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There is currently an ARG (alternate reality game) in the official The Messenger Discord (renamed to be the Sabotage Studio Discord). Characters from the universe of The Messenger sometimes visit and interact with the players. The community's input shapes the course of an ongoing story that ties together the universe of The Messenger, Sea of Stars, and future Sabotage Studio games.

Hints of the ARG were thrown November 20, 2018, and the ARG truly began December 8, 2018, when The Archivist joined as a member. Other characters from the universe of The Messenger have visited, such as The Shopkeeper, the Clockwork Concierge, and Suses.

Note: Some messages from other members that were posted in between the characters' messages were removed for readability.

November 2018-February 2019[]

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March-June 2019[]

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July-October 2019[]

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November 2019-February 2020[]

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Ongoing (Sea of Stars)[]

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