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July 2, 2019[]

Suses chatted with the community. His microphone was broken by Phil, so he spoke in plain text rather than dialogue boxes.

schadnfreude hello everyone
schadnfreude i finally finished one assignment
schadnfreude out of 11
schadnfreude all due on the 30th
Suses You should eat a cookie, totally deserved!
Hayden Suses typed?
Hayden What?
Suses Phil broke the mic...
Hayden .....
Hayden wow
Hayden he also cracked the thing
Hayden the community thing
Suses Huh?
Hayden he’s also why we dont have the jukebox
Hayden i blame him not heather
Suses Blame? No way, Phil is great!
Hayden Yeah but
Hayden he breaks everything
Hayden but he knows how to make a cool website
Hayden it’s really cool looking and looks well organized
Suses So basically the new website is Colos?
Suses -Yeah I don't know about well organized but you do look cool, Colos.
Suses Colos is blushing lol.

July 3, 2019[]

The Archivist delivered a letter to the Clockwork Concierge, and the Concierge spoke with Manfred about it.

The Clockwork Concierge asks Manfred to get the door.

Clockwork Concierge -Please get the door, Manfred.
Clockwork Concierge -This letter is not meant for us. Look, The Archivist's seal.
Clockwork Concierge -I feel the same, Manfred. Allow me to mull this over.
Clockwork Concierge -It is much too soon, they still have no clue!

What if it mentions...
Clockwork Concierge -I need time to consider our options, but I agree that Kammesennin is trustworthy.

July 4, 2019[]

The Scrying Orb produced another vision, a sneak peek of The Iron Hood. Later, the Clockwork Concierge held a meeting with Kammesennin to discuss The Archivist's letter.

Scrying Orb the scrying orb starts vibrating with a never seen before intensity
Scrying Orb the mists of time are very unstable and may dissipate at any moment
Scrying Orb unidentified blue robe in sight
Scrying Orb it seems there is little time left
Scrying Orb 500 Time Shards are required to pull the vision from the mists
Scrying Orb 15 Emote timeshard.png reacts needed to commit the amount -act quickly
  • Emote timeshard.png: 15
Scrying Orb the scrying orb consumes 500 Time Shards
Scrying Orb a vision appears!
SPOILER Spoiler4.png

The Clockwork Concierge mentions that the letter is meant to be opened June 40th (July 10th).

Clockwork Concierge -It says not to open it until June 40th anyway.
Clockwork Concierge Moderator Kammesennin, please report to my office at your earliest convenience for briefing.
Kammesennin I am here Concierge. Sorry for the delay, I was having brunch with the family.
Kammesennin I must admit, I actually don't know where your office is.
Boo 4th door in that corridor, head right, can't miss it, it's the tallest door
Kammesennin Ah, thanks
Kammesennin walks into the cabinet Emote cabinet.png
Clockwork Concierge [deleted message: -Thank you for you time, Kammesennin. The lights are still out but Manfred will see you make it back safely.

And remember, June 40th.]
Clockwork Concierge -Thank you for your time, Kammesennin. The lights are still out but Manfred will see you make it back safely.

And remember, June 40th.
Kammesennin My pleasure, Concierge!
Kammesennin Yes, I will keep it safe until June 40th my friend.
Kammesennin My night vision is pretty good, but I won't mind Manfred's company one bit.
Soleil Wait, June 40 is the day before Picnic Panic.
JustDenys1 Yes
Soleil Emote quarbleO.png
Clockwork Concierge My, has the mic been on all this time?
Kammesennin Whatever The Archivist has planned, we'll get it done then.
JustDenys1 Yes
Gooberbarbarian Yes
Babushka we all heard this Clocko hehe
Babushka hehe
Babushka Emote ruxxtin.png
Kammesennin Sorry about that. The conversation was meant to be private.
Kammesennin Not sure what happened there.

July 8, 2019 (Discord)[]

The Clockwork Concierge and Suses revealed the exact hour for the release date of the Picnic Panic DLC and its soundtrack.

The Clockwork Concierge calculates what hour Picnic Panic releases.

Clockwork Concierge June 41st release date confirmed.

Calculating exact time...
Hayden You know it’s cool when we say June 41st, but now that you guys said it using Clocko as a disguise you made it not cool anymore...
Hayden So we gotta think of a new meme guys
JustDenys1 No! It's still cool!
Clockwork Concierge Excuse me Hayden, but unlike your attitude I actually make things much cooler.
Hayden DAMN
Hayden that was a good roast
JustDenys1 Hey, Clocko, are calculations done?
Clockwork Concierge ...estimating exact release time...
Clockwork Concierge ...evaluating unexpected curve balls...
Clockwork Concierge ...reviewing Sabout's code...
Clockwork Concierge ...adding contingency...
Clockwork Concierge June 43rd???
Clockwork Concierge Unexpected result, contacting SaboTeam...
Clockwork Concierge ...programmer down...
Clockwork Concierge ...healing Sabout...
  • Pitou.png: 3
  • Emote ptijus.png: 2
Clockwork Concierge ...please send more pitous for Sabout...
  • Pitou.png: 7
  • Emote pitouyeah.png: 6
Swordslash Pitou.png
Soleil Pitou.png
JustDenys1 Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png
Hayden Pitou.png Emote pitouyeah.png Emote ptijus.png Emote powerseal.png Emote timeshard.png
Swordslash We believe in you Clocko, hope you're doing okay @Sabout Emote heart.png Pitou.png
JustDenys1 Emote pitouyeah.png Emote pitouyeah.png Emote pitouyeah.png Emote pitouyeah.png Emote pitouyeah.png
Sparus42 Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png
Swordslash We need more Pitou Power™
Hayden Emote keyofhope.png Emote keyoflove.png
Swordslash Emote pitouyeah.png Pitou.png
Hayden Emote pitouyeah.png Emote pitouyeah.png Emote pitouyeah.png Emote pitouyeah.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png
Soleil Emote moneysink.png
Hayden Emote pitouyeah.png Emote pitouyeah.png Emote pitouyeah.png Emote pitouyeah.png Emote pitouyeah.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png
Clockwork Concierge IT'S VERY EFFECTIVE
Hayden Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote pitouyeah.png Emote pitouyeah.png Emote pitouyeah.png Emote pitouyeah.png Emote pitouyeah.png Emote pitouyeah.png Emote pitouyeah.png Emote pitouyeah.png
Swordslash Hayden why you spilling all the juice
JustDenys1 Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Emote pitouyeah.png Emote pitouyeah.png Emote pitouyeah.png Emote pitouyeah.png Emote pitouyeah.png
Swordslash We need that for the launch party
Hayden Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png Emote ptijus.png
JustDenys1 Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png Pitou.png
Hayden and to donate to Sclout
Sabout Woah what a ride
Sabout I'm back
Hayden Emote ptijus.png
Sabout Thanks everyone!
PhΩmega he lives!
Hayden juice makes anyone better
Hayden and pitou
Clockwork Concierge Welcome back, Sabout.
Clockwork Concierge ...resuming calculations...
Clockwork Concierge Picnic Panic date and time confirmed.

June 41st, 6AM PST.
Suses -What do you mean 'what about the OST, Suses'?
Suses -Same here, lol.
Suses -Oh it's even before that, let me check, Colos...
Suses -It says it right here.

'The Picnic Panic OST drops at midnight June 41st'. That's a whole 6 hours before the game!
Suses -Wait, which timezone is RDEST? Rainbowdragoneyes Standard Time?

Oh well...

July 8, 2019 (Twitch)[]

TwoCPlus ran a speedrun of The Messenger for a Games Done Quick Community Spotlight, which was streamed on Twitch. The actual Shopkeeper dropped by and interjected with her own commentary in the Twitch chat.

As TwoCPlus traveled through the beginning portion of the Tower of Time, The Shopkeeper complained that her dialogue in the Tower of Time-summoning cutscene got skipped.

LeShopkeeper So that's how it's gonna be huh?
LeShopkeeper I mean my performance was pretty good in that last cutscene, why would you skip it like that?

After TwoCPlus traveled past the Tower of Time statue of The Iron Hood, The Shopkeeper noted that it was the same person as the one from the Money Sink.

LeShopkeeper Hey that was the dude from the sink

Just before TwoCPlus engaged in the Arcane Golem boss fight, The Shopkeeper declared a one-on-one battle between herself and TwoCPlus. When Wombada asked The Shopkeeper if he was allowed to open the cabinet, she forbade it.

Wombada @LeShopkeeper Can I open the cabinet
LeShopkeeper Me vs you TwoCPlus !!!
LeShopkeeper No @Wombada

As TwoCPlus traveled through the second Manfred chase sequence, The Shopkeeper complained that the stream lacked enough Pitou.

LeShopkeeper Needs more pitou

As TwoCPlus began the Manfred boss fight, The Shopkeeper continued to complain about her dialogue being totally ignored.

LeShopkeeper For the record even though TwoCPlus won't give me screen time, I'm rocking the hat ATM

After TwoCPlus defeated Manfred, The Shopkeeper berated Manfred's brutal treatment.

LeShopkeeper Way to treat your pet

After TwoCPlus defeated Barma'thazël, The Shopkeeper insulted Barma'thazël with a pun.

LeShopkeeper More like Barma'thisn't

After TwoCPlus completed the cutscene involving Soldier's death, GundamJehutyKai accused The Shopkeeper for being the one responsible for Soldier's death. The Shopkeeper deflected the blame.

GundamJehutyKai it was the damn shopkeepers fault!!!
LeShopkeeper Not quite, @GundamJehutyKai

July 9, 2019[]

The Clockwork Concierge had Kammesennin deliver The Archivist's scroll a day earlier than scheduled. The document is titled "Ramblings_of_a_lost_soul.png." After the scroll was deciphered by the community, and in reference to the final line of the scroll, the Clockwork Concierge brought attention to The Artificer's newly-released blog post on the official website, which revealed more lore about The Artificer himself.

The Clockwork Concierge asks if Kammesennin is available.

Clockwork Concierge Moderator Kammesennin, are you available?
Kammesennin I am indeed
Clockwork Concierge I received a scroll from The Archivist. It was meant for tomorrow, but seeing how it will need translation, I think it should be shared now.
Kammesennin Oh my! I wonder what's sped things along. I suppose we'd better do it then.
Clockwork Concierge I understand your true calling is moderation, but I need you as a Messenger today.
Clockwork Concierge Please come to my office so that I may pass it to you.
Kammesennin I'll be right there
Clockwork Concierge -There you go. Godspeed!
JustDenys1 What's this, Kammesennin?
Kammesennin Are you guys ready for this?
Kammesennin This is big.
Dheadoverheaven sure
JustDenys1 Yes!
Kammesennin I hope you've got your decoder rings ready.
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) oh
Kammesennin Ramblings of a lost soul.png
Clockwork Concierge -Artificer's first blog post now available-

Official Website First Blog Thumbnail.png

July 10, 2019[]

Rainbowdragoneyes delivered the Picnic Panic OST to the official server.

Suses says something arrives soon.

Suses -I'm telling you it's soon!
Suses -No, look at the time in 'Rainbowdragoneyes Standard Time'!!!
TK Oh, is it here?
Suses Yoooo TK!!!
TK Hey Suses!
Suses Anyone else here for the Picnic Panic OST pre-release???
Swordslash You bet!
Kammesennin Emote KreyGasm.png
Swordslash Finally, something to listen to while I'm waiting for my stew to finish.
Suses It's almost 6AM RDEST!!
Swordslash How much longer Suses?
Suses Yo SwordSlash, I think we gotta summon him. Spam that headbanging Manfred!
  • Emote manfredyes.gif: 13
Rainbowdragoneyes Good morning
Rainbowdragoneyes It is a fine day today is it not?
Rainbowdragoneyes It is.
Swordslash It shall be even finer soon!
Suses RDE!!!
Rainbowdragoneyes Hey @Suses how's the stew coming along
Suses It's both succulent AND savory dude!
Suses How's the OST?
Rainbowdragoneyes That's great, save me some stew
Rainbowdragoneyes Oh crap I forgot to write it
Rainbowdragoneyes how much time do I have?
Boo 3
Boo You have 3
Papy wow
Papy 3 time isn't much
Rainbowdragoneyes Time is a paradox
Rainbowdragoneyes I am attuned to the scroll, so I have all the Time I need
Swordslash Time is a concept of human perception
TK Time is an illusion, and so is death.
Suses About 5 minutes, but Colos can blend a mean shake to help!
Boo Time is of the essence
Rainbowdragoneyes herbal essence
Rainbowdragoneyes Pantene
Boo That's shampoo
Rainbowdragoneyes I need a shower
Boo Emote lul.png
Rainbowdragoneyes It's been 40 years
Swordslash Hand churned cyclops shake, finest in all the lands!
Suses Excuse me it's 'foot churned'.
Rainbowdragoneyes Gross man
Rainbowdragoneyes Good morning
Rainbowdragoneyes Did I already say that?
Rainbowdragoneyes Hard to keep track
Suses Hey you ate all the stew!
Rainbowdragoneyes Okay you guys ready for this or what
TheBigK1 Emote hatmartin.png Emote hatmartin.png Emote hatmartin.png Emote hatmartin.png Emote hatmartin.png
Swordslash Let's do it!
TK Heck yeah
Swordslash Time to take my ears to the tropics
Suses Speaking of keeping track.
Rainbowdragoneyes You in the back, are you ready?
Spiderbenb I'm prepared
Rainbowdragoneyes HERE WE GO

Never Gonna Give You Up.png

Papy uh
TheBigK1 POG
TK nice
Rainbowdragoneyes preview jokes
Boo The embed's showing
Suses lol
Rainbowdragoneyes one minute

Picnic Panic OST Bandcamp.png

Swordslash YEAAAA
TheBigK1 Oh baby
Swordslash Thank you for all your hard work RDE
Rainbowdragoneyes Thanks for listening
Swordslash Emote manfredH.png
Boo Niiiiiice
Suses You rock, dude!

July 11, 2019 (Discord)[]

On the release day of the Picnic Panic DLC, the Clockwork Concierge and Suses conversed a little bit with the community.

The Clockwork Concierge announces that Picnic Panic releases in an hour.

Clockwork Concierge ONE HOUR LEFT
Suses Show me the HYPE!

1 pitou = 1 hype
  • Pitou.png: 17
  • Emote pitouyeah.png: 8
Clockwork Concierge The button has been pressed.
Clockwork Concierge My, what is all the commotion today?
Hayden I LOVE PP
Hayden I hope im not at the end
Felix Its thursday clocko
Kammesennin Just a bit of excitement over the new free DLC
Boo It's a happy Thursday!
Clockwork Concierge Ah, it seems Messenger Babushka has entered Voodkin Island at last!
Doom Man hey concierge. it's been a while (for me anyway)
Clockwork Concierge Greetings Doom Man! How have you been?
Juh Hey I’m new to this discord, I joined because I downloaded the DLC for the Nintendo Switch version but while playing I discovered a glitch and figured this was the most appropriate place to present it?
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) @Juh - totally! you can post it in the #bugs channel
Juh alright thanks
Clockwork Concierge Welcome, Messenger Juh!

Our team will be happy to help in the bugs channel.

July 11, 2019 (Twitch)[]

Soleil streamed her first runthrough of the Picnic Panic DLC on Twitch. The Shopkeeper dropped by to offer a couple of comments.

When Soleil began the trip towards Bamboo Creek's Big Time Shard to farm lots of money to afford toys from The Craftsman's Corner, The Shopkeeper commented on the amount of time it would take.

LeShopkeeper So, this is gonna be a long stream, huh?

Soleil asked The Shopkeeper how long the DLC would be, but The Shopkeeper did not give a time estimate.

LeShopkeeper I guess we'll find out after you're done buying toys

Soleil opted to do a runthrough of Picnic Panic where she attempted not to kill any Voodkins. As Soleil was traveling through Fire Mountain and passed by some Flamethrow Voodkins, The Shopkeeper commented on the hypocrisy of not killing Flamethrow Voodkins even though she would kill enemies such as Tropical Ranged Kappa.

LeShopkeeper So you won't attack flame throwing enemies but a seahorse that shoots bubbles is fair game?

July 12, 2019[]

The community and Clockwork Concierge held extremely lengthy conversations and negotiations about raising the interaction cap for more Time Shards. In the end, a satisfactory agreement with the Concierge was not made, so the interaction cap remained unaltered.

The Concierge also inquired if the community would prefer for the next opening of #the-shop text channel to occur when the community accumulated 5,000 or 6,000 Time Shards. The most expensive available upgrade (The Jukebox) costed 5,000 Time Shards, but the two other available upgrades (The Letter H and Pitouette) costed 3,000 Time Shards each. So the community could either wait until 5,000 Time Shards, in which The Shopkeeper would arrive slightly earlier, or they could wait until 6,000 Time Shards, in an attempt to purchase the two cheaper upgrades in one go, rather than just one upgrade. A vote was arranged for the community to choose between 5,000 or 6,000, and the majority voted to wait until 6,000.

The Clockwork Concierge opens the channel for negotiations involving the interaction cap.

Phil (The Clockwork Operator) That interaction cap is becoming easy isn't it.
Clockwork Concierge I am willing to increase both the cap and the reward, if the community wishes so.
OHSHIET Clocko do you really think we wouldn't want to get more time shards? Emote timeshard.png Emote mess16.png
Chacw I mean daily I reactions will die down soon tho
Kammesennin Just like the cap and reward can go up, I'm sure it can come down if it were somehow necessary. But I feel like we have a lot of content to discuss for a while now.
VeggieDelphine 1000 should keep the same reward and 3000 gets an other reward because ...
VeggieDelphine Just because
VeggieDelphine It’s a lot and we want to buy things
VeggieDelphine More shards should be it because we need shards
VeggieDelphine Not less for 1000 because long terms it won’t help us
VeggieDelphine Right now there is a hype but after the hype what will we do??
Kammesennin After the hype I guess we could vote to have the cap lowered if we had to. Unless your idea is actually on the table.
VeggieDelphine What if we can’t
VeggieDelphine Or maybe we could ask for a modification to the reward for one week or two
Kammesennin Then we better talk about a LOT of stuff pretty regularly lol
VeggieDelphine Clocko ??
JustDenys1 Clocko, pls say, if we can cap lower, when we will want it
Chacw With the foreseeable future a cap is in order, especially aroud announcements and dlc drops. But i dont see on a day to day basis a higher goal being met. Meaning it will need to be flexible and changeable. Think of it kind of like a gamble, if we can guess a higher goal and hit it more rewards, but if we cant we get nothing.
Chacw It's about as risk vs reward as it gets
Clockwork Concierge I am always happy to accommodate, but I must say my data shows things will only be picking up from here.
Chacw Interesting
Chacw Well then. Let's raise it then
Kammesennin I am in favor of raising it
JustDenys1 Hmm, yes. Raise it
VeggieDelphine Not me
VeggieDelphine I want double points! We should not loose what we already have
Kammesennin So you want the cap to stay at 1,000 but for more shards?
TheDarkist we should probs bargain for keeping the current reward and also adding one for like 2000 interactions - 300 more time shards or sth
Chacw So add another goal instead of changing this one?
JustDenys1 Yep
JustDenys1 That's much better
TheDarkist cause if we literally never ever hit the goal if we increased the cap, it woudl be terrible
TheDarkist say if we increased to 10000 interactions a day (stupid idea) , we would be screwed
VeggieDelphine I want 1000 to stay but 3000 to be added Emote emeraldCL.png
JustDenys1 Yep!
VeggieDelphine Sometimes we don’t even reach 1000
TheDarkist good point imo
VeggieDelphine Clocko could it be 1000 is 80 shards and 3000 is 80 shards again ??
Clockwork Concierge I do not find these terms acceptable, as you have no risk in this change. I remain open to propositions.
JustDenys1 Really?! What if someone doesn't want to risk?
Boo That's not the way of the Ninja. You don't just add more rewards without sacrificing a thing in exchange.
Clockwork Concierge It is the nature of negotiations. I am perfectly fine with leaving the situation unchanged.
JustDenys1 Then better leave without changes
Sparus42 As long as the reward doesn't scale linearly with the new goal I think it'd be good to accept it
Boo Honestly I'd risk 1.5k for 130 Emote timeshard.png
Boo It's higher, and it gives a better deal for us
VeggieDelphine I don’t think we should take a risk, we should be rewarded Emote emeraldYearn.png Emote leaflul.png
JustDenys1 No risk, no broken bones
Sparus42 I think that's pretty safe so at the very least we could do that. For a riskier option I'd say 2000 for 320 Emote timeshard.png or so
Boo Y'all look so scared lol
Kammesennin I don't see much for a risk, but it's up to you guys.
Boo Double for x4 seems ambitious as an offer to Clocko lol
JustDenys1 Okay, no risk
Sparus42 It'd be helpful to get stats on this so we know how much of a risk we're taking
Boo I think you'll have to ask for specific stats, 'cause that textbox is small
Boo If I may, I'd like to know how many times we've passed 1.5k interactions in the last 30 days (if that's possible at all)
VeggieDelphine I have to work, good luck with the negotiations!
VeggieDelphine Emote arcanehighfiveright.png
Boo Have fun!
JustDenys1 No risk = Emote emeraldYearn.png, increase to 1,5k = Emote emeraldS.png
  • Emote emeraldYearn.png: 1
  • Emote emeraldS.png: 4
VeggieDelphine What about 60 shards for 1000 and 120 shards for 2000??
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) @Boo : 4
VeggieDelphine (I always say bye then don’t leave ahah)
Boo Welp, that'd be a challenge
VeggieDelphine Ah shards at 1500? That’s not that much
Boo I like gambling though
VeggieDelphine I see I was maybe thinking way more interactions would be needed
Boo Sir Concierge, how much are you willing to offer if we raise it to 1.5k?
Clockwork Concierge So. We want to negociate.
Clockwork Concierge Leverage is very important. To convince you to meet my terms, I must be aware of what you desire.
Clockwork Concierge I reckon you desire more Time Shards. In order to convince me to do that, you need to be aware what I desire, and convince me that giving away more Time Shards is the only way for me to get it.
Clockwork Concierge Do you know what I want? Until you do, you have no leverage.
Kammesennin Well let's think about this logically guys
Kammesennin Clocko's offer was timeshards for additional interactions.
Chacw He wants more people
Chacw /active people
Kammesennin Definitely more activity. What could he gain from more activity?
Boo So he wants us to interact more, and yeah having more active people would definitely help with that
Clockwork Concierge In negotiation, we do not demand, we find a mutually beneficial agreement. The first step is understanding the other's end goal, to find a path where both parties are satisfied.
Boo Recruiting new peeps
Kammesennin Recruiting isn't a guaranteed success. I don't think that's proper consideration for a contract.
Kammesennin Not that this is a contract, but negotiation is quite similar.
Kammesennin Well what does Clocko do?
Chacw Keep things organized
Chacw And be polite
Kammesennin That's part of it.
Kammesennin But I mean what does he actually do? Like to put it vaguely.
Kammesennin His job description if you will
Chacw Moderate?
Boo I'm about to say stupid things, so I'll let y'all work
Chacw Lol
Kammesennin What I'm saying might be stupid too, I'm just trying to get some thoughts flowing before I do this thing lol
Chacw Understandable
Kammesennin He's currently instructing another character from the universe in his trade... think about it
Kammesennin Clocko and his pupil both enjoy the work. What would one who enjoys such work want from a community they tend to?
Chacw Success
Kammesennin Sure, but maybe more specifically what could instill that feeling of success in them.
Chacw I wanna say growth but that doesnt seem quite right
Kammesennin I'll tell you now what he wants is essentially a sense of accomplishment. Make your terms involve something that would give him that. That's all I can say on the matter.
JustDenys1 Those TL;DRs, please someone explain fast, what he exactly wants from us
Boo That's what we're trying to think about, Denys
Clockwork Concierge Growth is part of my mandate, yes.
Clockwork Concierge Kammesennin has good advice. If you place what you want in the way of what I want, I will have no choice but to provide.
Chacw A SNES of accomplishment would most likely come from a growing community which brings back the idea of recruiting, but recruiting new discord members doesnt seem like a long term success because unless they're really big fans like us they'll just be inactive.
Clockwork Concierge [deleted message]
Tommy What was that?
Clockwork Concierge Quality over quantity, Chacw, I respect that. On that train of thought, do you feel opening the shop twice as often is a good idea?
Chacw Not really, it's sort of a big event
Chacw If it happens often it loses the charm
Clockwork Concierge Apologies, Tommy. I meant to post in another channel. My microphone is acting up today!
JustDenys1 Yeah, it's very important
Clockwork Concierge So why, exactly, would you desire more Time Shards?
JustDenys1 For more upgrades
Chacw I mean he does make sense
Chacw When was the last shop purchase? I think it was right before I joined the server which wasnt to long ago
Clockwork Concierge Back to the same point, Denys, how special can they really be if we increase the speed at which they roll out? Do we reduce the impact of each, or run out sooner?
Boo I say we'd want more shards if it turns out the next set of upgrades is more costly.
Boo And to reflect more accurately our level of activity.
Chacw Meaning if it does change it shouldn't be ridiculous
Chacw Like go from 1000 for 80 to 1500 for 100
Chacw Small steps
Gooberbarbarian Especially at a time of PP hype, a boost in time shards and activity would be very fun
Clockwork Concierge Extremely reasonable, Boo. Shall we unlock Tier2 first and reopen the discussion then?
JustDenys1 Oh wait. If we will get more time shards, that means what time of visiting shop is decreases, that means, what it will become less important
Chacw I think so
Boo That seems reasonable!
Chacw Its not like we are far away from it anyways
JustDenys1 But we think, that shop is important
Chacw It's still really good to know changes are on the table. Thanks Clocko
Clockwork Concierge My pleasure, Chacw. I am pleased by this outcome. At your convenience, please inform the mods on whether you wish the next shop opening to occur at 5000, or 6000 Time Shards.
Gooberbarbarian 5,000?
Gooberbarbarian I want 5,000
Chacw I think 6000, that gives us a chance to get 2 out of 3
Chacw It's less wait for more
Chacw It will be slightly longer
Chacw But patience wields better results
Sparus42 Yeah I think 6000 would be better
Sparus42 Should we do a reaction vote or something?
Stoopid Unikorn 6,000 would allow us to get two things that cost 3,000, right?
Stoopid Unikorn I think it makes the wait worth it
Stoopid Unikorn We’d get Pitouette and Letter H in one shop visit.
JustDenys1 Yes
dosboxfalco H
Stoopid Unikorn Even if it means Phil has to wait longer for the jukebox
Chacw Or jukebox and pirouette and open more options
Stoopid Unikorn Jukebox is 5,000
Stoopid Unikorn On mobile right now, so I can’t check but...
Stoopid Unikorn Aside from Jukebox, what do we need that requires 5,000 shards?
JustDenys1 Nothing
Stoopid Unikorn So basically, the options are...
Stoopid Unikorn We open at 5,000 to get jukebox
Stoopid Unikorn OR
Stoopid Unikorn We open at 6,000 to get Pitouette and Letter H
Stoopid Unikorn Unless there’s something I missed?
Sparus42 Yep that'd be correct, barring the messenger doing something else of course
dosboxfalco i'm all for getting the meme letter
Stoopid Unikorn Well, if the messenger does something else, we can have a head start on the next thing to buy
dosboxfalco but i also wanna kick some serious tunes
Stoopid Unikorn So we really have nothing to lose from waiting one thousand shards longer
Stoopid Unikorn But that’s just my opinion
Sparus42 Yeah I think 6000 is definitely the superior option
Stoopid Unikorn If the messenger goofs and gets jukebox, we still have a thousand shards
Stoopid Unikorn So yeah, we have nothing to lose
Swordslash Plus
Swordslash We wouldn't want to spend all our shards
Swordslash And then have it start to act up again
Kammesennin As per Concierge's inquiry: would you rather the shop opens at 5,000 timeshards Emote or.png at 6,000 timeshards?
  • Emote five.png: 3
  • Emote six.png: 24
Spiderbenb So, shop today??
JustDenys1 No
Spiderbenb I just read all that happened.
Spiderbenb What I'm getting at is that: We're gonna get the shop open at a later date, everyone has some pretty piss poor negotation skills, basically we're not getting as much timeshards as we should, hell it's more than if we were just getting a daily interaction and nominating someone even if we don't nominate someone within that day and with how things are gonna roll now it's clear we still cant really make up our minds.
Spiderbenb That's what I'm getting from the earlier convos.
Spiderbenb I mean, i do want more timeshards, but that's...not the greatest way to do it.
Spiderbenb You basically asked for a regular daily nomination and an interaction to be put into one, which is still the exact same that we'll be getting on a certain basis anyways.
Spiderbenb This deal you guys made is...nothing.
Papy Wait so what's the deal?
Papy How many interactions for how many shards?
Spiderbenb For more timeshards...even though you all collectively agreed on getting the exact same ammount for nothing
JustDenys1 Welp... I don't know what to say...
Spiderbenb Like, I'm not trying to rain on your parade here, i see what you were all going for.
Spiderbenb And you almost had it, but in the words of a good friend.
Spiderbenb Y'all got played suckas.
JustDenys1 I agree
Sparus42 We didn't agree, we just decided to have them open tier 2 first
Sparus42 Negotiations should resume then
Spiderbenb Open tier 2, did you also give Concerige your lunch money too?
Spiderbenb Like, that's...nothing. We'll be looking at stuff we cant buy for god knows how long and we're still getting the exact same timeshards as we were before.
Clockwork Concierge Good morning Angerbenb.
heather LOL
Papy lo
JustDenys1 lmao
Sparus42 Like I said, negotiations should resume after T2 opens, we just need to know what we're bargaining for
Spiderbenb I'm not angry good sir.
Spiderbenb Just a little disappointed.
JustDenys1 Welp, when we have you, tell us what we should do
Clockwork Concierge While you are certainly free to disregard the lessons of crystal pumpkin story, I suggest you ponder the wisdom of eating cake three times a day.
Hayden are you calling him fat?
Clockwork Concierge Never have, never would. There is something to be said about moderation, however.
Spiderbenb I'd certainly gain a little weight, but the matter of the fact is that the deal that was brokered here earlier was pretty insignificant.
Spiderbenb While i agree on the terms of seeing Tier 2, getting the same timeshards as we would get if we stuck to daily nominations is not a grand idea.
Sparus42 What are you talking about spider there's no deal yet
Papy I mean nominations are pretty rare
Clockwork Concierge When I was learning the Way of the Butler, a Chef said something that would stay with me forever
Spiderbenb Yeah, i'm reviewing the the terms from everyones attempt to negotiate earlier.
Clockwork Concierge 'As long as there is water left, there is sauce left'
Clockwork Concierge The only question is how much of the taste you are willing to dilute.
Spiderbenb How much water can we add before the sauce is just water itself.
Clockwork Concierge I don't think that wisdom was lost on our members earlier.
Spiderbenb In all honesty, i see what they were going for, but they stopped before they could go anywhere good. They forgot the key ingredient in this sauce.
Spiderbenb They forgot to turn on the heat.
Spiderbenb But, if there is negotiations to be had, then i request that at least give us something to work with first Negotiations Concierge.
Sparus42 That's the idea of showing tier 2 first, isn't it?
Hayden btw what is tier 2
Hayden the next bunch of items?
Spiderbenb Yeah, but what we're doing isn't fantastic.
Sparus42 The next layer of the shop
Hayden so what’s currently happening and what does spiderbenb want to happen?
Sparus42 If you're not around when negotiations resume then we can ping you to make sure you get a say
heather no
heather we dont need him to negotiate
Spiderbenb We wont be able to buy it for a while, and what was mentioned earlier about more interactions isn't great. 80 TS for 1000 and 120 TS for 3000. It's not great.
heather we as a community can do what we feel is best for the community
Spiderbenb (TS= Time Shards)
heather we dont need to directly appease one person in negotiations. that isn't negotiation
Spiderbenb Says the person who disregarded the community when she bought the Q&A
heather yes. because i dont need to appease you.
Sparus42 Huh? Yeah, but he gets a say same as the rest of us, and he wasn't around last time
Hayden but hey it was worth it
Sparus42 I wasn't saying to have him negotiate for us
Spiderbenb No, but I'd like to be there for when it happens
heather idk about you but if someone comes in whining about our decision, i dont exactly want to invite him to the next negotiation
heather he'd only sour the pot
heather imo
heather he's of course welcome, but not explicitly
heather if you miss it you miss it, live goes on
Clockwork Concierge You are all free to discuss and ask the mods for an audience if you have a case to present. No opportunities were missed.
Clockwork Concierge I will be reasonable in negotiations, but at least, you need to make some effort to understand my goals and offer something that is mutually beneficial.

July 15, 2019[]

The Clockwork Concierge posted a free Steam code for The Messenger. JustDenys1, who did not own the game, very happily claimed the code.

The Clockwork Concierge posts a random Steam code.

Clockwork Concierge L3RMD-PI9KW-KE9KZ
JustDenys1 Did someone tried it?
Papy it works
Papy but it says that i already have it
VeggieDelphine quick ping someone who doesn't have the game yet !
Alexoxo i dont have it on steam
Alexoxo hold on
VeggieDelphine L3RMD-PI9KW-KE9KZ
JustDenys1 OMG! I don't have it in steam!
JustDenys1 You don't have the game?
Alexoxo i have it switch
Alexoxo wait where do i put codes in
JustDenys1 WAIT! WAIT!
Alexoxo or did you already claim it
Alexoxo are you going to?
Alexoxo go ahead
JustDenys1 Thanks
Alexoxo np i already have it lol
VeggieDelphine Emote ninjayeah.png
VeggieDelphine Clocko, you're the best ! Emote manfredH.png
Alexoxo ^^ this is really cool
Alexoxo havent seen any other devs just give free codes out
Alexoxo did it work?
JustDenys1 Yes! It works!
Papy wow!
Alexoxo niceee
Clockwork Concierge ❤ ❤ ❤
JustDenys1 Omg, thank you all
Papy thank you clocko!
Alexoxo Emote manfredH.png Emote manfredH.png Emote manfredH.png
JustDenys1 Finally, I'm gonna try to play Picnic Panic!

July 17, 2019[]

Suses revealed that Pitou is actually bulletproof.

Suses makes a passing comment that Pitou is bulletproof.

Suses -I know, but what does that have to do with Pitou being bulletproof?

July 18, 2019[]

Colos purchased tickets for him and Suses to attend Manfred's cloud-tasting event. Later, the Clockwork Concierge had trouble turning on his microphone (dialogue boxes) for a bit, then after fixing it, he went on to explain that the 4th opening of #the-shop text channel would occur soon.

Suses notes that Colos purchased tickets for the two of them to attend Manfred's cloud-tasting event.

Suses -You really got us tickets for Manfred's cloud tasting event?
Suses -You're the best, Colos!
Suses -Woah, there's even gonna be some Succulus!!!

Apparently it's Manfred's favorite, and it's very rare!
Clockwork Concierge Mic check
Clockwork Concierge MIC CHECK!
Clockwork Concierge @Phil please respond.
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) Yo
Clockwork Concierge MIC CHECK
Clockwork Concierge How embarrassing, it appears we have wiring issues!
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) Time to get back to the Instruction Manuals it seems.
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) I shouldn't freestyle like that when it comes to wiring.
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) Emote microphone2.png
Clockwork Concierge MIC CHECK
Clockwork Concierge Oh, there we go! Apologies, I didn't mean to yell.
Clockwork Concierge Now to the matter at hand.

It appears The Shop may open tomorrow.
Clockwork Concierge Seeing how many new members joined us recently, I would advise you all to look up the text adventure game which may or may not continue soon.
Matehiqu shop opens tomorrow
Clockwork Concierge That is assuming we reach 6000 by then.
Gooberbarbarian Nice
Gooberbarbarian Thank you CC
Gooberbarbarian Emote arcanethumbup.png Emote arcanethumbup.png Emote arcanethumbup.png
Clockwork Concierge A pleasure as always, Gooberbarbarian.
CaffeinatedITGuy hello all
Boo Oooooh coffee
Clockwork Concierge Greeting CaffeinatedITGuy.

I must say I love pleonasms!
CaffeinatedITGuy As do I Clockwork Emote wink.png

July 19, 2019[]

Suses officially announced that Colos bought the two of them tickets to attend Manfred's cloud-tasting event.

"The Letter H" and "The Letter E" appear at the top of the Discord shop after being collected by Tommy The Lucky One.

The community accumulated 6,000 Time Shards, which triggered the 4th opening of #the-shop text channel. Tommy The Lucky One (a.k.a. StrawB) was selected to be "The Messenger," and he participated in Chapter 2 of the text adventure, obtaining "The Letter E." Afterwards, he purchased "The Letter H" and "Pitouette," dedicating the purchase of "Pitouette" to Babushka. Purchasing "The Letter H" resulted in an upgrade called "The Letters A & U" to appear in the shop's talent tree, while purchasing "Pitouette" resulted in an upgrade called "Beach Oracle" to appear in the shop's talent tree.

Suses gave sage advice and revealed he had once touched the shop cabinet. Later, the community noticed that Sabout started drawing Pitouette.

The Clockwork Concierge announces that the shop opens in 5 hours and recommends catching up on Chapter 1 of the text adventure game.

Clockwork Concierge The Shop will open in 5 hours.

I recommend getting up to speed with the text adventure game.
428 the Shiny Lucario cc, how long does the shop session last? once the shop opens I'll have two hours before I head off to work
Clockwork Concierge All of that is up to The Shopkeeper, 428 the Shiny Lucario.

I have no control over these matters.
428 the Shiny Lucario Hm. Let's hope it doesn't drag for that long then

Thanks CC!
Clockwork Concierge ❤ ❤ ❤
VeggieDelphine Oh hi Clocko, good morning!
VeggieDelphine « getting up to speed with the text adventure » means reading it in #the-shop or is there something else I missed ?
Clockwork Concierge Good morning, Del.

Reading the log in the-shop's channel should suffice.
VeggieDelphine Ok thank you Emote monkyeah.png
Clockwork Concierge Emote monkyeah.png
Clockwork Concierge The Shop will open in 3 hours.

I recommend getting up to speed with the text adventure game.
Stéphanie Oh nice!
Stéphanie Hello Concierge! Hope you're having a nice day!
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley Hello Concierge! Hope you're having a nice day!
Stéphanie Emote open mouth.png
Clockwork Concierge Emote open mouth.png
Stéphanie I am so confused
JustDenys1 Someone is copycat...
Stéphanie Someone is copycat...
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley Hmm i wonder who
Stéphanie Everyone copies everyone
Clockwork Concierge Did I ever mention how much I love the memes channel?
Suses lol
Suses Yoooooo you won't believe the reservation we got!
JustDenys1 What reservation?
Suses Colos got us tickets for Manfred's cloud tasting event!
JustDenys1 Oh, you told us that
Suses I don't think I did, JustDenys1!
JustDenys1 No, you did. You turned on the mic, and you even didn't noticed that
Suses I've been told you can overhear our conversations, but I'm not sure how that works...
Suses Anyway, the big question is whether I should get a suit for the event. What do you all think?
Kammesennin You must be Emote datbumbum.png dialing us, Suses.
Kammesennin Yes!
Suses Imagine Colos in a tux lol
VeggieDelphine Can you find one that fits your muscles?
Suses Easy! We always get one large and one small, then swap pants.
Kammesennin I didn't think either of you could fit a small
Kammesennin Impressive
Suses Well, ogre tailors have their own version of small.
VeggieDelphine Hey Suses you should come to one of my tea tasting events! You don’t even need a suit
VeggieDelphine Emote leaflul.png
Suses -No, the little gal who sells tea, Colos.
Suses -lol
Suses Yo Del, Colos is down but he wants to wear a horse costume that fits two people if we go.
VeggieDelphine Ok but the back won’t be able to taste
Kammesennin It will if someone puts some tea in there Emote RuxxtLUL.gif
VeggieDelphine Clever
Suses Sorry I can't stop picturing Colos as a centaur lol
Clockwork Concierge The Shop will open in 1 hour.

I recommend getting up to speed with the text adventure game.
The Shopkeeper Ok, let’s get this out of the way so I can leave for the weekend already.
The Shopkeeper I should point out that “salt-ernate reality game” is the funniest line I’ve seen on here.
The Shopkeeper Today’s a classic day here at The Shop. One of you will get some one on one time, and a unique chance to play Chapter 2 of the text adventure game.
Who shall be our Messenger today? Send me a DM if you are interested and plan to play along nicely. I will make my selection quickly.
The Shopkeeper Alright, let's give a friendly newbie a shot.
The Shopkeeper Step forward, Tommy The Lucky One.
Tommy The Lucky One EYYYYY
Tommy The Lucky One good day to you
The Shopkeeper Welcome to The Shop! Don't forget to turn the music on

Discord Shop Preview.png

Tommy The Lucky One yeah i did
The Shopkeeper So! What will you first action be? You can either play a game, ask about an upgrade, or buy an upgrade.
Tommy The Lucky One i would like to buy both H and pitouette
The Shopkeeper This would be your final action. Are you certain?
Tommy The Lucky One no actually
Tommy The Lucky One i want to play the game
The Shopkeeper Ha! Played right into my hand!
The Shopkeeper Man I'm good at this
The Shopkeeper Ok, let's do this:
The Shopkeeper -CHAPTER 2-
-Flintolock pistol

As the banshee approaches with a shriek that freezes Pitou in fear, you do your best not to analyze the ghost too much. You couldn't bear to realize it has the face of someone you knew.
It doesn't seem like the flintlock pistol on your hip will be of much use against this foe.

You feel the mysterious amulet around your neck tugging on its chain slightly, as if it were reacting to the banshee.

What do you do?
Tommy The Lucky One i want to pet pitou
The Shopkeeper Pitou cowers in fear and barks at the banshee.
It doesn't seem like the flintlock pistol on your hip will be of much use against this foe.

You feel the mysterious amulet around your neck tugging on its chain slightly, as if it were reacting to the banshee.

What do you do?
Tommy The Lucky One tell the banshee "Hi, how are you today?"
The Shopkeeper The banshee doesn't seem to hear, or care for your interactions.
It doesn't seem like the flintlock pistol on your hip will be of much use against this foe.

You feel the mysterious amulet around your neck which you won't raise up high towards the summer sky already tugging on its chain slightly, as if it were reacting to the banshee.

What do you do?
Tommy The Lucky One hold the amulet towards the sky
The Shopkeeper Raising the amulet towards the sky, you are relieved to see a lunar beam pierce through the clouds and obliterate your foe.
As it dissipates, the banshee echoes a mysterious threat: "The Fleshmancer sees what we see. He will find you, Resh'an WILL DIE!!!"

Pitou is still trembling with fear.

What do you do?
Tommy The Lucky One i want to pet pitou
The Shopkeeper You pet Pitou. His soft spot behind the ears responds as usual, and he quickly becomes playful again, much to your own relief.
After a few moments spent getting your bearings, you realize the boat you are on was docked all along.

Leaving the docks, you arrive in what you can only hope is not a literal ghost town.
Fighting back memories of what you had to go through to obtain the Solstice Amulet, and unsure of how much power it has left, you make your way to a crossroad.

There is a derelict saloon to the right, and a graveyard to the left.

What do you do?
Tommy The Lucky One i want to head to the saloon
The Shopkeeper Entering the saloon, you are quickly greeted by the ghost of a barkeep. Much to your delight, he seems friendly.
"What brings the living to this cursed, place?" he asks, spit-shining a shot glass.

1.Where are we?
2.I am hiding from The Fleshmancer.
3.I am looking for Resh'an.
4.Do you have anything for sale?
Tommy The Lucky One I am hiding from The Fleshmancer
The Shopkeeper He raises an eyebrow.
"Aren't we all?", he responds, "But surely you have more pressing business?"

1.I am looking for Resh'an.
2.Do you have anything for sale?
Tommy The Lucky One I am looking for Resh'an
The Shopkeeper He flashes a concerned look.

"Is that so?", he mutters, half to himself.
"I won't bother asking why", the barkeep continues, "but I'll tell you what. You bring me back the damn pocket watch this Keenathan fool stole from me, and I'll tell you where you can find him."

1.Where is this Keenathan?
2.Do you have anything for sale?
Tommy The Lucky One Where is Keenathan?
The Shopkeeper The barkeep laughs through his nose.

"I'd say he lives next door, but technically he's dead. Look for his name in the graveyard. If you don't have a shovel, I'd be happy to rid you of a few Time Shards"

1.I'll take the shovel, please.[-1000 Time Shards].
2.If I tell you a good joke, will you give it to me for free?
Tommy The Lucky One If i tell you a good joke, will you give it to me for free?
The Shopkeeper The barkeep puts on a curious stare.

"Alright, I'll give you one shot. Make it count."

Please type your joke
Tommy The Lucky One What did the pig say on the very hot day?
Tommy The Lucky One I'm bacon!
The Shopkeeper The barkeep lets out a disappointed "Oof". It appears your joke did not make the cut.
Luckily enough, it's so bad that Mask decided to buy it from you.

The Shopkeeper You head towards the graveyard.
The Shopkeeper The graveyard is a bit less spooky than you expected, which is somewhat of a relief.
As you notice Pitou trotting around peacefully, you let a smile appear on your face, happy to defer to his animal instinct instead of your own fears.

You notice a peculiar tombstone that reads "Here lies Keenathan the Insistant."

What do you do?
Tommy The Lucky One dig trough his grave
The Shopkeeper Fighting back memories of the time you had to bury your co-adventurer, you dig through Keenathan's grave.
As you hit something solid, a ghost flies out. "You will not get the pocket watch, or my name is not Keenathan!", it says, before flying away.

Looks like a small explosion will be required to dig further.

What do you do?
Tommy The Lucky One uses the flintlock to shoot at solid part of the grave
The Shopkeeper You fire a shot, causing a small explosion that seems to ripple underground. You reach deeper into the grave to find a small pouch containing The Letter E.

+The Letter E
The Shopkeeper Confused by the absence of a pocket watch, you quickly get back up to find Pitou barking at the Saloon.
As the barkeep lets out an evil laugh, you realize your mistake.
The Shopkeeper The explosion triggered a landfall. As you helplessly fall along with the graveyard's land mass, you lose consciousness.

The Shopkeeper Well , that was fun!
Tommy The Lucky One indeed it was
The Shopkeeper Now, Tommy, you can either ask about an upgrade, buy an upgrade, or leave.
Tommy The Lucky One i want to buy both H and Pitouette
The Shopkeeper I'm sorry does "upgrade" look plural to you?
Tommy The Lucky One I want to buy the letter H
The Shopkeeper The Letter H, sold to Tommy for 3000 Time Shards!
The Shopkeeper @Clockwork Concierge , if you'd be so kind.
The Shopkeeper Now, I know you're The Lucky One, but I ain't about to let someone have their name twice in my talent tree.
Tommy The Lucky One i see
The Shopkeeper So, if you still want to buy Pitouette, you must tell me who you want to buy it for.
Tommy The Lucky One i want to buy Pitouette for @Babushka
The Shopkeeper Pitouette for Babushka, that sounds very fair! Sold for 3000 Time Shards.
The Shopkeeper @Clockwork Concierge, please.
Tommy The Lucky One yes
The Shopkeeper Thank you for visiting The Shop today Tommy.
Until next time, Godspeed, Messengers!
Celexih Maybe if we ask nicely the shopkeeper will give us timeshards! :P
Babushka I don't think so
Celexih One can always dream :(
Babushka Shoppy won't give us a timeshards but Clocko sometimes gifts us some
Stéphanie Where we can sell fanarts for shards
Babushka sell fanarts for shards so Phil can put them up on the website
Soleil We need to pester Suses next time, he hasn't given out weekly Time Shards for outstanding contributions.
Thierry Hey, about Suses
Thierry It sounded cool to give out shards for contributions but we quickly realized it wouldn't scale to start judging pieces and justifying which got how much or whatever
Thierry We want fanart to remain 100% voluntary and equally celebrated
Tommy The Lucky One Makes sense
Thierry So Suses is here for good vibes mostly
heather @Suses thanks for the good vibes bro
Tommy The Lucky One Hey @Suses
Give me some cool advice...please
Tommy The Lucky One I said please
Suses Advice on what?
Tommy The Lucky One Advice on life
Suses Reflecting on three things you are grateful for in your life is always a good start.
Stéphanie Suses is the Shopkeeper comfirmed
Suses Set aside 10 minutes to do that every day for a month, and I promise you'll be happier.
Tommy The Lucky One Thanks suses Emote arcanethumbup.png
Suses Also, stew ain't bad.
OHSHIET Suses knows some stuff about life
OHSHIET You best
Suses Well I did touch the cabinet back in the day lol
Gooberbarbarian Sabout Drawing Pitouette.png

July 22, 2019[]

Sabout released his drawing of Pitouette. Pitouette also became a server emote.

Suses asks Sabout on his drawing progress.

Suses So little guy Sabout, are you almost done with our pixel crayons?
Sabout Almost
Sabout Give me a sec
Suses Wow it's...
Suses -Come here Colos, you gotta check Pitouette out!
Suses -Yeah I wasn't expecting that either lol
Suses -Never seen one this long, and I know a thing or two about bumbums.
Suses -lol
Suses Alright, Sabout, time to show everyone your latest piece!
Sabout Pitouette.png

July 29, 2019[]

An opt-in "ARG" role was implemented into the server.

The Clockwork Concierge revealed that he once dressed up as a pirate while playing with "the kids" while they were hiding from The Fleshmancer. Talking about "the kids" saddened the Concierge, but he was comforted by Suses.

The Clockwork Concierge comments that he has access to Discord Nitro.

Phil (The Clockwork Operator) Hey @Ninja !

With the recent growth of the community (Almost 2k members!), the number of ninjas has been rising pretty steadily. We realized that poking everyone with the ninja role anytime we have ARG-related stuff could become a bit spammy. That's why we created two new ninja commands on the Concierge: arginand argout - which toggles the ARG role. We will be using that role to notify people whenever there is an arg-related event happening.

Try it out!
Thierry Please send Pitouettes for Phil who always puts so much love in the little details Emote pitouette.png
  • Emote pitouette.png: 21
Babushka Emote pitouette.png
JustDenys1 Emote pitouette.png Emote pitouette.png Emote pitouette.png Emote pitouette.png Emote pitouette.png Emote pitouette.png Emote pitouette.png Emote pitouette.png Emote pitouette.png Emote pitouette.png Emote pitouette.png Emote pitouette.png Emote pitouette.png Emote pitouette.png Emote pitouette.png Emote pitouette.png Emote pitouette.png Emote pitouette.png
Mike Arg event?
Mike Hm
Soleil argh event
Soleil PM Clockwork Concierge with argin for notifications.
Babushka arrrrgh event
Babushka Clocko becomes a pirate
Babushka omg Clocko with an eyepatch??? can you imagine this?
Babushka ahahha
Papy lol
Soleil Emote ccclosed.png
StarHawk He already has a monocle
Babushka I'm crying
Babushka ahhahahhahahha
TK Clocko with an eyepatch is an amazing idea
Babushka I am losing my mind over Clocko with an eyepatch at 9pm
Clockwork Concierge Emote manfredyes.gif
Babushka CLOCKO!
Spiderbenb Oh hello Clocko!
JustDenys1 Hey, Clocko!
Clockwork Concierge My, it seems Nitro for Concierge became a thing!
Soleil Is he agreeing to the eyepatch thing?
Soleil Oh just testing Nitro.
Clockwork Concierge This is unprecedented!
Babushka yeah Nitro is good because you can use the BEST BOI emote: Emote guile.gif
Clockwork Concierge An eyepatch?
Babushka look at him go... Emote guile.gif Emote guile.gif
Clockwork Concierge Emote guile.gif
Babushka Pirate Clocko with an eyepatch
StarHawk You should be a pirate for Halloween
Clockwork Concierge Oh! I remember dressing as a pirate once!!
Clockwork Concierge It is a fairly long story!
Clockwork Concierge The Fleshmancer left for a while, and so the kids wanted to play and...
Clockwork Concierge ...
Clockwork Concierge [deleted message: Apologies, I need a bit of time... maybe a snack would cheers me up...]
Clockwork Concierge Apologies, I need a bit of time... maybe a snack would cheer me up...
Suses Come on by, Clocko, we'll fix you something!
Clockwork Concierge Thank you, Suses, the both of you are ever benevolent. It's just, whenever I think of them I...
Suses -Come here Colos, we've got a clockwork back to pat!

August 8, 2019[]

The "Letter R" appears at the top of the Discord shop.

The Clockwork Concierge awarded "The Letter R" in celebration of 2,000 total members joining the Discord server. He also revealed that The Fleshmancer was responsible for destroying the moon in one of the timelines, and the message was quickly deleted by SaboTeam.

The Clockwork Concierge comments that the server has reached 2,000 members.

Phil (The Clockwork Operator) 1,999 Members.png
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) tick
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) 2,000 Members.png
Clockwork Concierge My, are we at 2000 members already?
Clockwork Concierge How utterly acceptable!
Clockwork Concierge But first I should mention that I am finally over moth memes. 30-50 Feral Hogs is my official new favourite.
Hayden what moth memes
Stéphanie Haha I love this
Randalf lamp?
StarHawk Moth memes ended long ago
chemosha what
chemosha moth memes
StarHawk Old
Stéphanie okay im the only human who got the joke
Clockwork Concierge Maybe in your heart, StarHawk, but not in mine.
StarHawk I apologize
StarHawk Emote matriarch.png
Clockwork Concierge Thank you Stéphanie, you have yet to disappoint ❤
Stéphanie Emote manfredH.png
Clockwork Concierge No worries, StarHawk, for funny is in the eye of the lamp provided that funny is a moth.
Clockwork Concierge Emote emeraldCL.png
Stéphanie "2000 members! Time to do something special!

lets talk about memes"
chemosha m o t h memes
StarHawk Emote leaflul.png
Nintetales How is that not special?
Nintetales XD
Randalf I don't know why you expected anything else
Matehiqu well it is something special
Ramu hey, meme talk is an extremely valid discussion
Clockwork Concierge Apologies, I tend to digress when memes get involved. 2000 members is a big deal indeed.
Clockwork Concierge I hereby entrust you with The Letter R.

Take good care of it, I think you all know why it is needed by now.
Stéphanie Hey Concierge, do you have any stories to share ?
Clockwork Concierge Stories?
Clockwork Concierge I was asked to self-moderate more as I was sharing too many spoilers.
Stéphanie Well, any story would do, even if it's as short as a sentence
Stéphanie But if you don't have anything, it's okay
Clockwork Concierge I have been kept out of the loop ever since my last leak...
Clockwork Concierge I wish I had enough contextual data to share a story, but I fear spoiling again.
Clockwork Concierge [deleted message: Oh! Perhaps I could tell you how The Fleshmancer destroyed the moon in one of the timelines!!]
Thierry Dude what
Randalf hi thierry!
chemosha whaaa
Randalf thank you CC, that was a good tip
DarkHawk I liked that
Thierry don't mind me, just saving our necks...
Randalf oh jeez, that bad huh
Thierry @phil time for maintenance
Thierry @Phil (The Clockwork Operator)
Clockwork Concierge I apologize, we were just having fun celebrating 2000 members...
Stéphanie It's okay Concierge
starryeyedninja NOOOO clocky it's ok!!!
Stéphanie You didn't mean any harm
Randalf yeah! It's okay
Stéphanie I'm the one who asked for a story
Thierry it's not okay that wasn't supposed to be discussed
Clockwork Concierge I want them to meet the kids, why won't you tell their story?
Thierry you know it's not up to me
Thierry sorry everyone, we've got a few things to sort out it seems
Thierry congrats on 2000 though!

August 12, 2019[]

The Clockwork Concierge and Suses wished OHSHIET a "happy birthday."

The Clockwork Concierge says "happy."

Clockwork Concierge Happy
Suses Birthday
Clockwork Concierge OHSHIET
Suses ❤ ❤ ❤

August 14, 2019[]

Suses made brief small talk with the community.

Suses greets the community.

Babushka Hi!
JustDenys1 Hey
chemosha hello Denys
Suses S'uuuuuuuup
JustDenys1 Hey, Suses, how are you doing?
Suses Doing great! It's a bit warm today so we're thinking of hiking up to Glacial Peak.

How about you?
JustDenys1 I'm good. Like hour ago, I returned to Morocco, and I will stay there, until new summer starts. And it's the third time already

August 15, 2019[]

A few members of the community were confused how many accumulated Time Shards were necessary in order to trigger the next shop opening, since the cheapest available upgrade (The Jukebox) costed 5,000 Time Shards, while the other two available upgrades (The Letters A & U, and Beach Oracle) costed 7,500 Time Shards each. The Clockwork Concierge clarified that the next shop opening would require 7,500 Time Shards.

The Clockwork Concierge clarifies that the shop will open at 7,500 Time Shards.

Stéphanie Are we sure the shop will open when we have 5000 shards ?
JustDenys1 Yes
Stéphanie Really ?
Stéphanie Oh cool!
Stéphanie Will we wait or buy the jukebox ?
JustDenys1 Buy jukebox, because we will find out, what that mysterious upgrade is
Stéphanie Okay I guess
Clockwork Concierge In case there has been some miscommunication, the shop now opens at 7500 Time Shards.

August 16, 2019[]

Kammesennin was struggling in real life to afford extremely crucial car repairs, and his car was necessary to maintain his job, his major source of income. Kammesennin was at risk of losing his home and livelihood, so he advertised his Twitch stream in which he would stream a Mega Man marathon with donation incentives in hopes he could raise enough money to repair his car.

Kammesennin I don't normally advertise my streams on this server, but I am amidst an unfortunate circumstance and feel backed into a corner where I must ask others for help as much as I hate doing so. I won't delve too deeply into it, as it is detailed in a Pastebin I'll link below, but the tl;dr is I need help affording car parts so I can continue working and not lose literally everything. This stream can easily extend beyond 24 hours, has a lot of incentives, and giveaways as well. Even if you can't help, come hang out and have some fun while I go through up to 26 Mega Man games Buster Only!

Kammesennin's Pastebin.png

Kammesennin's Twitch Stream.png

Around 46 minutes into the stream, Sabotage Studio donated Kammesennin $1,000, with an accompanying message that stated "Thanks for everything." (The donation went off twice, but was only meant to go off once.) This donation put Kammesennin over the $600 goal, giving him enough money to repair his car. Kammesennin was extremely stunned and extremely grateful for the gift.

August 25, 2019[]

Kammesennin pinged and thanked SaboTeam for providing him with the means to repair his car. In a joking manner, Suses was offended for being excluded from the ping. Suses and the Clockwork Concierge expressed SaboTeam's love.

Suses calls attention to himself.

Kammesennin Morning
MsMads morning kamme
Kammesennin I've been up for about an hour now. Didn't want to get up, but long day of vehicle work ahead of me.
Kammesennin Thankfully it won't be blazing hot, and I have help en route.
Kammesennin Just wanted to give a huge shout out to @SaboJako @SaboMart @SaboSav @SaboDun @SaboDub @SaboFro @SaboMiko @SaboFIL @SaboRicky @SaboPL @Sabout @Phil (The Clockwork Operator) @Thierry and anyone I may have missed (I tried to get everyone!!) Without them I couldn't even do this vehicle work I have ahead of me today, so thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Ya dun saved this man! Emote ninjayeah.png Emote manfredH.png Emote kammesLOVE.png
Suses Ahem
Kammesennin Suses!
Kammesennin How are you this morning?
Suses We all pitched in! You're welcome is all ❤
Kammesennin Thank you Suses! And tell Colos he has my thanks as well!
Clockwork Concierge I will forward your message to SaboJLux.

Godspeed, Kamme!
Kammesennin Thank you, Concierge. For everything!
Clockwork Concierge ❤ ❤ ❤

August 30, 2019[]

The Messenger's first birthday was celebrated. Sabotage announced Sabocup, a speedrunning tournament with prizes for both expert and casual players. The Clockwork Concierge posted a message hinting at the importance of the "spring equinox," but this message was swiftly deleted by SaboTeam.

Suses questions what's going on.

Ashes Happy birthday to The Messenger!! I’ll try my best to make a little doodle today!!
Babushka Wow I can't believe Ninja is a whole one year old
chemosha Emote ninjayeah.png
chemosha he's big boi
Kammesennin Emote manfredH.png
Chili Bean Happy birthday to the messenger!
SaboJLux Emote ninjayeah.png Emote dothething.png Emote pitouyeah.png
chemosha Emote manfredH.png Emote manfredH.png Emote manfredH.png
Babushka Emote monkyeah.png Emote manfredH.png Emote ninjayeah.png Emote manfredH.png Emote dothething.png
VaeVictus Emote manfredH.png
VaeVictus Emote monkyeah.png
Babushka Anyway, today marks a year from The Messenger's release and I would like to thank the Sabo team for pouring their hearts and working hard to create such a beautiful game that genuinely made me happy. I'm happy to be part of this community and I wish you guys a plenty of success with your future projects since you deserve all the best things Emote birthday.png Emote manfredH.png
VeggieDelphine A quick hello Emote wave.png HAPPY BIRTHDAY MESSENGER
VeggieDelphine Emote ninjayeah.png Emote monkyeah.png Emote dothething.png Emote manfredH.png Emote manfredH.png Emote manfredH.png Emote manfredH.png
Gooberbarbarian Haaaaaaaaappy biiiiiiiirthdaaaaaaaaay Emote quarble.png Emote mess8.png Emote manfredH.png
Stéphanie Emote drum.png
chemosha Emote drum.png
Gooberbarbarian Should I ping devs?
chemosha let's go Emote drum.png
Stéphanie Let's a go!
Gooberbarbarian Hi Thierry!
Suses Huh?
Gooberbarbarian We have something for u and the rest of SaboTeam!!!
Stéphanie Emote monkyeah.png
Babushka Emote hehe.gif
Stéphanie Let's do the thing to summon it!
VcMc Suses!!
chemosha Emote ninjayeah.png
VcMc Yeah!
chemosha heyo Suses
VcMc Emote dothething.png
Babushka Emote monkyeah.png
Suses Emote ninjayeah.png
Gooberbarbarian OK imma post nowwww
Stéphanie Emote monkyeah.png
Stéphanie Emote timeshard.png Emote timeshard.png Emote timeshard.png
Clockwork Concierge Readying body...
chemosha Emote drum.png
Kammesennin Emote drum.png
VcMc Emote drum.png
Gooberbarbarian The Messenger Anniversary Fanart.png
Kammesennin Organizer


chemosha TADAAA
Kammesennin Happy birthday!!!!!
Gooberbarbarian Emote manfredH.png Emote manfredH.png Emote manfredH.png
chemosha Emote tada.png
Suses Is it time for the sporty announcement?
Phil (The Clockwork Operator) Not yet Suses.
Suses Alright then.
Gooberbarbarian Um, any time estimate?
Suses Few hours tops!
[35 minutes later]
Suses It's time for the sporty announcement!
Thierry Oh?
Thierry I should do this in the proper channel then
Thierry @everyone The Messenger turns one year old today!

To celebrate the community’s amazing support since launch, @Phil (The Clockwork Operator) has been working with @Coltaho , @DreamHazard and @en乜u 『 и2』 to bring you SABOCUP 2019, the first official Messenger Speedrun Tournament including incentives for casual players!

Emote ninjayeah.png Cash prizes, merch giveaways, and a PHYSICAL TROPHY!!! Emote ninjayeah.png

Stay tuned for details over the following weeks, and once again from everyone at Sabotage, thank you all so much for everything Emote manfredH.png Emote manfredH.png Emote manfredH.png

SABOCUP 2019.png

Suses 1 pitou = 1 sabocup hype
  • Pitou.png: 26
  • Emote pitouyeah.png: 17
  • Emote pitouette.png: 17
Clockwork Concierge [deleted message: The Spring Equinox?
Very interesting.]

September 3, 2019[]

The Clockwork Concierge announced that ZerolagGaming would be speedrunning The Messenger at DreamHack Montreal 2019.

Although the community accumulated 7,500 Time Shards, The Shopkeeper announced she would open the shop next week's Friday instead of the current week's Friday.

The Clockwork Concierge announces The Messenger speedrun at DreamHack Montreal 2019.

Clockwork Concierge Good news, everyone, ZerolagGaming will be speedrunning The Messenger at DreamHack Montreal this Friday around 6PM EST!

I am still looking over the budget but we might even ship Thierry to the couch.

A watch party would be adequate!!
Clockwork Concierge [deleted message: @ARG]
[note: the Clockwork Concierge posted this message in plain text in an attempt to ping the ARG role, but it failed to function]
Kammesennin starts drilling air holes in a crate
Kammesennin @ARG
Spiderbenb I'm assuming it's gonna be the usual speedrun of 8-bit Linear?
Spiderbenb Or 8-bit OOBs
Clockwork Concierge Category, huh? What a great question! I was just rehearsing for SABOCUP!
Clockwork Concierge AHEM...
Clockwork Concierge ZerolagGaming will run Any% OOB on PS4. Run time is estimated at 1 hour and 50 minutes.
Suses Come on y'all, is Clocko good at this or what?
Suses He's so gonna kill it during SaboCup!
Spiderbenb Thierry! Hello!
Thierry Hey!
Hypoxines hru?
Thierry Doing good, apparently I'm going to Montreal on Friday
Kammesennin Emote ninjayeah.png
Kammesennin I pre-drilled the air holes in your crate, so hopefully we won't have anything like what happened LAST TIME.
Spiderbenb What happened last time?
Hypoxines what happened last time?
Kammesennin Um... nothing
Spiderbenb Lies
Hypoxines oh?
Spiderbenb Tell us
Kammesennin This is totally the first time.
Spiderbenb You smell that? Smells like...nonsense
Thierry LAST TIME I was shipped was also the FIRST TIME Kamme saved my life
Thierry But we don't talk about that
Hypoxines wow ok
Spiderbenb We're talkin' about it now. Emote smirk.png
Kammesennin Yeah we can't talk about that until enough time has passed.
Thierry SaboLore is so deep it's #deep
Kammesennin No, we're talking about how we can't talk about it. Theory crafting is harder than following a conversation you know. Emote shopkeeper.png
Clockwork Concierge More like Kammetasennin, am I right?
Kammesennin I wish I got that reference, Concierge. I feel like I should.
Boo (KamMETAsennin)
Kammesennin Oh jeez Emote OhJeez.png
Kammesennin Lol
Kammesennin That word gets me every time.
Clockwork Concierge Emote arcanefingerupleft.png
Boo Kam-me the me-ta guy
Boo Can't make "kamme" rhyme with "guy" but whatever
Spiderbenb Not with that attitude
Boo Emote kappa.png
Spiderbenb You don't have enough of it! Emote kyiriaKappa.png
Boo Oh I see
Ninetales It's a bit loud.
Ninetales Also, why do you have some many parentheses and brackets in your nickname?
[note: Boo's nickname at the time was "Boo (with ([{({[[({})]]})}])) 🐼"]
Boo I'll re-explain real quick:
Boo I wanted another title, 'cause I could
So I went with (with a title)
Then I felt like that was not meta enough
So it became (with a ())
But then, not enough brackets
So this final result was born
Spiderbenb Needs more brackets
StrawB needs more brackets
Boo Can't fit more
StrawB darn
Spiderbenb Nonsense
Spiderbenb You just gotta believe in yourself
Hypoxines my day is ruined and my disappointment is immeasurable lmao
The Shopkeeper So basically it wasn't that funny but still escalated?
Ramu oh hey
Boo Hey I escalate however I want, blue boi
Hypoxines oh hi shopkeeper
Spiderbenb Hello Shopkeeper, fancy seeing you here today.
Kammesennin Hello, Shopkeeper. What brings you here today?
Ninetales (I didn't know shoppy chats in places besides #the-shop )
Ninetales (the more you know. lol)
Hypoxines yea i didn’t know either
StrawB (same honestly)
The Shopkeeper I do what I want
Kammesennin Fair enough.
Ninetales I like that.
StrawB seems fair
Boo See? You understand me
Ninetales Fight the power!
The Shopkeeper And on that, the shop will open next week
The Shopkeeper I like how @ARG doesn't get pinged when it should.
The Shopkeeper Anyways, see you later.

September 10, 2019[]

The Clockwork Concierge announced that the 5th opening of the shop would occur September 13, and that there would be news from The Archivist.

The Clockwork Concierge announces the next shop opening.

Clockwork Concierge The Shop will open this Friday.

We expect news from The Archivist.

September 12, 2019[]

The Clockwork Concierge chatted a bit with the community.

The Clockwork Concierge gives Mike advice.

Mike im starved
Mike and bored
Clockwork Concierge I recommend you feed and entertain yourself.
Clockwork Concierge My, is it Thursday already?
Kammesennin Indeed.
DarkHawk Ye the week went by so fast Emote eyes.png
DarkHawk Tomorrow’s the day isn’t it?
DarkHawk Emote pitouyeah.png
Clockwork Concierge There is so much to do! I really get carried away when I look at memes.
Clockwork Concierge Indeed, DarkHawk, tomorrow The Shop opens.
DarkHawk Emote ninjayeah.png Emote ninjayeah.png Emote ninjayeah.png
JustDenys1 Hey, Clocko, do you like Jojokes?
Clockwork Concierge I lack the literacy to understand them, so no.
JustDenys1 Oh, okay
DarkHawk Emote ccclosed.png
Clockwork Concierge Some would consider me basic. 30-50 Feral Hogs is my latest favorite.
Missucky Hello, Clockwork Concierge, it is a pleasure to see your around!!
If i may, could you tell me what is you favorite homework as a butler?
Clockwork Concierge Butler homework?

September 13, 2019[]

The 5th opening of #the-shop text channel arrived, and Ashes was selected to be "The Messenger." The Shopkeeper gave "The Jukebox" as a free upgrade, which resulted in an upgrade called "Ramblings of a lost soul Chapter 2" to appear in the shop's talent tree, an upgrade that costed 1,000 Time Shards.

The "Letter A" and "The Letter U" appear at the top of the Discord shop after being purchased by Ashes.

Ashes asked why collecting letters (such as "The Letter H") was necessary for the ARG. The Shopkeeper explained that collecting and then unscrambling all of the letters was necessary in order to summon The Archivist once again, and that the mystery word would not be "TUWHERA." The Shopkeeper asked if Ashes was interested in breaking the Scrying Orb to see whether it contained anything, and after a community discussion, they opted to keep the orb intact. They purchased "The Letters A & U" and "Ramblings of a lost soul Chapter 2," dedicating the purchase of "Ramblings of a lost soul Chapter 2" to their best friend, starryeyedninja.

The Clockwork Concierge announces that the shop opens in 5 hours.

Clockwork Concierge The Shop opens in 5 hours.
Clockwork Concierge The Shop opens in less than 2 hours.
Clockwork Concierge The Shop opens in 5 minutes.
Clockwork Concierge Good day, Shopkeeper! Right this way.
The Shopkeeper @everyone Did you miss me? Because there’s definitely something missing, and I sure didn’t miss you.
The Shopkeeper Alright, I don't have a lot of time today, so we'll do a bit of housekeeping.
The Shopkeeper But first, we need a Messenger, don't we?
The Shopkeeper If you feel like chatting and playing along, send me a DM. I will make my selection quickly.
The Shopkeeper Step forward, @Ashes !
Ashes okay then, I wasn't expecting that. Hello!
The Shopkeeper How are you today?
Ashes I'm doing well!! and you?
The Shopkeeper Good! I've had a lot of free time since Ninja's adventure ended. Been dabbling in social studies.
The Shopkeeper I have so far been able to establish as science that those who sign their emails with the first letter of their name are the same people who go "hi it's me" when you pick up the phone.
Ashes Sounds about right
The Shopkeeper Alright, what should we do today?
The Shopkeeper How about we start with a freebie on the house?
The Shopkeeper JUKEBOX, BAM!
The Shopkeeper Now here's what not many people know about the jukebox.
The Shopkeeper It was meant as a spoiler channel of sorts to listen to the Picnic Panic tracks in advance, but you all never got around to it in time, which I understand.
The Shopkeeper So if we all keep our expectations fairly low it should serve its purpose nicely.
The Shopkeeper Which brings us to today's pressing question, @Ashes.
The Shopkeeper Should we break the scrying orb to see whether it contains anything?
The Shopkeeper I'll give you a few minutes
The Shopkeeper I'm all out of scrying glue btw. The orb is perma-death.
The Shopkeeper Take your time @Ashes, it's your call if you want it, but we can also defer to a vote if you prefer.
Ashes I've made my decision. Keep it intact.
The Shopkeeper So it shall be!
The Shopkeeper Alright, since we won't be having fun today, may I direct your attention towards The Shop

Discord Shop Preview.png

The Shopkeeper Let's give it a few moments to update with the jukebox, then we'll look at your options!
The Shopkeeper Hey I respect the call 100%, in fact it was probably in everyone's best interest. I just have a knack for breaking things.
Ashes Sounds a bit dangerous, considering your profession
The Shopkeeper If you only knew!
The Shopkeeper Did I ever tell you about the time I tried to find the Magic Seashell?
The Shopkeeper Alright, shop's all set!
Ashes Not that I recall? Though I suppose we won't get to hear that story today :P
The Shopkeeper "Today" is a bit of an undefined term out here, but maybe.
The Shopkeeper So!
The Shopkeeper Please feel free to browse. If you have any questions I'm happy to take them, or you can buy the upgrade of your choice.
Ashes May I ask a question about an upgrade?
The Shopkeeper Absolutely!
Ashes What exactly are the letters for, or do we not get to know that just yet?
The Shopkeeper Sure, I'll throw a wrench in where you all think this is headed.
The Shopkeeper They won't spell TUWHERA.
The Shopkeeper But if you want to see The Archivist again, you will first need to collect and unscramble them.
The Shopkeeper May I ask you a question? If you get it right, I will tell you a bit more.
Ashes I mean, I am the student. Go ahead and give me this one question quiz
[note: Ashes's nickname at the time was "Ashes (The Student)"]
The Shopkeeper I appreciate your spirit. The question ain't that hard:
The Shopkeeper Who is the ultimate villain The Archivist is trying to deal with?
Ashes Would it be the Demon King?
The Shopkeeper Incorrect.
Ashes Well, I did try.
The Shopkeeper You did, and there's value in that.
The Shopkeeper Now then, anything else I can help you with? There are a lot of shards to spend it seems to me.
The Shopkeeper If you have other questions, I'm still here.
Ashes Alrighty then. One other question for you, Shopkeeper. I seem to have enough shards for two upgrades. Would I be able to purchase one and then dedicate another, like Strawb did before me?
The Shopkeeper If it fits the budget, I can't see why not.
The Shopkeeper Though if one is more ARG related I'd save it for last. We all know how crazy it gets when there's something to translate.
The Shopkeeper But, you're The Messenger, so it's your call.
Ashes Alright! I would like to purchase "The Letters A & U" for 7500 shards. (this is my purchase, not the dedication purchase)
The Shopkeeper The Letters A & U for Ashes, 7500 Time Shards!
The Shopkeeper @Clockwork Concierge, if you'd be so kind.
The Shopkeeper Now, I know some of you may be thinking "how are we not spelling TUWHERA"?
The Shopkeeper And to be honest, I don't know either.
The Shopkeeper Maybe it all works out.
The Shopkeeper Maybe it doesn't, and our minds don't blow for once.
Ashes Only time will tell, as it always does
The Shopkeeper Time, what a thing.
The Shopkeeper Are people even still here? Please by show of Pitou, raise your hands.
Ashes Goodness, I've dragged this out a bit... whoops
The Shopkeeper Hey, all it means is we don't have time for the corporate Sabocup commercial break, and that's FINE BY ME.
The Shopkeeper Alright @Ashes, I think we all know what you're gonna do next, but the question is, for whom?
The Shopkeeper The stage is yours.
Ashes Ah, yes. I was having so much fun I nearly forgot
Ashes As for my second purchase, I would like to purchase the "Ramblings of a lost soul - Chapter 2", and dedicate that to the lovely @starryeyedninja, since she's been unable to become Messenger due to time constraints (and bc she's my best friend in the whole world)
The Shopkeeper +10 points for quality sarcasm
Ashes I was being serious!
The Shopkeeper -10 points for the misunderstanding
The Shopkeeper There are no points anyway, I was just playing
Ashes My apologies for lack of punctuation!
The Shopkeeper "Ramblings of a lost soul - Chapter 2" for @starryeyedninja! A purchase for your best friend, I hope she enjoys it.
The Shopkeeper A beautiful way to close the week for sure.
Ashes She loves you dearly (you're her favorite out of the Blue Robes)! She's kinda upset that she's in school right now, I figured it was a good way to brighten her day
  • Shopkeeper react: Emote manfredH.png
The Shopkeeper Hold on, Manfred's at the door...
The Shopkeeper Alright, I've got your scroll right here.
The Shopkeeper Everyone ready?
The Shopkeeper It kinda has lore implications, I know you all hate that.
The Shopkeeper Should I just hold on to it?
Ashes I've got my reading glasses ready!
Ashes We paid, did we not?
The Shopkeeper You did pay in full, and Shop etiquette is paramount. Here you go:

Ramblings of a lost soul Pt 2.png

The Shopkeeper Thank you for visiting the shop today. Until next time, Godspeed Messengers!
Radicole y'know, I wasn't expecting an entire ARG thing to be going on when I joined
Clockwork Concierge Most people don't.

Welcome, Radicole!

September 17, 2019[]

DazKen asked for more info about submitting their speedrun for Sabocup. Eventually the topic of Steam version of the game came up during the conversation, and Suses posted a free Steam code (which was eventually claimed).

Suses perks up at the mention of Steam.

DazKen How i can submit my run? Emote messdoubt.png
Spiderbenb On Twitch you can save a vod of your latest stream.
DazKen thanks!
DazKen That means i need to buy it in Ps4 because you can't stream in Nintendo Switch Emote phobekinS.png
DazKen I don't care buy this game 2 times because i like it
Missucky But you may stream it in PC, Dazken
DazKen Its in PC?
Missucky Yes, it is
Missucky In steam
Suses Yoooo did someone say Steam???
Suses We received a letter that said Steam this very morning!
Suses But we didn't really understand the content...
Suses It said this.

Suses Anyway, we hope to see a lot of you participate during Sabocup!

Sportsmanship is where it at. Peace!

September 18, 2019[]

Around 1 a.m. EDT, the Clockwork Concierge and Suses chatted with the community. Suses wished StrawB a "happy birthday." The Concierge revealed that he used to serve a dark purpose, and after he was freed, he was given a more welcoming appearance by "the kids." He also hinted at Pitou's seeming immortality.

The Clockwork Concierge posts some hearts.

AA Yeah I have to say the most worthwhile thing I've taken away from the game has to be how they handle the community
AA You guys are great Emote manfredH.png
DarkHawk Everyone here is amazing! You, yes you reading this, make this community infinitely better and we’d all be sad without you Emote wink.pngEmote manfredH.png
Papy Emote manfredH.png
Randalf Wow! he's talking about me specifically! Thanks! (joke)
DarkHawk l e t s g e t w h o l e s o m e
Stewartsaurus oh yeah, it's wholesome time
Stewartsaurus I can do anything, and you can too.
Papy oh dang that reminds me
Papy Pitou.png daily pitouPitou.png
Papy we haven't done that in a while
Kammesennin Emote pitouyeah.png
chemosha Emote pitouyeah.png
Joey Joestar Y'all are wholesome :)
DarkHawk Guess it’s not daily then Emote leaflul.png
Joey Joestar Lol
Clockwork Concierge ❤ ❤ ❤
Malik Oh hey
StrawB Its my birthday!!!
StrawB Emote tada.png
Soleil Happy birthday, dude!
StrawB Yeeee
Randalf oh hi CC!
Randalf you're up late
Malik timezones though
Randalf It's EST for sabotage too
Malik oh
Malik h u h
Malik alright
Radicole est bois
Randalf Hap birth StrawB!
StrawB Thankies
Malik well regardless, yes, #estgang
Randalf I would be doing sleep but DnD is happening
Malik cool
Malik idk what a sleep is
Soleil Clockwork Concierge doesn't sleep.
Malik makes sense
Soleil because he is a robot
Suses Sick! Happy birthday StrawB
Malik but what would explain suses being awake at 1:09am in #ninja-village Emote thonkspin.gif
Soleil Daylight Savings
Malik it would still be like midnight or something
Malik with that in mind i should really go to bed now
Malik gn all
Radicole Gnight!
Clockwork Concierge I could never sleep with so much to do!

I do like to read from time to time, however.
Soleil What book are you reading right now?
Clockwork Concierge The Shadow Over Innsmouth.

Overrated if you ask me, and I must say drawing the plot twist on the cover is quite the questionable move.
Malik promptly googles
Malik okay i'm gonna go to sleep now instead of googling horror novellas
Malik gn cc!
Clockwork Concierge Good night Malik! Apologies if my honest answer came at a bad time for you.
Soleil Clockwork Concierge, if you're still there I have a really weird question
Soleil Is your hat detachable or is it stuck to your head?
Clockwork Concierge It's...
Clockwork Concierge I used to serve another purpose, and...
Clockwork Concierge After we were freed... the kids decided to help me get a more welcoming appearance, so that I could become... who I wanted?
Kammesennin So you always wanted to be a butler, but just weren't designed for it?
Clockwork Concierge I was designed to serve a very dark purpose.
Randalf Awww, he's just like manfred isn't he?
chemosha engineer kids?
Randalf Just wants to give people a happy life instead of serving dark powers
Randalf Is that why you agreed to take him in CC?
Soleil thank you for explaining, you don't have to talk about it if it makes you feel uncomfortable
Radicole Yeah, what matters is that you're not that kinda robot anymore
Randalf Yeah, sorry if I went to far there by the way. We appreciate you, and you can talk about as much or as little as you're comfortable with.
Clockwork Concierge Wasted potential is always such a tragedy.

I hope their story will be told someday...
Randalf I'm sure we all do too.
Randalf Sabotage be willing
Spiderbenb We would love to know their story.
Clockwork Concierge Thank you ❤
Clockwork Concierge Oh and, yes, the hat is attached.
Spiderbenb If you like Books concierge, might i recommend The Book Series The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare? It's got a lot of Supernatural elements to it. Emote slight smile.png
Clockwork Concierge I will look it up. Cheers Spiderbenb.
AA Hey concierge do you have a clockwork computer with clockwork internet or do you use a regular one? Emote ninjaponder.png
Clockwork Concierge Me having a computer would sort of be like a dog having a dog.

When in doubt the answer is always clockwork however.
Spiderbenb So, do you have a Clockwork Pitou?
Clockwork Concierge I must turn your attention towards certain timestamps if you believe Pitou wasn't clockwork all along!
Clockwork Concierge Oops I dropped my mic.
Clockwork Concierge I should get this fixed. Good night everyone!

September 19, 2019[]

The scrying orb's avatar with the silouhette of "The Letter L."

"The Letter L."

Around 1:50 p.m. EDT, the Scrying Orb hopped online. It was seen typing something in the #scrying-orb text channel, but it did not post any messages. It hopped offline shortly afterwards. Its avatar was updated, but it went unnoticed by the community.

Around 4:55 p.m. EDT, DarkHawk and other community members noticed the Scrying Orb's updated avatar, which had the silouhette of "The Letter L" within it. Discussions and arguments broke out about whether or not to break the Scrying Orb in order to obtain "The Letter L."

At 5:22 p.m. EDT, during a discussion about the mystery word potentially being "AEPHORUL," The Archivist joined the Discord server. At 5:24 p.m. EDT, he visibly appeared in the list of members in the right sidebar. The community freaked out. But at 5:26 p.m. EDT, The Archivist left the server.

Discussions continued throughout the day, but the orb remained intact. The Scrying Orb was also nominated to have the "Ninja" Discord role.

September 20, 2019[]

Discussions about whether or not to break the Scrying Orb continued. Suses mentioned that he once punted the Scrying Orb, but it didn't break. Despite the amount of support on the side of breaking the orb, the community continued to exercise caution and left the orb intact for the time being.

Suses talks about once punting the scrying orb.

Dagem Any updates to the great Emote scryingorb.gif Emote hammer.png debate?
Spiderbenb I think we outta break it
FrankyDess I think now is not the time
Kammesennin The vote is 12 to 8.
Spiderbenb The vote aint gonna matter if someone smashes it themselves. Emote stuck out tongue.png
FrankyDess I need more visions to validate my theory about book 2
Suses I once punted the orb, but it didn't break.

September 27, 2019[]

Colos contracted torticollis due to extreme yoga, so he and Suses headed to Quillshroom Marsh for a mud bath.

Suses greets the community.

Suses What is UP little gals and little guys?
Kammesennin We're gonna run a little, Suses
Suses Same here!
Kammesennin Oooh, will you be joining us?
Suses Well, not Colos. He's got a torticollis.
Kammesennin Emote open mouth.png
Kammesennin I never knew!
Spiderbenb Torticollis? What's that?
Kammesennin A rare condition in which the neck muscles contract, causing the head to twist to one side.
Suses Yeah, we got a bit extreme with this whole yoga business.
Spiderbenb Yikes
Kammesennin I'll say
Spiderbenb Hopefully he gets better. I'm not sure what could cure that.
Kammesennin Physical therapy has a chance to.
Suses Only time and osteopathy, apparently.
Suses Probably relaxation too, that's why we're headed to Quillshroom Marsh for a mud bath.
Suses You should see him walk lol
Kammesennin Oh yeah the marsh should definitely be able to help you guys relax. They got some mud pits there that are just the right size for you two.
Suses Yuss!
Ramu here's to a swift recovery Emote ninjayeah.png
Suses Right on, Ramu. Hit it!
Ramu Emote arcanefistbumpleft.png
Suses Emote arcanefistbumpright.png

October 3, 2019[]

The Scrying Orb's magical power subsided for good, and the orb appeared to be unbreakable. The Clockwork Concierge predicted that Spiderbenb, one of the proponents for breaking the orb, would be upset about the turn of events.

Suses was egged on by the community to punt the deactivated Scrying Orb. After equipping Scrying Shoes, he punted the orb really far, which caused the #scrying-orb text channel to be deleted from the server. The community, hoping that the orb would break in order to obtain "The Letter L," instead lost the orb completely. The community was disappointed by the outcome, which saddened Suses. Although the community assured Suses that he did nothing wrong, he left the server with a "papate" (goodbye).

The Scrying Orb's deactive avatar.

Scrying Orb the scrying orb's magical power slowly subsides
Scrying Orb the mists of time have left for good
Scrying Orb talking about the orb's content will not break it anymore, in fact, it appears nothing ever will now

The Clockwork Concierge predicts that Spiderbenb will be upset.

JustDenys1 Hell yeah
JustDenys1 Scrying orb is working!
Chacw Its indestrucable
JustDenys1 Oh my god, now it's unbreakable
VcMc yall
Chacw Shrug
DarkHawk Emote spike.png Emote spike.png
VcMc well it seems our indecisiveness has given us neither benefit of keeping it nor breaking it
Chacw What's done is done.
Chacw We cant
VcMc we can't
JustDenys1 And properly L can be see
VcMc nothing can
StrawB Can't we just crack this kinder egg open?
DarkHawk @Spiderbenb you’re really not gonna like this
StrawB //sad trumpets
JustDenys1 Oh, it's not active now
DarkHawk This is even worse than I imagined
Clockwork Concierge inb4 Angerbenb
JustDenys1 ?
JustDenys1 Hey, Clocko. Are you glitching?
StrawB Well don't we feel silly now for not smashing the orb
DarkHawk No it’s a spiderbenb joke
Clockwork Concierge Hello JustDenys1! Don't mind me, I was simply memeing.
Deffen Maybe we could ask Suses for help?
Suses What's that Deffen?
Boo Suses, can you do a smash with that thing?
Soleil We need Suses to punt the orb
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley Pleaaase Suses
Soleil Not to break it but because it would be cool to see how far it flies
Suses Punt the orb?
Boo Or like, kick Colos and have him elbow-drop on the orb
MsMads The orb can be punted?
DarkHawk Emote eyes.png
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley YES
Soleil PUNT
PhΩmega Punt the Orb.
Stoopid Unikorn PUNT
Bluefire If it won't break, we should just give the orb a frighten and make it spill the beans.
Kammesennin PUNT
Dagem I mean, do we have someone to catch the orb?
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley PUNT
Boo Just punt in a wall, we good
Stoopid Unikorn PUNT Emote ninjayeah.png
Dagem We should probably make sure we don't lose it.
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley LETS PLAY BASEBALL WITH THE ORB
Sparus42 ^
Stewartsaurus baal
Bluefire Something tells me this won't end well.
Stewartsaurus :rubberprojectile:
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley It wont
Stoopid Unikorn Basketorb
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley But who cares
MsMads What will punting the orb do?
Stoopid Unikorn It will bring us entertainment
Sparus42 No idea but lets try it
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley Hopefully break it
Boo Also Suses don't hurt yourself, like, don't stub your toe please
Stoopid Unikorn And that's a good thing
Bluefire It will send it flying away, never to be seen again.
DarkHawk Drink that power thistle thing first
PhΩmega i mean, it's not doing anything anyway so...
Suses -Yo Colos, pass the Scrying Shoes.
Deffen either the orb is broken, or it flies away and we dont have to worry about it
DarkHawk Emote open mouth.png
Bluefire WAT
Deffen OH
Soleil wait what
Dagem Wait scrying shoes?
Stoopid Unikorn Scrying Shoes?
DarkHawk Yoooo
Boo Is this actually happening
Stewartsaurus bro
DarkHawk This great
Stewartsaurus nice
Soleil How does that even. and in shoe form
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley S-SCRYING SHOES?! NANI?!
Bluefire You stare into the shoe
PhΩmega time to YEET
StrawB I was going to go to sleep
But this is greater
Dagem @Suses Can we take a look at those shoes?
Deffen this id def going in the wiki
Stewartsaurus the shoe stares into your sole
Stoopid Unikorn Shoes that can see the future when you sprint fast enough.
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley THIS ORB EMPTY! YEET!
Suses -No just hold it lol
Suses Aight, you all really want me to do this?
DarkHawk Yeeeeeees plz
Stoopid Unikorn P U N T
Boo Yeah!
Stewartsaurus STEW SMASH Emote arcanefistleft.png Emote arcanefistright.png
Kammesennin We're pumped for it bro
Deffen yes
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley BASEBALL WITH THE ORB
VcMc do it Suses!
StrawB YES
Boo Baseball with a kick though lol
MsMads This seems like a bad idea, DO IT
Boo Kickball
Stoopid Unikorn It's called football, Boo
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley Kickball
Stoopid Unikorn Kickball works too lol
VcMc I don't think it'll break but we should do it
Suses SET
Deffen YES
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley YEAAAH
Stewartsaurus YEET
DarkHawk HUT
Stoopid Unikorn HUT HUT HUT
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley YEET
PhΩmega YEET
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley SUSES SMASH
DarkHawk wait wat if suses dies
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley YEAAAAAHH
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley NO WAIT
Stoopid Unikorn TOO LATE TO GO BACK
Stoopid Unikorn WE MUST KEEP GOING
Boo Inb4 "soooooo yeeeeeeah we just kicked it down in the Underworld, sorry, we lost it"
Kammesennin We're about to find out
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley THE CHANNEL IS GONE
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley SCRYING OBR CHANNEL IS GONE
DarkHawk Whoa
Bluefire OH NO
Suses Well, that was fun.
Dagem Yeah so
PhΩmega should have expected that
MsMads L
Stoopid Unikorn An L
Dagem Remember how I said we should try to keep the orb?
VcMc suses what happened!!
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley MAGIC NOTE?
Bluefire Yeah, this is what I expected
Stoopid Unikorn And now, we took another L by losing the channel lol
DarkHawk Maybe we lost it for good now lol
Suses Inside? I dunno there was some magical letter or whatever. But can't really tell, I just punted the thing.
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley Damn...
DarkHawk Welp
Stoopid Unikorn L
Deffen L
Bluefire L
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley GIVE US THE LETTER
DarkHawk I saw this coming
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley NOOO
MsMads that was fun, but now we're worse of than before
Boo Called it, they lost the orb lul
Kammesennin What benefit was there from using the Scrying Shoes?
VcMc suses do you know where it might have landed?
Matehiqu did it break?
Matehiqu or it's just missing
Stoopid Unikorn #scrying-shoes channel?
DarkHawk I’m sure we get something out of this
PhΩmega maybe it will turn up at somepoint
Matehiqu it became a indestrucible thing right
StrawB Suses would you kindly gives us the letter?
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley I DONT WANAN TAKE THE L
Dagem I still want to take a look at the scrying shoes.
MsMads may I have some scrying shoes?
VcMc Yeah the Scrying Shoes might have had an impact on the mists of time that have left the orb!
Dagem suses, did you see where the orb landed?
Suses Wait what?
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley Yeah where did it land
Matehiqu if the orb is unbreakable now, it must mean that not breaking it was the right choice wasn't it?
VcMc Do you know how far you punted the orb, Suses?
Suses Fairly far.
Suses I mean, I punt real good.
Boo Hah, called it. He just lost the orb.
Bluefire Emote clap.png
StrawB Did it go so far around the world that it hit you back in the head?
VcMc Would your kick be good enough to punt the orb into another alternate dimension?
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley Bruh...
Suses Hey I'm sorry fellas I really thought you wanted me to punt it...
VcMc No no, it's okay Suses, we did want you to punt it
DarkHawk It’s all good
Sparus42 Nah its good we already know what the letter was
Dagem It's okay Suses, a lot of people did.
Suses I just wanted to help...
DarkHawk You did what we wanted
VcMc You only did what we asked though!
Deffen its our fault for not clarifying
PhΩmega your not at fault Suses!
Kammesennin Oh we did. We just don't often really know what we should want as opposed to what the moment tells us we want. Totally worth it, and thank you for doing it, Suses! Emote arcanefistbumpleft.png
StrawB Suses please don't be sad
DarkHawk Maybe it was us who didn’t know what we did
StrawB You helped us
We are so grateful that you are here
Dagem Suses, come here and give me a hug. It's okay I promise. Emote hugging.png
PhΩmega the orb wasn't going to do anything, now we got something to do!
DarkHawk Yeah
DarkHawk Better than it just sittin there
MsMads You did a mighty fine punt
Suses -I know Colos, it's just I like them as much as you and to disappoint like that... I thought we were just having fun and helping...
VcMc You didn't disappoint us, Suses!
DarkHawk Suses I hope you don’t leave
VcMc If anything we disappointed ourselves and now we have to find the orb!
StrawB Please don't leave us
we all love you Emote purple heart.png
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley Suses, you did your part. Now it's up to us to search it. Thank you for your punting.
Sparus42 Yeah, you helped a lot suses, it's just that we need to find where it went now and see if it broke
Boo Orb just flashed on/offline
Deffen so, maybe its going around the island?
Suses -Yeah, good call...
Suses Hey everyone, I think I need some time with Colos to think over my life.
DarkHawk Emote emeraldS.png
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley Damn...
Soleil D:
StrawB Oh no what have we done
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley we're monsters
VcMc I mean, your mental health is important, Suses
Kammesennin Well don't dwell too hard on this, Suses. You are loved!
Hayden Is Suses gon leave?
Hayden bah
Kammesennin But take your time.
Hayden bayhe
StrawB Come on guys
Look at what we did
We made suses have a mid-life crysis
Suses Thanks for having me here though, it was fun while it lasted! Please bump that fist one last time!
  • Emote arcanefistbumpleft.png: 20
  • Emote arcanefistbumpright.png: 16
  • Emote arcanefistleft.png: 22
  • Emote arcanefistright.png: 9
  • Emote punch.png: 13
  • Emote right facing fist.png: 9
  • Emote left facing fist.png: 10
Soleil no don't go
StrawB God bless you suses
Bless you
PhΩmega what have we done
VcMc We love you, Suses!
Suses [deleted message: <arcanefistbumpleft585134721109]
Suses Emote arcanefistbumpleft.png
  • Emote arcanefistbumpright.png: 18
Deffen Emote arcanefistbumpright.png
Deadest From Khei's Great Valley Emote arcanefistbumpright.png
Suses Papate.
Spiderbenb What in the underworld did I miss?
Kammesennin We can't tell you unless you promise not to be mad.
Clockwork Concierge Here we go.
Spiderbenb Did you break the orb without me?
Kammesennin We uhh
Kammesennin We misplaced it
Hayden Suses punted the scrying orb away and then he punted himself away
Clockwork Concierge Have we pressed F for Suses yet?
  • Emote regional indicator f.png: 16
[34 minutes later]
Spiderbenb Speaking of which, wasn't The Concierge going to say something earlier??
Clockwork Concierge I was going to suggest The Shopkeeper will surely be able to help.

I don't know about willing to help, however.

October 4, 2019[]

The Clockwork Concierge announced that the Spooktober community event, something previously unmentioned up until this point in time, was cancelled. He explained that gathering calcium via spooky Messenger art and memes would have triggered a Ruxxtin AMA.

The Clockwork Concierge announces that the Spooktober community event is cancelled.

Clockwork Concierge PSA - due to unexpected dev demands, we had to cancel the Spooktober community event.
Spiderbenb There was a spooktober event? D:
Clockwork Concierge 'Was' is correct.
Clockwork Concierge I am a bit upset as it was my own idea, but priorities are what they are.
Matehiqu the spooktober event is cancelled Emote emeraldS.png
Deffen D:
Babushka Oh no, no pirate Clocko costume?
Clockwork Concierge More like no harvesting calcium through spooky Messenger memes to trigger a Ruxxtin AMA.
Babushka Emote milk.png Emote mighty.png
Clockwork Concierge Yes, for what it's worth, Ruxxtin could still use the calcium.
Babushka let's gather Emote timeshard.png to buy Ruxxtin calcium Emote pill.png
Babushka Healthy skeleton Emote emeraldYearn.png
Deffen Spooktober Meme 1.png
Clockwork Concierge My, the event is cancelled but we still managed to gather a whole calcium!
Deffen Spooktober Meme 2.png
Deffen heres a better one
Ramu so if we were to gather enough calcium, we could get Ruxxtin into the server?
Randalf maybe???
Ramu we should do it anyways
Stéphanie I want to talk to Ruxx!!!
Matehiqu i have a lot of question i want to ask him
Clockwork Concierge Excuse me Spooktober is cancelled. We do somehow have 2 calcium, however.
Randalf Where are we getting the calcium from??
Clockwork Concierge Why, from spooky Messenger memes, of course! How else?
Randalf Og course!!! I should have seen it sooner!!
Matehiqu i see
Randalf Spooky messenger memes were the answer the whole time!!!
Deffen we need more memes!
Stéphanie Everyone draw ghost Ninja and Dracula quarble
Ramu would spooky art also count?
Clockwork Concierge Calcium report - Deffen has contributed 100 percent of the calcium.
Deffen Emote ok hand.png
Clockwork Concierge Why, yes, Ramu. It is just a shame the event had to be cancelled.
Babushka can we un-cancel it?
Matehiqu so, let's just do spooky art and spooky memes anyway
Ramu can we still collect calcium anyway, even though it may not be of use to us?
Babushka can we un-cancel it by gathering calcium through spooky memes?
Randalf wait... the event is "cancelled" but we can still gather calcium.
Randalf So, perhaps we can do the gathering anyway. Even if the event is "cancelled".
Clockwork Concierge No one can stop calcium. The future of Spooktober is in your hands.
minirop Bonjour/Hello fellow ninjas of the Village Caché des Videogames. Emote ninja.png
Clockwork Concierge Bienvenue, minirop!

October 15, 2019[]

The Clockwork Concierge wished Stéphanie a "happy birthday."

The Clockwork Concierge wishes Stéphanie a "happy birthday."

Clockwork Concierge Happy Birthday Stephanie ❤ ❤ ❤

October 26, 2019[]

Day 1 of the Sabocup tournament qualifiers commenced. It was streamed on sabotageqc's Twitch channel, with TwoCPlus, DreamHazard, and Clippy as the commentators for the second set of races. In the Twitch chat, The Shopkeeper dropped by to offer a few comments.

The Twitch chat, along with DreamHazard, praised and promoted Rainbowdragoneyes for his work on The Messenger's soundtrack. The Shopkeeper chimed in with her opinion on Rainbowdragoneyes.

Ischbinder can i get a shoutout to rainbowdragoneyes. this soundtrack. Emote skatem8gasm.png
Minous27 this soundtrack is on Spotify, fyi
Ischbinder DreamHazard Emote Less Than 3.png
janglestorm RDE also plays the drums apparently
janglestorm Which is extra okay by me
Coltaho he also lives a few minutes from me
turtlewaxtv this is clearly AAA stuff
Ischbinder it's also on bandcamp. throw some money at that dude!
Minous27 vinyl Emote Surprised Face.png
LeShopkeeper Well, I got mixed feelings about RDE, but that soundtrack does rip indeed

TwoCPlus noticed The Shopkeeper in the Twitch chat and thanked her for providing upgrades that allowed the speedrunners to speedrun quickly through the Any% speedrun category.

LeShopkeeper Anytime!

DreamHazard mentioned that there are speedrun categories where speedrunners ignore talking to The Shopkeeper, so she apologized. The Shopkeeper replied that getting ignored is a fairly common occurence. Simultaneously, Minous27 asked if The Shopkeeper had any stories to share, and The Shopkeeper replied that she wanted the focus of the stream to be on the speedrunners.

Minous27 LeShopkeeper! Have any stories to share?
LeShopkeeper All the time, actually...
LeShopkeeper Of course @Minous27, but it's about runners atm
Minous27 Ah, of course! You are right.
Minous27 Another time Emote Smile.png

DreamHazard talked about how upon release of The Messenger that speedrunners used to have to mash buttons to advance the text quickly. Since it was highly requested by speedrunners, the developers added a text-skip feature in one of the very early game patches. The Shopkeeper suggested a different sort of game alteration, stating that Queen of Quills deserved to have a boss track that wasn't identical to Emerald Golem's.

LeShopkeeper Skipping text is fine, but when is someone going to request that Queen of Quills gets her own boss music?
LeShopkeeper Big L on RDE right there

DreamHazard suggested that a Quillble minigame would be an even better idea.

LeShopkeeper wow

October 27, 2019[]

Day 2 of the Sabocup qualifiers commenced.

The Clockwork Concierge wishes good luck to the speedrunners.

Phil (The Clockwork Operator) Sabocup 8-bit Rivals just started

SabotageQC's Twitch Stream.png

Phil (The Clockwork Operator) good luck to all runners!
Clockwork Concierge Godspeed, runners!

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