The Messenger Wiki

November 20, 2018[]

The Steam version of the Version 1.0.4 update released on November 20, 2018. On that day, The Shopkeeper chatted in Soleil's Twitch stream of The Messenger. The Shopkeeper revealed the existence of an unknown character named "The Archivist."

The Twitch conversation between The Shopkeeper and Kammesennin.

Kammesennin Also... let's not forget the possibility of alternate universes wherein something MAY happen, and if it does in an alternate universe he still didn't lie. Emote Twitch Wink.png
Kammesennin Marty! You're not thinking fourth dimensionally! Or is it fifth? 🤔
LeShopkeeper Alternate universes?
LeShopkeeper How would you know?
Kammesennin By asking the guy who waits at the end of time of course
LeShopkeeper You didn't touch the orb, did you?
Kammesennin Oooh was I not supposed to do that?
LeShopkeeper When YOU were the shopkeeper yes, but you wouldn't
LeShopkeeper So now that you shouldn't, you do?
LeShopkeeper Unreal...
Kammesennin Well I figured that since I was meant to be the shopkeeper it would be fine now.
LeShopkeeper Hey I get it
LeShopkeeper Besides, since The Archivist was lost in a rift, it's best we all pitch in on trying to figuring things out
Kammesennin Archivist? Sounds pretty important. Didn't anyone try to find them?
LeShopkeeper Oh, you didn't know?
LeShopkeeper Well I...
LeShopkeeper I probably shouldn't have mentioned that
Kammesennin No... I feel like you may have forgotten to mention that.
LeShopkeeper Nevermind.
Kammesennin ...

November 21, 2018[]

In the PC version of The Messenger, the dialogue files are easily accessed from a folder called "StreamingAssets."

  • Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Messenger\TheMessenger_Data\StreamingAssets
  • GOG:C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\The Messenger\TheMessenger_Data\StreamingAssets

Before the Version 1.0.4 update, there were only 3 dialogue files.

  • Credits.tsv, which contains the credits.
  • Loc.tsv, which contains cutscene text, Quarble death text, menu text, and some credits-related text.
  • LocDialog.tsv, which contains the character dialogue and generic narration box text.

The 2 newly-added dialogue files with the Version 1.0.4 update.

The Version 1.0.4 update introduced 2 new dialogue files.

  • Loc_Plus.tsv, which contains various menu texts involving some of the newly-introduced features (button rebinding, New Game +, Prophet hints in the map, and the Jukebox).
  • LocDialog_Plus.tsv, which contains new generic narration box text, Shopkeeper text, and Quarble text.

However, the "LocDialog_Plus.tsv" file has a secret message, hidden hundreds of empty lines below the normal game dialogue. This message does not ever appear within the game itself and is only found within the game files. The Archivist's Dialogue.png

??? ARCHIVIST_HELP_BEGIN ARCHIVIST_HELP_BEGIN THE_ARCHIVIST ...all these parallel universes...I...went too far...
??? ARCHIVIST_HELP ARCHIVIST_HELP THE_ARCHIVIST ...I am lost in time, lost in space...
??? ARCHIVIST_HELP ARCHIVIST_HELP THE_ARCHIVIST ...I see a portal, I think it leads to the void...
??? ARCHIVIST_HELP ARCHIVIST_HELP THE_ARCHIVIST ...if someone can hear me, I need help...
??? ARCHIVIST_HELP ARCHIVIST_HELP THE_ARCHIVIST ...the portal to the void must be opened from your side...
??? ARCHIVIST_HELP ARCHIVIST_HELP THE_ARCHIVIST ...use the voodoo magic word, it was etched in stone somewhere in the tropics...

When The Archivist's secret dialogue in the dialogue files was discovered by Soleil, a new text channel in the official The Messenger Discord appeared, called #the-void. This text channel acted mysteriously, popping in and out of existence and sometimes floating up and down the list of channels. Pictures could not be uploaded to this channel, unlike with the other text channels.

#the-void text channel and the "Loremaster" role.

When members posted a few comments into #the-void, #the-void would disable the ability to post further comments. It would disappear and return at random times, with any previous messages completely erased. This repeated several times until eventually, no one could comment in #the-void, except for Soleil, who was silently granted a Discord role called "Loremaster." This role was required to be allowed to comment in #the-void.

November 22 - December 7, 2018[]

#the-void text channel continued to act mysteriously. It would frequently pop in and out of existence, occasionally floating up and down the list of channels, and if commented in even once, would force-disable any further comments until its next reappearance. Whenever it reappeared, any previous messages posted within it were completely erased.

December 8, 2018[]

The stone slab from the Picnic Panic DLC trailer, with the word "TUWHERA" etched into it.

The first Picnic Panic DLC trailer was released on December 8, 2018. The trailer showcases Ninja's adventures in the tropics. And at the 0:22 mark of the trailer, a splash text image titled "VOODOO MAGIC" appears in large stylized letters, corresponding to The Archivist's message, "...use the voodoo magic word, it was etched in stone somewhere in the tropics..." After the words "VOODOO MAGIC" appear in the trailer, Ninja jumps through a circular time rift, transforming the world from 8-bit to 16-bit. He runs forward, passing by a stone slab in the background. This stone slab has runes etched into it, using the in-game alphabet. When translated, the stone slab reads "TUWHERA."

The Archivist's Discord avatar.

When #the-void reappeared, the word "TUWHERA" was posted into it. A new member named "TheArchivist" joined the Discord, a person with the "Loremaster" role.

TheArchivist gasp
TheArchivist ......
TheArchivist Thank you, Messenger Soleil.....
TheArchivist To finally return to the void.....
TheArchivist I need to rest for now, but I will be back to offer answers...

A few minutes later, #the-void disappeared, and The Archivist left the server.

From then onward, The Archivist used #the-void channel as a means to communicate with the community. No one could post in #the-void channel except for The Archivist, but members could add Discord emoticons as reactions to his comments. Furthermore, after The Archivist finished posting messages in #the-void for the day, he would completely leave the server. Each time, he would join solely to post his messages, then leave the server. The #join-log text channel, which recorded anyone new who joined the server, would also display whenever The Archivist re-joined.

December 11, 2018[]

#the-void reappeared but did not erase the conversation from December 8, 2018. #the-void remained stabilized, no longer disappearing or moving up and down the channel list. The "Loremaster" role was removed from Soleil, as the role was transferred back to The Archivist.

TheArchivist The void has stabilized, thank you for assuming the temporary role of Loremaster.
TheArchivist I will need your instinct as we dig through the archives together, you will need to consort and decide on which subjects to explore.
TheArchivist If you know to cooperate, I believe we can finally solve this.
TheArchivist I shall return soon. GODSPEED, MESSENGERS!

December 14, 2018[]

TheArchivist @everyone I have returned, Messengers.

I am here to offer you either Knowledge Emote voteX.png , or Opportunity Emote voteO.png

If you choose Knowledge Emote voteX.png , I will give you a significant piece of information regarding The Shopkeeper's true identity.
If you choose Opportunity Emote voteO.png , I will stabilize a portal that will allow legendary composer Rainbowdragoneyes to join your community permanently.

Choose wisely, for the option you leave aside may never present itself again.

What will it be, Knowledge Emote voteX.png , or Opportunity Emote voteO.png ?
Now, consort, Messengers, and cast your votes!

I will return in 5 hours.
  • Emote voteX.png: 30
  • Emote voteO.png: 62
TheArchivist @everyone It seems your intentions are clear, and we do not need more time.

I will now open the portal, please give our new member a warm welcome!

December 20, 2018[]

Note: Before the Picnic Panic DLC update, the Money Sink's only use was wasting Time Shards (see video).

TheArchivist @everyone Greetings, Messengers. It seems you have many questions, but our ultimate goal is impossibly far from reach still.

Today you must choose between Immediate Reward Emote voteX.png , and Deferred Gratification Emote voteO.png

Should you choose Immediate Reward Emote voteX.png, I will confirm whether or not the Money Sink is of any use.
Should you choose Deferred Gratification Emote voteO.png, I will ask SaboTeam to take a major step in recruiting more Messengers, taking us closer to the amount of adventurers required before the next big adventure can be unvealed. Doing so will also add a third voting icon for future choices.

Choose wisely, for the option you leave aside may never present itself again.

What will it be; Immediate Reward Emote voteX.png , or Deferred Gratification Emote voteO.png ?
Now consort, Messengers, and cast your votes!

I will return in 5 hours.
  • Emote voteX.png: 12
  • Emote voteO.png: 92
TheArchivist @everyone Thank you, Messengers, your voices have been heard.

Since you have chosen to orient efforts towards the grander scheme, I will ask SaboTeam to expose more potential Messengers to Ninja's story by bringing his adventure to an additional platform.
This is your doing, and you have chosen wisely. Expect the announcement sometime next month.

I must retreat for now. GODSPEED, MESSENGERS!

January 8, 2019[]

TheArchivist @everyone Ahoy, Messengers! I have been paying close attention and it seems your interest in The Shopkeeper's identity will not go away.
The big adventure I will need you for is still a couple of years ahead of us, but your deduction skills will be of great use, and I am curious to see how fast you can all get to the bottom of this little mystery.

I will offer you three statements relating to The Shopkeeper; one of them is completely true, one of them is completely wrong, and the other contains an important mistake.
I will then gather your votes on which statement you would like confirmation on. If you pick the statement that contains an important mistake, it should give you a lot to mull over.
Should you choose poorly, you will have to ponder each of the two remaining statements equally.

Here they are:
Emote voteX.png The Shopkeeper is The Bowman (or Western Hero from Ninja's perspective)
Emote voteTri.png From Ninja's perspective, The Shopkeeper is usually in the shop, and he has stories to share
Emote voteO.png The Shopkeeper is the first of the Blue Robes Order, and also the first Messenger

I will return tomorrow. Choose wisely.
  • Emote voteX.png: 30
  • Emote voteTri.png: 8
  • Emote voteO.png: 54

January 9, 2019[]

TheArchivist @everyone Right on time, thank you for your votes.
The majority has spoken, so I shall offer clarity.

You chose Emote voteO.png "The Shopkeeper is the first of the Blue Robes Order, and also the first Messenger"
This statement is completely true.

While it was not the ideal pick, you now only have two remaining statements to comb through.

Now consort, Messengers!
I will be watching, and return once you have covered enough ground.


January 23, 2019[]

TheArchivist @everyone Good day, Messengers. I have been paying close attention, and while your gr [missing transcription] next big chapter, it is my estimation that you are worthy of some more insights.

Today I am here to let you choose between Knowledge Emote voteX.png, Purpose Emote voteO.png, and Curiosity Emote voteTri.png

If you choose Knowledge Emote voteX.png, I will share with you what my moniker was before I became known as "The Archivist"
If you choose Purpose Emote voteO.png, I will give you a clue as to why I first needed you to witness Ninja's story
If you choose Curiosity Emote voteTri.png, I will ask SaboTeam to reveal today a new creature found on Voodkin Island

Cast your votes, Messengers! I will return in a few hours.

An overwhelming number of VoteO Emote voteO.png votes overtook the poll before proper discussions about the vote could take place. Some discussions took place about the preference of VoteX Emote voteX.png by some of the more active members, but the poll was already extremely lopsided towards VoteO Emote voteO.png and looked like there was no chance for the other poll options. Multiple members expressed disappointment about the lack of proper discussion. This caused The Archivist to message Thierry to restrict access to #the-void, making #the-void only viewable to members with the "Ninja" Discord role.

Kammesennin Emote voteO.png got hit hard and fast
Kammesennin No discussion even...
Kammesennin I'm disappointed in the lack of discussion before votes to be completely honest. We're meant to work together here.
Spiderbenb Agreed
VeggieDelphine I guess only the population of spoilers want to know who is the Archivist
Kammesennin I mean vote how you want, but let's discuss first is my opinion just so we can all be certain of our individual votes.
Spiderbenb I think we can assume Emote voteO.png has a certain reason behind it, perhaps something we missed? Otherwise i believe that we were shown Ninja's Story because it's the only Story we know where we destroyed The Curse.
Spiderbenb But i wholeheartedly agree that there should be an ACTUAL discussion for voting. Since some of us are getting drowned out for the answers we really want.
OHSHIET Let's not vote at all. Maybe we will find an easter egg by surprising The Archivist Emote emeraldCL.png
Spiderbenb Vote Emote voteX.png yo.
VeggieDelphine Too late for that
Kammesennin I would actually agree if others didn't jump the gun.
Kammesennin Now it's like we vote on something or we just don't participate while the ARG moves on.
Spiderbenb To be fair though. The "others" that jumped the gun aren't even active on the server.
Spiderbenb I'm talking about the 110 others online.
Spiderbenb The ones that just kinda...lurk and vote all willy nilly.
VeggieDelphine Let’s not become elitists
OHSHIET Let' ask The Archivist not to ping everyone so inactives won't pick mindlessly
Spiderbenb I'm not, im just pointing out that those folks only come out when a vote is being placed.
OHSHIET (Nah it won't help)
VeggieDelphine Yes I agree
Kammesennin We also have some people that voted for all 3...
Spiderbenb I always vote for one thing
VeggieDelphine I was gonna do that but seeing the difference with Emote voteO.png
VeggieDelphine I chose just one and added a few
Kammesennin Maybe The Archivist should summon a portal to a Strawpoll with some IP dupe checking. Sure you can get around it if you really want to, but it avoids some of the lazy multi-voters.
VeggieDelphine If everybody who vote participated in the discussion here ... we would be 100% of the time online
Thierry Hey everyone
Spiderbenb But some folks choose not to join chat here.
VeggieDelphine With just 4 person there sometimes is 700+ more messages to read in the morning
Kammesennin Hey Thierry
Spiderbenb Oh hey
VeggieDelphine Hi Thierry
Thierry That ruckus caused The Archivist to message me Emote emeraldCL.png
Thierry I'm not clear on what's going on in #the-void , but basically he asked that only those with the Ninja role be allowed to vote from now on
Thierry I made the change, I guess let's be careful who with add to the ranks Emote neutral face.png
Spiderbenb Not to hate on the inactives here, but they really throw a wrench in what we discuss here
Thierry I have no horse in this race, but hit me up about anyone who should get the role

However, The Archivist kept messaging Thierry even after this change was made. The Archivist made another request, to reset the vote in #the-void.

Thierry Wow I can't get any work done today, boss keeps messaging
Thierry SO
Spiderbenb Multitask
Thierry The Archivist has decided to reset the vote, and keep the void hidden to those who are not Ninjas, but demands that discussions still take place in public channels so that other potential high profile Messengers may be recruited.
Thierry So I guess it's up to you all to have it stay this way

But a few minutes later, The Archivist expressed his anger.

Thierry uh-oh, boss is mad
Thierry Emote neutral face.png

The Archivist deleted his original poll, replacing it with a new, unfavorable poll.

3:14 PM (EST) TheArchivist @everyone Messengers, it seems you have chosen to voice grievances instead of attempting broad collaboration.

Here are your choices :

If you choose Emote voteX.png, I will close The Void.
If you choose Emote voteO.png, I will ask SaboTeam to make the second chapter of "Barma'thazel's Revenge" a paid DLC instead of free.
If you choose Emote voteTri.png, I will mute the Ninja role in all channels for 48 hours.

If you show unity and tie this vote, I will present the previous opportunity again.
Everything has a price. I will return in a few hours.
  • Emote voteX.png: 10? 11?
  • Emote voteO.png: 10? 11?
  • Emote voteTri.png: 10? 11?
??:?? PM TheArchivist @everyone One vote each. Do not test me again.
3:45 PM TheArchivist @everyone So far so good. Regardless of the outcome, the "Voidmender" vanity role will be granted to all those who participated in this important vote.
Two hours remain.

A period of time in which the votes remained in balance.

During this stretch of time, the votes fluctuated many times, in an attempt to keep balance. When the balance was tipped, many members cooperated together, offering to remove their vote or to add their vote to the appropriate poll option. Members coordinated together to figure out the best way to keep the poll in balance while also getting as many people as possible to participate in the vote so that they could all share the vanity role, "Voidmender."

As discussions took place in the #ninjas text channel, one member, Kammesennin, offered to give up his vote if it came down to the wire.

3:47 PM (EST) Kammesennin The role is incentive. People WILL vote. Let's just keep doing what we've been doing and stay organized to maintain that tie.
3:47 PM Kammesennin I am willing to lose the role in order to maintain the tie if it comes down to it.

Kammesennin's PM from The Archivst.

Kammesennin received a private message from The Archivist.

This is the beginning of your direct message history with @TheArchivist.
3:47 PM (EST) TheArchivist Everything has a price. Let your heart know for sure that once it is paid, it will be as if nothing happened.
3:48 PM Kammesennin Of course. Nothing is without cost... but if the cost is only upon myself and for the sake of the whole... then how could I say no to the bill?
3:48 PM Clyde [BOT] Your message could not be delivered because you don't share a server with the recipient or you disabled direct messages on your shared server, recipient is only accepting direct messages from friends, or you were blocked by the recipient.
Only you can see this — delete this message.

As time drew closer to the deadline, The Archivist began a countdown, and the voting became more frantic.

5:35 PM (EST) TheArchivist @everyone 10 minutes left.
5:40 PM TheArchivist @everyone 5 minutes left.
5:42 PM TheArchivist @everyone 3 minutes left.
5:44 PM TheArchivist @everyone 1 minute left.

At 5:45 PM, #the-void channel completely disappeared. Time passed with unease, as votes had changed during the last few moments, and it was unclear if someone had tipped the balance at the last second. But a few minutes later, members noticed that those who participated in the vote had a new vanity role, "Voidmender," which shared the same green color as The Archivist's "Loremaster" role. Those who participated but sacrificed their vote in order to keep the vote in balance, did not receive the vanity role, "Voidmender."

About half an hour later, #the-void came back. All messages posted in #the-void during January 23, 2019, were completely removed and replaced with the following message.

6:12 PM (EST) TheArchivist And so The Void has been mended. Congratulations Messengers, your display of sacrifice and dedication to one another makes me hopeful for what lies ahead.

Though today's events were erased from the timeline, I trust the lesson learned will live on in your hearts.
I will return soon to present once more the opportunity that was missed earlier.


Some time later that day, The Archivist was kind enough to award those who participated but sacrificed their vote the "Voidmender" role anyways. From that day forward, #the-void would remain only visible to members with the "Ninja" role.

The next day on January 24, 2019, the reasoning for The Archivist's anger the previous day was described more clearly by Thierry in the #ninjas text channel.

Thierry yes, but the need for ninjas only to be able to vote couldn't be resolved
Thierry causing yesterday's crusis
Thierry it's what caused problems yesterday, the overwhelming number of inactives quickly voting on something they don't fully understand invalidates the vote of those truly invested
Thierry and that's not fair

During all of the void-related shenanigans and the critical void-mending vote on January 23, 2019, KuningasEST was streaming a speedrun of The Messenger on Twitch. It was also KuningasEST's birthday. The Shopkeeper dropped by KuningasEST's Twitch stream to wish him a happy birthday. She explained that she got Suses to bake KuningasEST a pixel cake, and that it would be delivered to the official Discord.

LeShopkeeper Bro do you even cloudstep?
Murazio_ SNAP
FluffyMittens_ why not?
PiranhaPig i's shopkeeper POGGERS
PiranhaPig i love you
LeShopkeeper What's up @PiranhaPig
PiranhaPig you're the coolest
LeShopkeeper Happy Birthday Kuni!
LeShopkeeper Godspeed Kuni, your pixel cake is in the oven
Kenjidarou I always thought the Shopkeeper would be a good baker Emote Twitch Happy.png
LeShopkeeper No, I got Suses to bake it
LeShopkeeper Your cake is ready
LeShopkeeper Suses just delivered your cake to SaboTeam, should be on their Discord soon

In the official Discord, the pixel cake was delivered to KuningasEST.

Thierry Woah @KuningasEST, look what just came in!

KuningasEST Bday.png

January 24, 2019[]

TheArchivist @everyone Opportunity presents itself again; will it be Knowledge Emote voteX.png, Purpose Emote voteO.png, or Curiosity Emote voteTri.png ?

If you choose Knowledge Emote voteX.png, I will share with you what my moniker was before I became known as "The Archivist"
If you choose Purpose Emote voteO.png, I will give you a clue as to why I first needed you to witness Ninja's story
If you choose Curiosity Emote voteTri.png, I will ask SaboTeam to reveal today a new creature found on Voodkin Island

Cast your votes, Messengers! I will return tomorrow.
  • Emote voteX.png: 20
  • Emote voteO.png: 19
  • Emote voteTri.png: 2

January 25, 2019[]

In the morning, VoteX Emote voteX.png and VoteO Emote voteO.png were briefly tied. The Archivist posted this message.

TheArchivist @everyone I can only provide information if your intentions are clear. Please it make it so, so that this opportunity isn't missed a second time.
I will return soon.

Eventually, VoteX Emote voteX.png eked out a victory by 1 vote. The Archivist deleted his message and replaced it with the following message.

TheArchivist @everyone And so you wish to know more about me, the one who, in an attempt to solve it all, ended up causing it all.
It is still much too soon to unveil my full story, but I will now share a very important piece of information I was hoping to save for later:

Before I took upon myself to roam alternate realities in an effort to catalog the complete space-time compendium looking for a solution, I was known as The Alchemist.

While I acknowledge your decision and recognize that you have earned this piece of information, it is paramount that you ponder why I first needed you to witness Ninja's story.

I must retire for now.
Godspeed, Messengers!

February 4, 2019[]

TheArchivist @everyone Greetings, Messengers.

Today I have selected three books from The Archives, so that you may decide together which you would like to see an excerpt from.
I trust by now that you should be able to read the labels.

Consort and choose wisely; I will return tomorrow.


  • Emote voteS.png: 24
  • Emote voteO.png: 6
  • Emote voteTri.png: 3
  • Emote voteX.png: 4

February 5, 2019[]

TheArchivist @everyone It seems making the red herring green was all it took.

While you have yet to realize why I needed you to witness Ninja's story first, that bit of information is subjective to me and would never be found in an objective record of events.

Ninja's story has already been fully fleshed-out for you by SaboTeam, but reagardless, I offer you this mostly redundant excerpt:



As some of you seem to doubt the real impact and potential of the choices I regularly present you with, I want to share today a few hints on what you missed:
Had you chosen Emote voteO.png, I would have shown an excerpt detailing very important information about my origin story.
Had you chosen Emote voteTri.png, I would have shown an excerpt detailing what the Demon General's special power was before he lost an eye, and how he came to lose it.
Had you been daring enough to choose Emote voteX.png, I would have reluctantly shown you the cover of the second book I intend to give SaboTeam, showing the title of the next big adventure way ahead of time.

I can not solve this on my own. Moving forward, I hope you can appreciate the importance of your contribution.

The Clockwork Concierge briefly joined the official server. Before leaving, he namedropped a previously unknown location called "Clockwork Castle."

Clockwork Concierge @everyone So, is this the place?
Clockwork Concierge Preposterous! This place is a mess!!
Clockwork Concierge So much to do....
Clockwork Concierge And not even a thousand members?? This is not worth my time yet.
Clockwork Concierge I will return to the Clockwork Castle for now. Farewell.

February 7, 2019[]

One special day, The Archivist hopped out of #the-void text channel to deliver a very important react into the #ninjas text channel.

Spiderbenb So, What exactly IS IT that The Archivist wants us to solve? I'm going back through The Void, but he's always alluding to Ninja's Story, but i honestly don't believe that that's what nneds to be solved. Emote thinking.png
Kammesennin this
Kammesennin The thing going wrong in the bigger picture
Coltaho the thing
Kammesennin ^
Kammesennin the thing he won't tell us about yet
Spiderbenb He seems so confident in us, yet wont properly explain the situation in full.
Kammesennin Ninja's Story is just something he needed us to witness first to prepare us for it. What he wants us to discuss concerning it is why
Spiderbenb Like he's waiting for that eventual "Oh god THEY FINALLY GOT IT."
Kammesennin I wouldn't mind him popping up one day like "YOU GUYS FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT! I was beginning to question if you even would!"
Doom Man I will do anything that means seeing the archivist himself more
Spiderbenb He says it's Ninja's Story, but what if it's a character within Ninja's Story that we need to look at? We don't have to really look at Ninja for this, but what if it's actually someone within the story that has more value to them than what we originally thought?
  • The Archivist react: Emote point up 2.png

February 14, 2019[]

TheArchivist @everyone Greetings, Messengers. I have been following your discussions and I must say your dedication gives me hope.

Today I present to you stone tablets which, properly ordered, should help give you a better sense of scope.

Consider the following options, and cast your votes in ascending order to try and complete the timeline properly.

That is, the option with the least votes would be the first one on the left, all the way to the option with the most votes occuring right before the last event already in place on the timeline below.

For this occurence only, you are free to vote as many times as you wish. But whatever you do, do not cause a tie.

Now consort, Messengers, and let your united voice be heard! If you can solve this puzzle, I will share more information on how and why I became immortal.

I will return tomorrow.


  • Emote voteO.png: 6
  • Emote voteS.png: 11
  • Emote voteX.png: 13
  • Emote voteTri.png: 15

The Shopkeeper's Discord avatar.

The Shopkeeper sneaked into the official server. She joined with a 16-bit Picnic Panic Shopkeeper avatar, artwork which was previously unseen up to this point.

Swordslash @Thierry might be able to help tho
Swordslash (sorry for the ping)
Thierry oh I'm here
Gooberbarbarian Hiiiii
Gooberbarbarian How's your day going
Thierry it's fine..
Thierry just trying to prevent a portal from opening
Swordslash Ah, typical thursday then
Thierry yeah
Thierry uh oh think I just dropped it
Gooberbarbarian The portal???
Boo Oh god, Shoppie
The Shopkeeper Oh, hi
DreamHazard oh no, a #memes channel?
Gooberbarbarian Ahhhhh
Gooberbarbarian Hi
Swordslash This is insanity
VeggieDelphine WHAT
Spiderbenb Oh. Hi
Swordslash A new account too
Swordslash This is fresh
Gooberbarbarian Is he official?
Doom Man OOOOH
Spiderbenb It's legit
Swordslash yeah he's official alright
VeggieDelphine Emote heart.png Emote heart.png Emote heart.png Emote heart.png
VeggieDelphine OMG
DreamHazard Shopkeeper, can you shed some light on the puzzle posed by the Archivist?
The Shopkeeper What's going on over here? Wasn't the Clockwork Concierge supposed to do a cleanup?
Gooberbarbarian Hah
The Shopkeeper Unbelievable.
Swordslash Not posh enough for him sadly
VeggieDelphine Why are you a Ninja, Shoppy ?
alkaline_ice Emote ccwut.png
Swordslash He was the first
The Shopkeeper Gonna take a lot to convince me to open up a branch to the shop here
Thierry ok wtf?
Spiderbenb I'll pay you in stories.
VeggieDelphine Your flower crown is beautiful btw
Gooberbarbarian Thierry is he real
VeggieDelphine Hey Shoppkeeper, what does the sink do ??
The Shopkeeper I have to go back to the tropics, the shop's not ready yet. I can do one question if you make it quick.
Boo >Newbie account to Discord
>Instantly given the Ninja role
>Someone just casually asks "is that the real one"
Thierry Guys don'T
VeggieDelphine Who's your favourite ninja ?
Gooberbarbarian Wait is that the official picnic panic portrait?
Doom Man I wish I had my prophet image right now
Swordslash See ya Shopkeeper
The Shopkeeper My favorite Ninja is called Rock Lesieur.
The Shopkeeper Have a good day.

February 15, 2019[]

TheArchivist @everyone I have returned.

You propose the following order:

Birth of The Alchemist
Hundreds of thousands of years gap
The Flood
Phantom's Curse begins
Thousands of years gap
Ninja carries the scroll

That Timeline is entirely accurate. Congratulations, and thank you, adventurers, your attention to detail and ability to negociate with each other has warmed my heart once again.
Since you have beaten this challenge, I will now share a little more.

-Mine is a tale of forbidden love. After becoming alchemists, we set out to create the Elixir of Life, so that we could live until society became more accepting.
-I am not a Blue Robe. As conveyed by this completed Timeline, I predate their order by an unfathomable stretch of time.

It will be a while until my next visit. In the meantime, I will ask SaboTeam to make this community hub a more habitable place.
Oh, and do try to recruit the Clockwork Concierge, he's a thorough one and should come in handy.
Please tell him I said hi.

Farewell for now. And as always, Godspeed, Messengers!

Timeline 2.png

Spiderbenb summoned the Clockwork Concierge back to the official server. The Clockwork Concierge was unsatisfied with the member count and renegotiated a higher wage with the admins before leaving again.

Spiderbenb But now we have a new quest
Spiderbenb Get Emote ccwut.png in here
Thierry yo don't ping the concierge like that
Thierry omg Spider
Clockwork Concierge Who dares ring the bell?
Clockwork Concierge What is this @Philip? I thought we had an agreement. A thousand members!
Philip This didn't pick up the way we expected, can't you just join us now?
Clockwork Concierge Preposterous! I have standards!
Clockwork Concierge Unless of course, we can renegociate my wage.
Philip Yo @SaboMart - Can we do something about this?
SaboMart Hmm. You know how cheap I am.
SaboMart But I like the Concierge a lot. Would a 25% raise be ok for you ?
Clockwork Concierge 25%??? Preposterous!
Clockwork Concierge How about 50?
SaboMart 30%
Clockwork Concierge 45%!!
SaboMart 40%. That's the final offer!
Clockwork Concierge ...
Clockwork Concierge Fine. But I'm not coming back until you at least reach 500.
SaboMart DEAL!
Spiderbenb What's our Member count currently?
Clockwork Concierge I'll go back to the Clockwork Castle for now. Farewell!
Philip 418 @Spiderbenb

February 21, 2019[]

Rainbowdragoneyes, the composer of the music for The Messenger, had a casual conversation with The Shopkeeper. The Shopkeeper offered Rainbowdragoneyes an opportunity to fast-travel to SaboTeam's office using a portal that would be created by The Artificer. In return, The Shopkeeper requested some tiki music for her Picnic Panic tiki shop.

Kammesennin I'm just gonna stick to judging for that one time Shopkeeper was here and willing to answer a question and the question nobody asked was "Do you have any stories to share?"
dosboxfalco wtf
VeggieDelphine Emote emeraldS.png
Gooberbarbarian Emote emeraldS.png
VeggieDelphine I still feel bad about that
dosboxfalco we're self-aware enough to do that nowadays, thank goodness
Gooberbarbarian Wait RDE I have a legitimate question
Rainbowdragoneyes Ok
Gooberbarbarian Ahhhh the shopkeeper joined
VeggieDelphine OMG
Gooberbarbarian Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Thierry Well well well, if it ain't @Rainbowdragoneyes
Gooberbarbarian Speak of the devil much
VeggieDelphine So your question is canceled ?
Thierry I think you triggered the shopkeeper :\
Rainbowdragoneyes Well well well if ain't well well well
The Shopkeeper Oh I'm just lurking
Rainbowdragoneyes How ya feelin @Thierry
The Shopkeeper This explains why you wouldn't answer my DMs
Thierry ...
The Shopkeeper So, "RDE"
Rainbowdragoneyes Oh hey, @The Shopkeeper
The Shopkeeper I listened to the Surf music track today and I gotta say, I'm still waiting on that tiki music for my shop
Rainbowdragoneyes You are? Have you been on vacation or something?
Rainbowdragoneyes I had it installed recently
The Shopkeeper I've been preparing for the adventure, Voodkin Island is... well, I guess you know now...
Rainbowdragoneyes I heard, poor Phobekins
Thierry Come on @The Shopkeeper, the portal won't remain open for long, plase ask already
The Shopkeeper Huh
Rainbowdragoneyes Are we supposed to be asking him something?
The Shopkeeper I am
Rainbowdragoneyes Oh
The Shopkeeper It's a bit embarrassing
The Shopkeeper And for the record, I wish you would answer my DMs moving forward, so that I don't have to waste my time here
The Shopkeeper SaboTeam needs your help once again
The Shopkeeper Hands on help, that is
The Shopkeeper What are your plans for next week?
Rainbowdragoneyes Wait do I have DMs? How do I discord
The Shopkeeper @Rainbowdragoneyes if you are available, I will ask The Artificer to open a portal to SaboTeam's office so you can be with them next week
The Shopkeeper All I ask in return is that you hook me up with tiki music for my shop
Rainbowdragoneyes Sure, got nothin going on
Rainbowdragoneyes Tiki themed you say?
The Shopkeeper Tiki themed, yes
VeggieDelphine But the Artificier is the one doing a favor
The Shopkeeper With lots of beeps and boops
VeggieDelphine What will he get
Rainbowdragoneyes You know me and my beeped bopps
Rainbowdragoneyes boops
Rainbowdragoneyes i cant spell or do anything right
The Shopkeeper @VeggieDelphine It's more about what he won't get
Rainbowdragoneyes @The Shopkeeper was it you that hacked my websites?
The Shopkeeper @Rainbowdragoneyes if your indirectly asking whether we are even now, yes

Rainbowdragoneyes Angry.gif

The Shopkeeper I should get back to it then
The Shopkeeper I can take one question if you make it quick
Gooberbarbarian Wait shoppy can u say my name so I can screenshot it and frame it on my wall
Kammesennin Do you have any stories to share?
VeggieDelphine Shoppy can you tell us anything on the other blue robes
Rainbowdragoneyes Yes go peddle your wares to wanton adventurers
Gooberbarbarian Wuts ur favorite flavor of boba teaaaaaaaaa
The Shopkeeper Sure, feel free to waste this second opporutnity
VeggieDelphine Who is your least favourite ninja?
Gooberbarbarian Oof
The Shopkeeper There you go : Gooberbarbarian

Later, members were wondering which question The Shopkeeper was answering, and Thierry clarified.

Thierry Pretty sure Shoppy just picks the very question that is asked after the prompt

February 27, 2019[]

The Clockwork Concierge returned and recruited Kammesennin as a moderator for the official server. Then the Clockwork Concierge left again.

Clockwork Concierge Good day, everyone!
Clockwork Concierge My, how time flies. I see a lot of activity, please tell me I haven't missed the 500 mark!
Kammesennin Not just yet
Clockwork Concierge Excellent. I was worried for a moment there, I shudder to think of how unprofessional it would have been of me.
Clockwork Concierge At a later time then. Meanwhile, I believe this place could do with an additional moderator.
Clockwork Concierge Let me see...
Clockwork Concierge @Kammesennin, I have been watching you and believe you are worthy if such a title.
Kammesennin Emote RuxxtLUL.gif
Clockwork Concierge Do you accept this mandate?
Kammesennin Emote PogChamp.png
Kammesennin I... Yes! I do!
Kammesennin I'd be a fool to say no.
Kammesennin I am honored by your consideration!
Clockwork Concierge It is settled then. I will return to fullfill my end of the bargain as soon as you all fullfill yours.
Clockwork Concierge Back to the Clockwork Castle for now! Farewell, Messengers.