenys Oh god, how many are there books
BillCipher44 Lizardess?
Resident Ace Did you all get the same?
HD @Resident Ace (The Puppet) each voidwalker received a third of that image
Stéphanie Of the.png
Stéphanie From left to right, this reads :- (something I can't read)
- 1

- 2
Soleil With these 2 images, echoes.png and of_the.png
StrawB echoes of the (blank) huh?
Babushka Void-1.png
JustDenys1 Combine some one, please
BillCipher44 Echoes of the void low res.png
BillCipher44 Oh wait I'll try to do a better one
JustDenys1 So, I'm gonna do middle thing, if some one translates it, bottom one
HD i'm doing the bottom
KreuzKoenigin I think I'm captain obviusnow but, this are names of characters of upcoming game?
Babushka Might be
Stéphanie I'm seriously gonna go now
Stéphanie I'll be back when I read the whole TWOL
BillCipher44 Here's a high res one
Echoes of the void-1.png
Stéphanie It's not hunting, it was culling
Soleil Could you post the big document?
Stéphanie TWoL no duplicated paragraph.png
HD no duplicated pharagraph
Babushka HEY WHAT
Soleil YO
Babushka this is the biggest amount of lore we got ever i think
Stéphanie The new paragraph talks about when The Fleshmancer created Dwellers
HD but aephorul's knowledge was only gaining ground, and he eventually started creating oddities of unlimited potential known as dwelllers.

dwellers were impervious to all but eclipse magic, a special kind of power available only to solstice warriors during a total eclipse. time was always of the essence, as dwellers could, left to their devices long enough, turn into world eaters, spelling doom for all.

Thierry dropped by #ninja-village to thank the community and was met with immense thanks and tons of Emote manfredH.png.

Thierry I'm often torn between preserving the magic and letting you all know how special it feels that so many of you are getting involved in this fantasy world
Thierry Thank you Emote manfredH.png
Thierry But let's preserve the magic now -goes away
Adam The level the community is involved is great :D
Babushka Emote manfredH.png Emote manfredH.png Emote manfredH.png Emote manfredH.png Emote manfredH.png Emote manfredH.png Emote manfredH.png
Stéphanie Emote manfredH.png
Chemosha I'm crying
JustDenys1 Emote manfredH.png Emote manfredH.png Emote manfredH.png Emote manfredH.png Emote manfredH.png
Dagem Thank you, to you and the rest of Saboteam for all the hard work you put in. @Thierry I was actually thinking about this the other day. Knowing a little bit behind the curtain sort of loses part of the magic for me, but it also gives me something else to appreciate and it's exactly how much effort you all put into everything you do for us.
Babushka Wow I love you guys
Chemosha I love you aaalllll
Chemosha you're my second family
Stéphanie We love you Moshy Emote manfredH.png
Adam Emote manfredH.png
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) Emote heart.png
Soleil I'm always bad with words, but Sabotage Studio is amazing and the passion placed into everything here is so vivid, it's really something beautiful and amazing. The ARG event was crazy juggling so many things, and all of the joy from it is still pumping through me
Soleil Emote manfredH.pngEmote manfredH.pngEmote manfredH.pngEmote manfredH.pngEmote manfredH.pngEmote manfredH.pngEmote manfredH.pngEmote manfredH.pngEmote manfredH.pngEmote manfredH.pngEmote manfredH.pngEmote manfredH.pngEmote manfredH.pngEmote manfredH.pngEmote manfredH.pngEmote manfredH.pngEmote manfredH.pngEmote manfredH.pngEmote manfredH.pngEmote manfredH.pngEmote manfredH.pngEmote manfredH.pngEmote manfredH.pngEmote manfredH.pngEmote manfredH.png
BillCipher44 Thank y'all Emote manfredH.png
Babushka You can tell that the entire Sabo team puts so much heart and passion into it. I don't remember when a game (now with arg) made me so happy and invested. Thank you for so many happy moments Emote manfredH.png
Proudmoore In case we need anymore proof of how great the entire community is~
Glad to be a part of this family, thanks to you all and the entire Sabo team too!

Stéphanie posted the entirety of the Echoes of The Void with its translation and then BillCipher44 brightened up the leftmost book revealing that it said "QUILLSHROOM".

Stéphanie Tank @BillCipher44 for this high resolution image.

(From left to right)

Top shelf :
- [2 - 4 unknown books]

- [...]OLAND
- [...]DOCARRI
- [...]GARL

Middle shelf :
- 1

- 2

Bottom shelf :
- [4 unknown books]

Echoes of the void-1.png
BillCipher44 Here's a brightened up image of the most-left book of the middle row
Quillshroom book.png
Stéphanie I was about to do that thank you!
Stéphanie That says QUILLSHROOM!
Soleil Teasing Monk kinda?
Stéphanie Doesn't look like there is much space for anything so I'm pretty confident it just says QUILLSHROOM
Soleil She would definitely be mentioned at least once in that book, so that tease, man.
Soleil This is a really big thing that is also obvious
Soleil Book 1 stuff (The Messenger):
- 1

Book 2 stuff:
- 2

The Clockwork Concierge came by and everybody had a group hug.

Clockwork Concierge My, I believe it is time for a GROUP HUG!!
[the community sends messages of hugs and Emote hugging.png]
Clockwork Concierge Emote hugging.png

February 3, 2020[]

The "ARG" Discord role was made available to all community members instead of just those with the "Ninja" Discord role, allowing anybody to choose to be notified when "@ARG" is used.

February 7, 2020[]

The Clockwork Concierge announced that Project Solstice would be ready next week and that Kammesennin would now be part of the SaboTeam as the Community Manager.

The Clockwork Concierge announcing when Project Solstice would launch

Clockwork Concierge Good day, everyone!
Clockwork Concierge Apologies for my absence as of late, the preparations for Project Solstice are keeping me quite busy!
Clockwork Concierge But I should mention we expect everything to be ready next week!
[the community reacts with shock and Emote quarbleO.png]
Clockwork Concierge I fear that is all I have for today.
Clockwork Concierge I am quite looking forward to the next announcement, however, as SaboTeam will indeed have a new member join its ranks soon!
Clockwork Concierge It should be noted that Project Solstice is reserved to this community. While it may certainly lead up to a mind-blowing announcement, such a thing would be at a later date.
Thierry hey just for expectations management, Project Solstice is the next chapter in the ARG, nothing more (for now?)
Clockwork Concierge My, it IS Friday, isn't it?
Clockwork Concierge Should we announce the new hire, then?
Thierry Actually, I will stop Clocko and do this myself.
Thierry We've got a big thing coming, and we expect its announcement to require additional support on the online/community/support front.
Thierry For his unwavering dedication, help and secrecy, we asked @Kammesennin whether he would be willing to lend a hand for the next few months, and he accepted.

Please join me in welcoming and congratulating him on joining Sabotage!
[the community congratulates Kamme]
Kammesennin @Thierry I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to be involved in any capacity whatsoever, and I'm here for everything that happens no matter what! Thank you for literally everything dude! Emote manfredH.png
Kammesennin Thank you everybody! This is really big for me, and I am not the best with words in moments like this. When the butterflies settle maybe I will do better Emote leaflul.png
But seriously this has been a wild ride from day 1 and I'm here for it no matter where it ends up. You all showing your support like this is just incredibly meaningful. It's a good thing I knew my keyboard layout so well, because I can't see a thing through these happy tears
Clockwork Concierge GROUP HUUUUUUG
Clockwork Concierge Emote hugging.png
[the community sends messages of hugs and Emote hugging.png

February 11, 2020[]

The Clockwork Concierge wished Moshy a happy birthday

The Clockwork Concierge wishing Moshy a happy birthday

Clockwork Concierge Happy birthday Moshy

February 13, 2020[]

The Clockwork Concierge announced that Project Solstice would launch the next day.

The Clockwork Concierge announcing the Project Solstice launch time

Clockwork Concierge My, it seems Project Solstice will launch tomorrow!
TheEgghead27 whos pinigng arg
Clockwork Concierge There is so much to do still, I hope you all are ready for some big changes.
TheEgghead27 should i do it
TheEgghead27 im gonna pull thetrigger
TheEgghead27 @ARG we got info on solstice project
Thierry yo @ARG, just to let you know we'll ping @ARG tomorrow
Adam @ARG guys important arg info here
SvEm that's 3 pings
Lojical hmm yes the ARG ping here is made of ARG ping
Thierry sorry I was just poking fun at the ping
Thierry believe it or not, we did not plan on dropping this on Valentine's day
Malik then why are you dropping it on valentine's day
Thierry because it's ready, and we like to do cool stuff on Fridays
Storme the Cat ...What's that? I should ping ARG you say?
Clockwork Concierge Project Solstice will launch tomorrow, sometime EST.
Sol wow that's quite the specific timeframe clocko
Passion I'll mark my calendar for sometime EST 2/14/2020.
Mike Oh ARG stuff tomorrow?
Storme the Cat Yeah you should ping ARG so everyone else knows too
Sol we do not need 4 ARG pings in ONE DAY
Kammesennin @ARG
[note: this did not actually ping ARG]
Kyleberry @AyyyRG
Boo @@RG why pung so much, halp
Clockwork Concierge At arg.
Passion Even Cl0cky is in on this pinging action.
Clockwork Concierge I should insist you come with an open mind tomorrow, as the time has come to let go of a few things some might have grown attached to.
Clockwork Concierge You might find it hard to accept at first, but I assure you the silver lining will be quite thick.

The Clockwork Concierge replied to a theory StarHawk proposed.

The Clockwork Concierge calling a theory "wild".

StarHawk My theory is this:
StarHawk Ninja role gets the boot
StarHawk And along with that
StarHawk The channel also goes
StarHawk My other theory is this:
StarHawk Summer solstice will be orange
StarHawk Winter solstice will be blue
Clockwork Concierge Now that is a wild theory StarHawk.

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